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The Raw Score
by Jay and Lottie Shannon

We are mere days away from Fastlane. The major players all got their time to shine, prior to the final PPV before Wrestlemania.

Before Raw, we did some checking around Social Media. A lot of people were overly harsh about Beth Phoenix going into the Hall of Fame before some others. We understand their points but Beth was one of the most dominant females in wrestling history. We both agree that Beth is a perfect choice.

Goldberg kicked off the show. We both feel that Bill has a great chance to take the Universal title into Wrestlemania. Brock might upset the apple cart in that one, which would put Owens vs Jericho for the U-Title, instead. Hard to tell but we are both really hyped about seeing Goldberg vs Owens.

Tonight, we are in Green Bay, WI. Michael Cole mentioned the pending match between the two top stars. Goldberg thanked the fans for their support. Goldberg heard all the talk that Owens did, last week. He wanted to get his message across quickly. He was six days away from taking the title. Goldberg has never made a promise that he didn’t keep. “Spear…Jackhammer…1-2-3″. Goldberg vs Lesnar at Mania for the Universal title. Bill promised to deliver on Sunday.

Kevin Owens then came out to confront his challenger. Kevin was happy to see Bill. Kevin wanted to tell Bill “Face to Face” one thing. Kevin also had a promise “To grab the company by the throat and see…”. Kevin talked about beating John Cena, Dean Ambrose, A.J. Styles, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Kevin dismissed Chris Jericho as someone who doesn’t matter. Kevin told Bill “You’re Next!”. Kevin planned to use Goldberg as a stepping stone on his rise to immortality.

Bill said Kevin’s comments really p*ssed him off. Bill wanted to fight, now. Kevin teased a Green Bay Street Fight but then backed off (because Green Bay wasn’t worth him…his words). Kevin said the Goldberg Chant will die on Sunday. Tought words, Kevin.

New Day joked around backstage. They will fight, next.

Big E, Kofi and Xavier danced their way down to the ring. They will be running the show at Wrestlemania. Would rather see them compete, to be honest. They shared Booty Os with the fans. Xavier had the stick. He talked about all they had on their plates. Xavier got the “we want Ice Cream” chant started. Kofi mentioned the “New Day Pops” that are pending. First, they had to get rid of the Shining Stars.

Primo & Epico (The Shining Stars) vs Kofi and Big E (New Day)

Before the match started, Xavier let the Shining Stars know the match has been cancelled. The Stars will fight Big Show, later on.

Your Winners: N/A
Raw Rating: N/A

New Day vs Rusev and Mahal (w/Lana)


For this one, Xavier joined Big E for the fight. New Day worked really well toghther. Big Splash on the apron by Big E sent ito commercial.

Rusev was in control as Raw returned. Rusev used his massive strength to prevent a tag to Big E. Fallaway Slam by Rusev gave the Bulgarian Brute a two count. Hardbody Mahal took the tag and worked over Woods. High Back Elbow by Mahal and Rusev took the tag. Falling Headbutt by Rusev to Woods. Hard Corner Shoulders by Rusev. Kofi urged his partner to get back in the fight. Woods kicked away at Rusev and tried to get to his corner. Rusev refused to let him reach Big E. Enziguri by Woods but couldn’t make the tag. Eventually, there were tags on both sides. Trifecta of Belly to Bellys by Big E. Huge Big Splash by Big E. Thrust Kick by
Mahal. Blind Tag to Woods. Monster Crossbody. 1-2-Rusev breaks it up.

Both men were down and out. Rusev screamed at Kofi. Woods with a Back Bridge Roll Up on a distracted Hardbody Mahal.1-2-3!

Your Winners: New Day
Raw Ranking: 2.75 out of a possible 5.

Rusev had words with Mahal, after the match. It didn’t go anywhere.

The announcers discussed how close it was to Wrestlemania. That led to a rundown of an updated Fastlane card. We looked at last week’s Sheamus/Cesaro vs Enzo/Cass match. Enzo and Cass won to become the Number One Contenders to the tag championships.

In the back, Enzo and Cass talked about how things are going to change after Sunday. Enzo wouldn’t let Cass get a word in edgewise. Cass finally got fed up and told Enzo to take this seriously. Cass knew they had never won gold, while Gallows and Anderson have held tag gold all over the world. Cass will fight Gallows, later tonight.

Sheamus and Cesaro talked back and forth until Samoa Joe showed up. Cesaro told Sheamus to step back and let him do what he has always done…beat Joe. Cesaro accused Joe of carrying HHH’s Jock Strap. Sheamus wanted to kick Joe’s head off but Cesaro wanted to handle this.

Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley talked. She brought up Mick losing his ear, years ago. Stephanie knew that Mick had changed. She mentioned that Mick’s career came to an end, 17 years ago tonight. Stephanie insulted the Hell out of Mick and said Foley couldn’t live up to his own expectation. She called him feeble and pathetic. Stephanie was apologetic that she put Mick in his current position. Mick didn’t say anything but the fire was ablaze in his eyes. Stephanie may have just made a very big mistake.

We’re waiting for Mick to do the old Cactus Jack “Bang Bang” thing. Then our little poodle will wake up. No, she wasn’t named after that. Her sister, who lives across the street, is “Chitty Chitty” to her “Bang Bang”. Yes, they are named after the great Dick Van Dyke movie. Bill Apter will likely get a kick out of that. Smile.

Akira Tozawa vs Noam Dar (w/Alicia Fox)

Brian Kendrick did a rant about how he needed to teach Akira lessonz for his disrespect. Brian showed several pieces of video of how he has been teaching the man who should have been his student.

There will be a tag team match on the Fastlane Kick Off show that will involve Dar, Kendrick, Tozawa and Rich Swann.

The two locked up and went to the corner. Akira screamed at Dar and rolled through a Sunset Flip to kick Dar and hit the Backsplash Senton. Akira just wore out Dar with chops and kicks. Dar hit the ropes and caused Akira to fall.

Dar worked over the arm of the Japanese star. Akira punched with his good arm. Headbutt to Akira’s ribs. Rana and Roaring Elbow by Akira. Suicide Dive Headbutt by Akira. Tozawa threw Dar back in the ring. Spin Kick by Akira led to the Snap German Suplex.

Your Winner: Akira Tozawa
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Brian Kendrick attacked Akira, after the match. Brian got the microphone and said he just gave Lesson #3. Brian warned Akira to have eyes in the back of his head.

There will be several titles on the line at NXT, this week.

Samoa Joe ran into Mick Foley. Mick knew time has changed Joe. He called Joe “Triple H’s Puppet”. Joe took offense to that. Joe said no one tells him what to do. Mick said he would tell him…he was going to fight Cesaro, tonight.

Charlotte Flair and Dana Brooke came to the ring. Charlotte still couldn’t believe that Bayley didn’t give up the Women’s title, last week. Charlotte said Bayley proved herself to be egocentric, selfish, etc… Charlotte said Bayley has been playing the entire Raw Universe. Charlotte knew this attitude just fits the averageness of Bayley. Charlotte knew Bayley would only be a “One Hit Wonder”, just like the cast from Twilight. She also got some shots in on the Green Bay sports stars.

Thankfully, Bayley’s music hit to stop Charlotte’s rambling. The Bayley Buddies inflated and the fans exploded with glee. Charlotte tried to insult the champ but failed miserably. Bayley knew keeping the title was the right choice. Bayley let it be known that she has many more dreams to fulfill. Her next dream was to go to Wrestlemania as the Raw Women’s Champion. Charlotte stated that Bayley would never make it there as champion.

Sasha Banks decided to join the party, at this point. Sasha wondered if Charlotte wanted everyone to have “Daddy Issues” like Charlotte does. Charlotte wanted to drive a wedge between Sasha and Bayley. It failed. Sasha was ready to fight. Charlotte surprised everyone by saying that Dana wasn’t her partner. Nia Jax took the spot!

Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks and Bayley


Sasha started against Nia. They have had serious issues, in the past. Nia did her best to corner Sasha but Banks got free. Nia blocked Sasha’s Wheelbarrow Bulldog. Nia threw Sasha into the corner so Bayley could tag in. Spinning Slam by Jax. Jax stood on Bayley’s foot but the perky little champion came up swinging. Bayley hit a flurry of Corner Punches. Nia pushed Bayley away but Bayley hit a Dropkick. Double Clothesline by Jax to both enemies.

Tag to Flair. Chop and Whip by Charlotte. 2 count. Bayley came right back with wild Forearms. Tag to Sasha. Double Hip Toss on The Queen. Slider Double Knees by Sasha to earn a two. Float Over by Sasha. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors and Dropkick by Sasha. Another 2 count. Crosstie Clutch by Sasha.

Tag to Bayley. She unloaded with wild Chops to the former champ. Dana Brooke, who was still at ringside, got involved. She was planted with a Bayley to Belly as Raw went to break.

The Heels were in control as Raw returned.. Nia threw Sasha around but she hit numerous Dropkicks. Headbutt by the Island Girl. Sasha tried for the Rope Walk Armdrag but Nia blocked it. Elbow Drops by Nia. 2 count. Tag to Charlotte. Dana Brooke was gone from ringside, with an injury.

