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Feeling the Impact
with Jay and Lottie Shannon

Josh Barnett wants to take the World title from Bobby Lashley. Josh doesn’t feel that Bobby represents what a True Champion should be.

Bobby walked in with his title belt slung over his shoulder. Josh also showed up.

Rosemary vs Jade
Last Knockout Standing Match for the Knockouts Title

What a Hell of a way to start the show!


Jade went out to get Rosie on the ramp. They slugged it out. Another round of Red vs Blue. Jade bounced the champ off the apron and then hit a Suicide Dive. Jade pitched Rosemary back in the ring and tried for the Package Piledriver. She didn’t get it. German Suplex by Jade to start the first 10 count. Rosie was up in plenty of time. Jade nailed another German. Rosie was up by 7. Running Dropkick by Jade. Jade wanted another Suicide Dive but Rosie bashed her.

Rosemary went for all the “toys”. Jade got the kendo stick but didn’t get to use it. Rosemary threw wild forearms. Jade was thrown into the corner. Flying Forearm into the corner by the champ. Modified Tarantula by Rosemary.

Rosemary got the trash can and bashed Jade with it. Jade did the “Thank you ma’am, may I have another!” thing. Rosemary oozed up the ropes for a Coast to Coast! Jade still got to her feet with seconds to spare. Jade unloaded on Rosemary with wild kicks. Jade then got the kendo stick and wore out
the Demon Assassin, Rosemary. Jade waited for Earl Hebner to count. When Rosemary got up, Jade Power-bombed her onto the trash can. Rosemary got up at 9.

Jade went to the top rope and flew. Mist from Rosemary, on the fly! Jade shrieked in agony. Red Wedding! The ref started to count. Jade sat up at 7. She used the ropes to get up at 9. Elbow Smash sent Jade to the floor. Red Wedding—on the floor!Jade still got up. Rosemary rushed in and hit the ring post. Jade used water to bathe her eyes and clear her vision. Jade sprayed water into Rosemary’s face. Powerbmomb onto the ring steps! The ref started to count. Rosie got up. On the stage, Rosemary Misted Jade again. Jade was totally blinded. Red Wedding on the stage! This one was a done deal…it had to be. Rosemary barely got up at 9…Jade didn’t.

Your Winner: Rosemary
Impact Score: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Moose cut a promo against Cody (Rhodes). Moose was ready to fight the man who attacked him, last week.

The Hardys were to take the Expedition of Gold to the next level. The entire Hardy family was together. Matt gave Jeff an assignment to go talk with a mule.

Moose was in the ring to deal with the American Nightmare, Cody (Rhodes). Moose went off on his foe and insulted him. Moose promised Cody would regret the day he messed with Moose. Suddenly, Cody rushed in and Pearl Harbored Moose. The two tore into each other, big time. Security rushed down but got laid out by both men. Moose and Cody kept fighting. They flew over the ropes ad fought up the ramp. More security guards rushed down, along with Pat Kenney and almost the entire locker room. Brandi finally came down to call off her husband. Cody said he was done and leaving. Fake out. He tossed Josh Mathews over and then Moose hit a Suicide Divre onto Cody (and everyone in sight). Break time.

James Storm (of the D.C.C.) vs Jessie Godderz

Josh was back at the announce desk, bragging about how rough and tough he was for survivng Cody’s attack. Jeez.


Jessie slammed Storm and Dropkicked him. Storm reversed a Whip but fell to a Belly to Belly. Storm got to the ropes to stop Jessie. The fight went to the floor. Jessie slammed James into the apron and rolled him into the ring.

Clothesline by Jessie and the Adonis Crab was locked in. Kingston rushed down to distract. Chop Block by Storm. James worked over the leg and knee. Josh and Pope bickered about who should be at the announce table. Kingston punched Jessie as Josh thought Jeremy Borash should be out of TNA.

Jessie worked the ribs but Storm dropped him. Clothesline by Storm. Uppercut by Storm as a “D.C.C.” chant got rolling. Kingston attacked Jessie, as the ref turned around. Clotheslines by Jessie. Enziguri by Jessie to stun Storm. Jessie booted Storm and nailed a Blockbuster. 1-2-kick out.

Jessie fell to a Spinebuster but kicked out. Slingshot by Jessie. Kingston rushed in but flew by way of an Olympic Slam. Bram also distracted Godderz. Storm nailed the Last Call Superkick to end this one.

Your Winner: James Storm
Impact Score: 3.0

Trevor Lee (w/G.S. Helms) vs Andew Everett
X-Division Title Match


So, Josh is turning into a Heel Announcer. Trevor screamed at his former Helms Dynasty teammate. They went right into a serious Hockey Fight. Pele by Andrew. Everett hit a Flip Dive to drop Lee. Everett got back in the ring, only to hit a 2nd Flip Dive. Everett with a wicked Springboard Moonsault to the floor.

They got back in the ring. Andrew and Trevor both went for a Crossbody, at the same time. Lee punched away.

Next week, the new owners of TNA will be in house to make changes. Josh freaked out that he didn’t hear the news from the truck.

Superman Punch by Lee. He stomped away on Andrew. The ref argued with Lee. lee punched the challenger in the face. Hammer Throw by Lee. 2 count. Josh was really losing his cool at the announce table. Everett worked Lee’s ribs but the champ came back with a Rabbit Punch to the kdneys. Everett booted Lee out of the German Suplex. Springboard Dropkick by Everett. Both men were down and stunned.

Kip Up by Everett. He nailed Lee with Flying Forearms. Lee hit a Running Back Elbow. Step Up Enziguri by Anrdrew. Rana DDT by Everett but Helms held the ref to keep a count from going down. Everett went for the Shooting Star Press but Lee got the knees up. Lee used the tights to secure the win.

