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The Build for Fastlane Continues!!!

Citizens Business Bank Arena
Ontario, CA
Air Date: February 21, 2017

Tonight’s 205 Live was geared for the continued buildup of the Fastlane Cruiserweight title match. The show began with a replay of the contract signing for the match on Raw that saw Jack Gallagher and Neville go after each other and Gallagher running Neville from the ring. We are welcomed to the show by Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves, and Austin Aries. They hype the Neville and Gallagher for Fastlane and tonight’s main event featuring Gallagher against Tony Nese.

We start things off tonight with a grudge match between Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa. Kendrick makes his entrance while a video recaps the Kendrick and Tozawa confrontation from Raw. Tozawa makes his entrance.

Match 1: Akira Tozawa vs. Brian Kendrick

Kendrick holds his hand out for a handshake and Tozawa turns away. The bell rings and Tozawa starts out fast attacking Kendrick Tozawa snap mares Kendrick into a big kick to the chest. He presses Kendrick trying for a quick win but Kendrick kicks out at two.

Kendrick turns the tide by slamming Tozawa’s head into the ring post. Kendrick attempts to cover a dazed Tozawa but only gets a two count. Kendrick keeps the pressure on by attempting to lock in the Captain’s Hook but Tazawa works loose. Kendrick locks it into a cross face then a two count.

Kendrick goes for the Captain’s Hook again but Tozawa reverses into a setup for a German suplex. Kendrick fights free but gets knocked to the floor allowing Tozawa to fly on Kendrick. Kendrick and Tozawa battle on the floor until Kendrick is able to grab Tozawa’s leg and tie it to the ropes under the ring for the victory by count out.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

Kendrick is stopped backstage for an interview about now being done with Tozawa. Kendrick said he is still teaching Tozawa. Tonight, it was win a match by any means necessary. Kendrick says they are not done yet.

Noam Dar is interviewed backstage about Rich Swann dedicating his match to Alicia Fox last week. Dar is upset that Swann talked to his girlfriend like that. The interviewer wants to know why Fox is not here. Dar is upset that the implication is he is with Swann and says she is sick.

The show goes to break.

We are back to see the entrances for our next match, Noam Dar and Mustafa Ali.

Match 2: Noam Dar vs. Mustafa Ali

After the handshake, we are off and running. Dar won’t let Ali get any flow on offense by continually rolling to the floor every time he gets taken to the mat. Ali is able to catch Dar with a spinning heel kick causing Dar to roll to the outside. Ali, very frustrated, took the fight to the outside and dove on Dar.

Dar takes control a short time later with a kick to the shins. He works over Ali’s left arm for a few minutes until Ali catches Dar with a basement dropkick followed shortly by a roll-through neckbreaker for a two count. Ali follows up with a tornado DDT off the second rope but still cant beat Dar.

Dar takes control for good when he is able to catch Ali with a kick to knock Ali off the ropes and cause his head to bounce off the top of the ring post. Dar waits for Ali to pull himself to his feet then catch him with the running kick for the three count.

Winner: Noam Dar

We go back to the announce desk where Corey Graves says we have seen some big stars before but never any as big as this man. Aries cuts him off and introduces his own bio video signaling the return of Aries to in-ring action.

The main event is teased for next as we take a commercial break.

We come back to see Neville being interviewed backstage at Raw. Neville implied that he may not have been giving his full concentration to Gallagher but, after that, Gallagher now has his full attention. He said that he is looking forward to making Gallagher suffer.

Gallagher is interviewed live before his match and is asked how he will beat Tony Nese. Gallagher says techniques and footwork then makes his entrance. Tony Nese makes his entrance.

Match 3: Jack Gallagher vs. Tony Nese

After the handshake, we are off and running. Nese tries to assert control with his power while Gallagher tries to use technique and innovative offense. Gallagher ties up Nese early but Nese fights to his feet and Gallagher drives him to the corner. The ref backs Gallagher off allowing Nese to plant a kick to the head and dump Gallagher to the outside. The two men start battling on the floor and Nese gets the better of Gallagher with a superkick.

Nese continues to work over Gallagher back in the ring and locks in a bodyscissors. Gallagher shows strength of his own just pulling apart the legs of Nese to break the hold. The two men fought for control until Gallagher scored a headbutt. Nese rolled to the floor and was able to catch Gallagher’s throat with the ropes. Nese comes back in and takes another headbutt from Gallagher. Gallagher goes for the running dropkick but Nese ducks out to the apron.

Nese catches Gallagher and sets up for a top-rope move but Gallagher fights out causing Nese to get hung upside down in the, “Tree of Woe.” Nese is able to sit up and catch Gallagher with a German suplex. Gallagher was down but Nese could not capitalize allowing Gallagher to recover and catch Nese, still on the top rope. Gallagher pulled off a nice belly-to-back suplex driving Nese to the canvas in a nice move. As Nese pulls himself up, he gets blindsided by the running dropkick in the corner for a three count.

Winner: Jack Gallagher

Gallagher celebrates in the ring to end the show this week.

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