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Sunday, February 19, 2017 – One of the most famous wrestling ring announcers, Gary Michael Cappetta also known as “The World’s Most Dangerous Announcer” started his Beyond Bodyslams Tour. The CSz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was his first stop on the tour. The one-man show was based on his book, “Bodyslams: Memoirs Of A Wrestling Pitchman.” He talked about his 21 year career as a ring announcer from World Wrestling Federation to World Championship Wrestling.

That day, I attended the show in Philadelphia which lasted for about two hours. The show opened with a montage of images of his career – and I thought the music played was perfect for the montage. It definitely drew me closer to the show. He interacted with the audience by asking us how we became fans of professional wrestling. He explained how he got “hooked” to wrestling, mentioned what life was like for him as a ring announcer and told unbelievable stories about the wrestlers and personalities he worked with – including George “The Animal” Steele, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and “Ironman” Mike Sharpe who he like to call the “Triple S.” During the show, he will explain why he called them the “Triple S”. He showed many different images of the people he worked for – and some of the images were very heartwarming like the ones of the late Gorilla Monsoon. There were videos of NWA and WCW. Also, I am pleased to announce there was a first ever GMC Hall Of Fame. Who were inducted? The fans in the audience – which was a big surprise. It was a real treat that we received rings from Gary Cappetta just for attending and being true fans of professional wrestling. He went on to talk about working with Independent wrestlers from Ring Of Honor – not as a ring announcer but more as an interviewer and coach to the younger guys at the time like Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. He ended the show with a Q&A segment. I asked him about his relationship with George “The Animal” Steele” because Steele was actually part of the “Triple S” that Mr. Cappetta brought up in one of his stories. He talked about George Steele with great respect even though they barely associated with each other.

Overall, I enjoyed Gary Cappetta’s show. When he told the story of Gorilla Monsoon, it touched me because they had a great friendship. I was so delighted to be inducted into the GMC Hall Of Fame along with the other fans in the audience. The incredible stories and the powerful messages he delivered showed that he truly cares about the fans. He provided words of encourage and positive advices for the fans who want to break into the wrestling industry. I love what he is doing with the independent promotions to help give back to the younger generation. Also, wrestlers from Monster Factory (a performance center in Paulsboro, New Jersey) were in attendance.

Here is a list of Gary Cappetta’s upcoming events on the Bodyslams Beyond Tour:
02/24/2017 – Scranton, PA – Providence Playhouse
02/25/2017 – Worcester, MA – Clark University
03/04/2017 – Indianapolis, IN – The Irving Theater
03/05/2017 – Chicago, IL – Stage 773
03/12/2017 – Greensboro, NC – The PyrleTheater
03/18/2017 – Pittsburgh, PA – Steel City Improv
03/25/2017 – Baltimore, MD – An Die Musik
03/31/2017 – Orlando, FL – Wrestlecon

After the show, I conducted a short interview with Mr. Cappetta. For the audio version of Part 2 of the interview, go to: https://youtu.be/vKnmk97SioY

- Lisa “The Poet” Williams

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