Flair used her legs as weapons to work over Sasha. Charlotte flipped Sasha around and tagged out to Nia. Corner Splash by Jax. Charloote wanted back in the ring. Banks Double Booted Flair and took out Jax. Tag to Bayley. Double Sledge and Slider Clothesline by Bayley. Running Corner Shoulder by the champ. Bayley dropped Charlotte but only got a one count. Flair nailed a Foreramr to stun Bayley. Hanging Snap on the ropes. Nia got the blind tag. Bayley jumped on Nia’s back to apply the Sleeper. Nia fought out of it,easily. Nia knocked Sasha off the apron. Crossbody by Sasha but Nia slammed her onto Bayley. Human Wrecking Ball Leg Drop on Bayley.

Your Winners: Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Mick Foley talked with Braun Storwman. Braun wanted a contract so Roman couldn’t run from him at Fastlane. Mick didn’t think it was a good idea but he agreed to it.

Luke Gallows vs Big Cass


Their individual tag partners were at ringside. These two teams will battle for the tag belts, on Sunday. Enzo, of course, did the typical intro thing.

Enzo and Cass kind of remind me of Shawn Michaels and Diesel. Diesel was the quieter of the duo, initially, but became a legit superstar when he broke from Shawn. I see that as the path Cass will someday follow.

Karl distracted Cass. Huge Boots by Luke. Cass blocked the Whip but got punched silly. Running Clothesline by Luke. Luke clamped on a Side Headlock. Enzo played cheerleader. Goozle by Cass. Luke escaped the Chokeslam and hit a pair of hard kicks. Cass punched away, in the corner. Corner Splash by Cass into the Fallaway Slam. Corner Splash and Sidewalk Slam by Cass. Empire Elbow. Cass took out Luke, who was distracted by a fight between Enzo and Karl Anderson.

Your Winner: Big Cass
Raw Ranking: 2.0

The announcers discussed the three year anniversary of the WWE Network. They then switched to a discussion of Fastlane.

Titus O’Neil vs Sheamus


The two had an issue, earlier in the day, at catering.

Titus just exploded on Sheamus, outside the ring. Titus then took Sheamus inside and kept up the pressue, Sheamus caught Titus with the Brogue Kick, out of nowhere, to win this one.

Your Winner: Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Corey Graves was in the ring to interview Seth Rollins. Before they started talking, Corey sent it to video of the rising feud between Seth and Triple H. HHH sent Samoa Joe to try and destroy Seth.

Back to live TV, Corey brought out Seth. Seth limped out on a crutch. The announcers wondered how bad the injury was. Corey held the ropes for Seth. The two shook hands and hugged. They sat down to talk. Seth breathed out in pain as he took the weight off his knee. Corey asked about the knee. Seth said the tear was a bit worse than originally thought. Seth was workng very hard to rehab from the injury. Corey wanted to know where Seth’s head was at. Seth felt it was a tricky question to answer. Seth felt the same knee snap after the injury and thought that he might have deserved it. Seth mentioned winning the WWE World title at Mania, two years back. Seth has thought about all the sacrifices he has made, over the years. The fans started chanting for “C.M. Punk”. For Crying Out Loud, he is NOT coming back. Seth knew his ego has been out of control. Seth lost sight of his goals and such and brought this on himself.

Corey wanted to know if Seth would be able to work Wrestlemania. Seth thought it over, for some time. Seth knew it didn’t look good for him to be at the Big One. The doctors probably would not clear him, in time.

Suddenly, HHH’s music hit. The Game strolled down to the ring .He talked trash to his arch-nemesis. HHH told Seth that Rollins would NOT be at Mania. HHH warned Seth to stay away from Wrestlemania. HHH said Seth’s day was coming and Rollins knew it. HHH took credit for “making” Seth. Samoa Joe showed up on the other side of the ring. HHH stated he delivered on all his promises but Seth threw it all back in his face. HHH did chew him up and spit him out. HHH said Seth profited from all Trip did for him. HHH warned Seth that he had best not show up at Mania. HHH swore that an appearance at Mania would be the last thing Seth would ever do in WWE. Seth looked at HHH and promised to be at Wrestlemania and he would take out HHH! Hell, yeah!

Big Show vs Epico and Primo
2-on-1 Handicap Match


Show is still one of Trever’s (Lottie’s Son) favorite wrestlers. He was very kind to Trever during Trever’s military service.

Primo tried to give a brochure to Show. Show waned nothing to do with it. The cousins did quick tags and double teams to try and cut down the giant. Show hit a Knockout Punch which caused Primo to DDT Epico. Chokeslam and this one was a done deal.

Your Winner: Big Show
Raw Ranking: 1.5

It was time for another Black History Moment. This tribute was for Martin Luther King, Jr. He was just a little before my time but his influences have lasted for generations. He was a true hero for the cause and deserves the respect of all of us, no matter our skin color.