Your Winner: Trevor Lee
Impact Score: 2.75

Jeff and Matt went to talk with Vincent Van Gogh, the mule. The Dahli LLAMA came up to talk. Jeff had a strong Pree-mo-Knee-shun. He rushed over to tell the family that the Hardys would be outnumbered in their next quest for gold.

The Hardy family showed up at a Flea Market. They went looking for a wresling match and thanked the 7 Deities that they did not end up in a “Bingo Hall”. They went in search of gold. Matt called out for the tag champions.

Senor Bemjamin tricked the number one contenders to the tag titles and took them out with a taser. The Hardys stepped in to face the reigning champions. The promoter didn’t have the budget to pay the Hardys. Jeff said they did not care about money, only gold. The champs, the Ecktourage, were not ready for this fight.

The match went all over the place and had all kinds of “toys” involved. This place looked like the Evelyn Mount Civic Center, my old stomping grounds. I still have a receipt for “Tough” Tony Moretti (yes, Hambone, I still remember).

The fight went back and forth, between inside na outside the flea market. Twist of Fate and Swanton and the Hardys have even more gold…and probably a few fun things from the flea market. Smile.

Moose was checked, backstage. His arm seemed damaged. Drew Galloway came in to share an offer with Moose. Drew knew the fans felt he was ducking Moose. Drew wanted to fight Moose, tonight. Drew gave Moose 5-10 minutes to get ready.

To fill that void of time, we looked back at the Wedding from Hell that didn’t happen. I admit to being unfairly harsh on the wedding skit and I submit my true apologies to the writers. It did turn out to be a fun bit of TV. TNA ran down a video history of Maria setting up the Laurel/Braxton/Allie triangle. That led to a review of the wedding ceremony. The ladies did look beautiful. Braxton refused to marry Laurel…because he was in love with Allie. Allie quit Maria and started whipping her butt. All kinds of people got involved in this wild melee. Braxton kissed the lips right off his true love’s face. Smile.

Laurel was on the floor, still in her wdding dress. She appeared to be completely drunk and so upset that her daddy spent so much on her wedding. She started to sing “Tomonrrow” from “Annie”. She hated Allie and Braxton and promised to be ok.

Moose vs Drew Galloway
Grand Championship Title Match


Round One:

Drew blasted Moose and hit a Kitchen Sink. Drew went to the face and stomped the hands. Knife Edge Chops on both sides. La Bandera Clothesline by Moose. The two fought on the floor. Drew blasted the chamion. God, Josh was annoying,this week. Celtic Cross by Drew onto the ring steps. Both men were hurt. Drew rolled back in the ring as Round One ended.

Round One to Drew Galloway.

Round Two:

Big Boot by Moose at the bell. Drew hit a Back Elbow and Knife Edge Chops. Moose dropped Drew and then hit a Corner Splash and Pop Up Powerbomb. Senton by Moose into a Springboard Moonsault. 2 count. Dang! Double Boots by Drew. Go To Hell by Moose to pull a two. Moose ramped up the crowd. Moose jumped over the ropes but got pulled down. Death Valley Driver to send Moose into the ring apron. Moose hit a Headbutt and Powerbomb on the apron. The bell rang

Round Two to Moose.

Round Three:

Double Big Boots to start the final round. Corner Splash and kicks by Drew. Drew set Moose up top. Moose tripped Drew but Galloway flipped Moose over. Buckle Bomb by Moose. Game Changer by Moose. Drew got his foot on the ropes. Low Blow and Claymore. Tombstone Piledriver by Drew. 2 count! Moose came back to fight this one to the end.

It was a split decision.

Your Winner (and NEW Grand Champion): Moose
Impact Score: 3.0

I don’t believe in this Judge’s Score thing. Pinfall or Submission. I consider myself a wrestling purist.

Josh Barnett ran down his resume. Josh was bothered by Bobby’s way of doing things. Josh promised to bring the best to Lashley, next.

Bobby Lashley vs Josh Barnett
World Title Match


J.B. did the official introductions. Josh seriously praised Lashley for being “the Greatest Fighter in the World”. Josh bad mouthed J.B.. Let THEM fight!

The fans booed the daylights out of Barnett. I guess they didn’t care for an outsider coming in to go after the belt. The fans were also harsh on Lashley.

They locked up and Bobby went after the legs. Side Headlock by Josh to take down the champ. Bobby fought up and did a Standing Switch. Josh wanted the arm but he didn’t get it. Bobby took Josh down as Mathews pushed his autographed photos on TNA Shop site Josh locked up Bobby’s arm and went for the Standing Arm Bar. Bobby used a Full Nelson Slam to break this one. Impacts took a break.

Bobby drove his weight into Josh’s lower back. Bobby and Josh punched away. Elbow Smashes by Bobby. Josh came back with Knee Strikes but an Elbow by Lashley stopped him. Elbow Drop by Bobby. Bobby grasped the arm but couldn’t lock in the Arm Bar. Josh unloaded with Forearms. Whip by Bobby. Josh hit a Palm Strike but Bobby nailed a Rude Awakening Neckbreaker. Spear but Josh rolled through the move. Cross Armbreaker by Josh. Bobby took Josh to the corner to pound away. Keylock by Josh. It looked more like a Kimura to me. Bobby went to the ropes to break it. Bobby pounded away. Bobby choked his foe but Josh spun around and punched and kicked. Wild kick by Josh. Clothesline by Bobby. Spear! 3 count.

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Impact Score: 2.5

Remember, things are changing, next week.

Peace amd Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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