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Jermaine Royster reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Canada and tonight we get a big 10-man Battle Royal to determine the new #1 Contender for the WWE Championship. Last week on Smackdown Live we saw Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton pledge his allegiance to the new WWE Champion Bray Wyatt, Orton said he will relinquish his opportunity and will not face Bray at WrestleMania 33. Also last week we got word of a Falls Count Anywhere Match between Nikki Bella & Natalya plus The Uso’s continuing to taunt the Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions The American Alpha. Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to starts the show. Bryan welcomes the fans to Smackdown and he brings up WrestleMania being 44 days away and that there are always changes being made to the cards, he then brings Smackdown Womens Champion Naomi to the ring. Bryan says how hard the GM role is sometimes and this is one of those times. Bryan brings up how had to relinquish his title because of injury and how tough it is. Bryan then tells Naomi that because of her medical records she has to surrender the title to Daniel Bryan. Naomi gets on the microphone and thanks Daniel Bryan for his kind words, she then says that life can change in an instant because she just recently won the Smackdown Womens Championship but she now has to give it up because she is hurt. Naomi says she feels bad for her fans and she feels like she is letting them down, Naomi holds back tears but she hands over the Womens Title to Daniel Bryan. As Naomi walks back up the entrance ramp she is interrupted by Alexa Bliss. Alexa grabs the microphone and says when Naomi gave up the title it was perfection. Alexa tells Bryan that all she has wanted was her rematch and now that Naomi is injured she should just get the title back. Daniel Bryan then says Bliss is the former champion and though it would make sense to give her the title back he isn’t going to do that. Bryan says that Alexa Bliss will have a match and that match will happen right now, her opponent will be Becky Lynch.

Smackdown Live Womens Championship Match
Singles Match
Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch

Both women push each other around then trade pin falls but Lynch scores with an enziguiri for a two count and the match now gets underway. Lynch scores with a shoulder tackle off the ropes then a drop toe hold onto Bliss. Becky scores with two arm drags followed by and arm bar in the middle of the ring. Bliss gets away then drops Becky with a clothesline then strikes to the head, Bliss then chokes Becky with the middle rope for a two count. Bliss then steps on Lynch’s hair then pulls up with her arms nut Becky counters with a back press for a two count. Lynch hits the fore arms in the corner followed buy kicks then a lateral press for another two count. Both women fight on the apron but Lynch scores with a missile drop kick for yet another two count, Lynch then tries to pull Bliss back to the middle of the ring but Bliss holds onto the ring canvas. When the referee comes over for the break we see Bliss delivering a straight shot to Lynch’s throat, Bliss covers Lynch and she gets the win.

Your Winner: Alexa Bliss recaptures the Smackdown Live Womens Championship for the second time.

After the match Mickie James comes to the ring to blindside Lynch but Becky catches her coming and throws her back to the outside.

Next we see backstage promos from Dean Ambrose, Kalisto & The Miz regarding the Main Event tonight. Dean Ambrose is backstage and he talks about the Battle Royal tonight and he says he is focused because he gets another shot to headline WrestleMania but he wants to break Baron Corbin’s leg.

Kalisto is backstage and he brings up how hard it was getting to the WWE and all he wants to hears is the fans chanting, “LUCHA, LUCHA!”

The Miz is shown next and he brings up all of his accomplishments in Hollywood then says being in the Main Event of WrestleMania will go directly at the top of all he has done.

Tag Team Match(Non-Title)
Breezango vs The American Alpha©

Breezango waists no time attacking the Alpha’s by on the apron and Fandango blasts away on Jason Jordan. Breezango double team Jordan with duel kicks then Tyler Breeze goes for the ground and pound for a two count. Breeze then scores with a front face lock then a knee to Jordan’s mid section, Fandango comes in to interfere but Jordan gets to Gable for the tag. Jordan sets up Breeze on his shoulders and Gables comes off the ropes with the bulldog Rick Steiner style and the Alpha’s get the win.

Your Winner’s: The American Alpha’s

After the match we hear The Uso’s as the Alpha’s music is playing, Jimmy has a microphone and they say to the crowd that the Alpha’s look like they want a fight and that they will give them one. Jimmy then says it won’t be tonight, both Uso’s then cut outstanding promos that leave the crowd speechless. Mauro Ranallo on commentary talks about how The Uso’s seem serious in their quest for the Tag Team Titles.

AJ Styles is backstage and he seems in good spirits as he says he is going to WrestleMaina to be in the Main Event.

Dolph Ziggler says that anyone who doubts him will be sorry, Mojo Rawley is then shown putting on his pads and he says that he has already won two Battle Royal’s and tonight this is for WrestleMaina.

Luke Harper says that for years he followed Bray Wyatt but now that is all changed because he is free, after he wins tonight there will be nowhere for Bray to run.