Tony Nese was approached by Neville. They were scheduled to work as a tag team tonight. Neville wanted it made clear that Jack Gallagher was to be put in his place, before Sunday. Neville was ready to prove that Jack was not worthy of his title or his throne. Tony was quiet for most of Neville’s rant. Tony said he was looking out for himself. Neville warned Tony not to screw this up.

WWE did a video profile of “A Double” Austin Aries.

T.J. Perkins and “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher vs Neville and Tony Nese


We first saw the contract signing between Neville and Jack, from last week. Jack sent Neville sailing out of the ring with a wicked Headbutt.

Neville attacked Jack, before the bell. Wheelbarrow Bulldog by Perkins. Perkins ran into Jack. Neville took advantage and stomped away. Neville kneed the throat and face of Perkins. Tag to Nese. Perkins rolled up Tony for a two. Jumping Spin Kick by Perkins and tag to Jack.

Crossbody by Jack but he only got a two. Jack blasted Neville, as well. Detonation Kick to Nese. Jack cinched in a modified Crippler Crossface, using the legs, to force the submission.

Your Winners (by Submission): Jack Gallagher and T.J. Perkins
Raw Ranking: 2.5

They did the Hall of Fame video for Beth Phoenix.

Bayley and Sasha were backstage. Bayley was icing down her neck. They talked about the deviousness of Charlotte. Stephanie came up to counter Sasha’s claim that she would be in Bayley’s corner. Sasha was put in a match against Nia Jax, on Sunday.

Cesaro vs Samoa Joe


Joe rushed Cesaro to the corner and punched away. Knee Strikes and Gut Wrench Suplex by Cesaro. Running Uppercut by Cesaro. Cesaro injured his knee on a landing. High Crossbody by Cesaro. European Uppercuts by Cesaro. Dropkick by Cesaro but Joe hit a Knee Buster. Cesaro was in serious pain as we took a break.

Corner Attack by Joe. The big samoan wanted a Suplex but Cesro showed amazing power when he reversed it. The two blasted each other with European Uppercuts and kicks. Knee Bar by Joe. Cesaro wanted to counter it but Joe punched him. Falling European Uppercut by Cesaro. Cesaro pounded on his knee to get feeling back. Cesaro hit a Front Samoan Drop to pull a two. Dang.Cesaro called for the Swing but Joe attacked the knee. Double Stomp by Cesaro.

Cesaro tried for the Neutralizer but it was blocked. Joe pushed Cesaro on the ropes. Uranage Slam by Joe t end this one.

Your Winner: Samoa Joe
Raw Ranking: 4.0

This match was beyond excellent. Joe was interviewed about his impact on Raw. Joe said he was there to hurt peopple. Joe paid respect to his fallen foe but told everyone that Cesaro was no Samoa Joe. Joe told the Boys in the Back that it didn’t matter who you are, you will fall.

Sami Zayn attacked Joe and beat the stuffing out of him, at least for a moment. The two went at it until Security broke it up. “Let them fight!” Joe got in a cheap st but more troops rushed out to keep them apart. Sami with a Stage Dive to continue the fight. The two were finally taken to different areas of backstage.

Samoa Joe will face Sami Zayn, at Fastlane. Plus, Sasha Banks will battle Nia Jax.

Mick Foley was in the ring for the final segment. Mick was talking abut why we were having a Contract Signing until Braun Strowman came out. Braun ordered Mick out of the ring…or else. Mick wasn’t heading to the floor, despite the threats. Mick demanded respect from Braun. Strowman had no use for the washed up Foley. Mick was about to lose it on Braun’s attitude. Foley reminded Braun that Mick Foley is a LEGEND. Mick said he wouuld be respected…or else. Braun tried to bully Mick but Roman Reigns showed up. Roman marched down to the ring, with a purpose. THe fight got rolling, on the floor. Braun pitched Roman over the steps. Superman Punch! Braun drove Roman into the ring post. Roman was then tossed over the barrier. The fight went up into the crowd. Braun totally dominated this fist fight. Roman didn’t go down without trying. Superman Punch and Spear! Braun was driven through the barricade! Roman limped into the ring. The fans actually cheered for the 2016 Most Hated Wrestler. Roman picked up the contract and eagerly signed it. Braun rose from the wreckage and asked if that was all Roman had. Superman Punch, again. Braun threw Roman into the corner so hard that the turnbuckle broke and the ropes fell. Refs ran down to check if Roman’s chest bone was cracked. Wow!Roman made it to his knees and finished signing the contract. That match is going to steal the show, on Sunday. Count on it!

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon
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