Women’s Division
Falls Count Anywhere Match
Nikki Bella vs Natalya

Nikki goes for the spear right away and she sends Natalya to the outside, Bella scores with a head shot then a quick pin attempt. Nikki Bella then goes for a table from under the ring but Natalya stops her with a roll up for a two count on the outside. Nikki picks up a Kendo stick a just blasts away on Natalya, Nikki then goes for a pin attempt but Natalya gets out at two. Nikki then throws Natalya over the barricade and into the crowd, Natalya catches Bella then taunts her while in the crowd. Natalya throws Nikki into the steel gate in the crowd then picks up up on top of the barricade trying a suplex. Nikki Bella counters standing tall and throwing Natalya off the barricade, Natalya gets thrown back but she counters throwing Nikki into the barricade. Natalya then drives Bella into the steel steps then grabs the Kendo stick. Natalya drops the Kendo stick then goes to the announce table trying to set up Bella. Nikki comes back with fore arms but Natalya teases a Power bomb on to the announce table when Nikki gets away. Natalya gets up but Nikki grabs Natalya and hits the Alabama Slam on the announce table to a big reaction from the crowd. After the commercial break we see Natalya locking on with the Sharp shooter but Nikki gets to the bottom rope. The action then spills to the outside where Natalya hits a snap suplex on the outside floor. Natalya throws Nikki onto the electrical equipment then takes her backstage where Natalya throws Nikki into Maryse in the hallway, Nikki then bounces Natalya’s head off a table table shattering the mirror on it for a two count. Nikki brings Natalya back to the ring by her hair but Natalya fights back dropping Nikki Bella. Natalya goes for the Sharp shooter but Nikki counters into the Fearless Lock but Maryse shows up with a pipe and she blast Nikki Bella with it multiple times. Natalya sees this and she covers Bella and gets the win.

Your Winner: Natalya

Smackdown Live Main Event
#1 Contenders Match for the WWE Championship
10-Man Battle Royal
AJ Styles vs Mojo Rawley vs Baron Corbin vs Dean Ambrose vs John Cena vs Kalisto vs Apollo Crews vs The Miz vs Luke Harper vs Dolph Ziggler

Ambrose gets things started quickly as he heads straight for Baron Corbin in the corner, Cena attacks Ziggler as Miz goes after Kalisto. Ziggler blast Cena with a Super Kick then AJ and Dolph try to eliminate Cena. Crews and Mojo Rawley attack the Miz trying to throw him out as AJ Styles holds onto the ropes. Ambrose and Ziggler battle on the ropes as Corbin almost throws Luke Harper over the top rope. Baron Corbin takes out most of the superstars then hits a Deep Six to The Miz, Mojo then heads for Corbin and he gets thrown over the top and Rawley is the first to be eliminated. Kalisto attacks Ambrose then tries to throw out Ziggler but Dolph holds on. Dolph then blasts Kalisto with a Super kick on the apron and Kalisto is eliminated. Ziggler is then eliminated Apollo Crews on the apron, Ziggler then gets a chair and blasts Kalisto on the outside. Crews yells at Ziggler on the outside but then Corbin throws Apollo Crews over the top rope. Styles and Cena battle in the center of the ring but Harper Super kicks Cena as AJ catches him with a Pele Kick, Miz gets up while all the members are down and Miz begins the Daniel Bryan taunts. Miz hits corner drop kicks to all members in the corner then Miz blast Cena with Yes Kicks. Miz misses the final kick and John Cena gets himself up and throws Miz over the top rope eliminating him. Ambrose & Styles then slug it out until John Cena comes in and takes them both out with a double german suplex, Cena then goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Baron Corbin catches Cena and scores with the End of Days. Afterwards Dean Ambrose quickly tosses Baron Corbin over the top rope but Corbin drags Ambrose under the bottom rope and hits the End of Days on the outside. The Miz then comes in from the outside and throws John Cena over the top rope, Cena comes back in and pleads with the referees but there is nothing they can do and John Cena is disgusted, it is now down to Ambrose, AJ Styles & Luke Harper. Both men stare each other down then the action begins, Harper has Styles on the ropes but AJ counters trying to get back in but then we see Dean Ambrose who comes from the outside(Pulled through the ropes buy Corbin so he is still active in the match) and all three men battle on the apron. Harper Super kicks Ambrose to the outside floor eliminating him and its now down to Styles & Harper. Harper still standing on the outside apron grabs AJ Styles setting him up for a suplex but AJ counters with a fore arm. AJ climbs up to the top but Harper gets away falling to the mat, Harper tries to throw AJ out again but Aj gets away. Harper goes for another suplex but AJ counters on the apron and both men trade fore arms on the apron. Harper grabs AJ for yet another Suplex and this time Harper while still seated on the apron suplexes AJ off the apron but Harper fall off the apron as does AJ. The bell sounds and all three referees seem to not know what the call is. AJ says he should be the winner but the referee’s say both wrestlers feet hit the floor at the same time. Both men are now back in the ring with all the referees and Daniel Bray comes out. Bryan speaks with all the referee’s and he tells the crowd that we have a draw and that next week we will have another chance to see who will be the winner.

Your Winner: Match called a Draw

After the match is over we see Luke Harper blasting AJ Styles with a Discus Clothesline then Luke celebrates with the crowd. Quickly after that the lights go out and we see Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton on the big screen and Bray is just laughing at the outcome of the match as Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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