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So many twists and turns.
The disturbing words of Stephanie.
Crazy things happened in L.A.
Like how Joe attacked Sami.

Strowman continues to destroy.
Neville continues to rant.
There is one good note.
We now have a new Women’s Champ.

Live from Los Angeles, California

Recap of the Festival Of Friendship from last week’s Raw.

Kevin Owens delivered a dark promo. The fans thought that he was going to tell why he attacked Jericho but he answered why he will walk out of Fast Lane as the Universal Champion. He mentioned that he never believed the hype and that Goldberg never impressed him. He said that he will not be defeated the way Lesnar was defeated against Goldberg. He said that he does not have to beat Goldberg but he just have to outlast and outsmart him. He vowed to show Goldberg, Goldberg’s family and the fans that superheroes do not exist. He moved on to mention Jericho’s name but dropped the microphone and exited the ring without explaining the attack he made on Jericho.

Cesaro and Sheamus VS Enzo Amore and Big Cass
Big Cass and Sheamus started the match. The team of Sheamus and Cesaro built their momentum to take control as both men teamed on Enzo. At the end, it was down to Big Cass and Cesaro. Big Cass took Cesaro out after Cesaro got distracted by Enzo and pinned him for the victory and to become the No.1 Contenders for the RAW Tag Team titles. They will meet the tag team Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson for the titles at Fast Lane. After the match, Enzo was taunting Cesaro but was surprised with a Brogue Kick by Sheamus.

Backstage – as Kevin Owens was about to leave the arena, Mick Foley stopped him and delivered the news that Owens has a match against Sami Zayn. Owens warned Foley that Raw will have more wrestlers on the Injured list than in the locker room.

Recap of Bayley winning the Raw Women’s Title last week on Raw.

Backstage – As Roman Reigns and Mick Foley were talking, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson appeared, and they had a few words to say to Reigns. Foley suggested that Reigns find a partner to face Gallows and Anderson in a tag match. However, Reigns said that he can face them by himself.

Akira Tozawa VS The Brian Kendrick
Kendrick demanded Tozawa to shake his hand. At first, Tozawa refused but as Tozawa was getting ready to shake his hand, Kendrick surprised him with a cheap shot. Kendrick continued to viciously attack Tozawa even before the match started. He left ring without having a match with Tozawa.

Backstage – Kendrick was interviewed. He explained that he was disrespected by Tozawa and warned that he plans to continue to teach him a lesson.

Roman Reigns VS Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Reigns was in control in the beginning. Gallows changed things around when he superkicked Reigns. Gallagher grabbed a steel chair and was about to use it against Reigns. However, Reigns was able to retrieve the chair and ended the match in a DQ by hitting the tag team champions with the chair. After hitting Gallows with the Superman Punch, he delivered an impressive Spear on Anderson after Anderson leaped off the top ropes.

Raw showed a clip of New Day being on TMZ Live. They announced that they will be the host of Wrestlemania 33.

New Day VS Rusev & Jinder Mahal
The New Day came out and made a few announcements. They talked about being the hosts of Wrestlemania 33 and having the “plans” to their new ice cream on their tablet. It turned out that Lana also has the plans on her tablet that she revealed. New Day frantically tried to get the plans from Lana but Rusev and Jinder Mahal were in their way. The team of Rusev and Mahal were dominant over New Day. Xavier Woods was able to retrieve Lana’s tablet and destroy it to deny her access to the ice cream plans. At the end, Kofi pinned Mahal for the victory.

Raw played a heartwarming tribute to the late George “The Animal” Steele.

The next segment is the Official Contract Signing of the Cruiserweight Title Match between the Challenger Jack Gallagher and the Champion Neville. Gallagher came out and referred to Neville as a “delusional king”. Neville came out and said that Gallagher is acting like stereotypical British after he was offered tea and biscuits. A fight broke out between the two men, and Gallagher was triumphant at the end.

Nia Jax VS Sarah Pierce
Jax annihilated her opponent in a very quick match. She defeated Pierce after hitting her with the Samoan Drop. After the match, Jax had a few words to say to the new Women’s Champion Bayley in a short interview.

RAW celebrated Black History Month by honoring Barack Obama.

Bayley came out. She talked about having dreams of becoming a WWE Superstar and a Champion and mentioned her father by saying “dad, I did it.” Stephanie McMahon interrupted her and tried to get Bayley to give back the Women’s Title due to a “tainted” victory. Sasha Banks came to the ring and encouraged Bayley to not give up the title. Charlotte came out to speak her mind regarding the title loss. That lead to Stephanie setting up a match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte.

Sasha Banks VS Charlotte
Bayley joined the commentators during the match. This was a good match, and Sasha Banks looked great for a talent who is recovering from a knee injury. Dana Brookes tried to get involved but Bayley came down to stop her. Banks stunned Charlotte with a devastating move into the Bank Statement. Charlotte tapped out, and Banks won the match.

It was announced that Diamond Dallas Page (aka DDP) will be inducted into the 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame.

In a backstage interview, Sami Zayn mentioned Owen’s attack on Jericho and Samoa Joe’s recent actions.

Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn
As Zayn was making his way to the ring, he was brutally attacked by Samoa Joe. After the attack at ringside, Samoa Joe threw Zayn into the ring. The referee was checking on Zayn and advised him to not compete. Zayn wanted to fight in the match. The match began, and Owens annihilated the injured Zayn. He took him out with the Pop-Up Powerbomb to get the victory.

In a backstage segment, Mick Foley confronted Stephanie McMahon for belittling him and demanded that she stops treating him like he is stupid. The segment ended when Stephanie delivered a disturbing message to Foley – “I wouldn’t want you to have an accident.”

Michael Cole was supposed to have a special backstage interview with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman but Lesnar scared him off the set. As Lesnar gave the camera a very cold stare, Heyman sent out a message to Goldberg regarding the Universal Title.

Big Show and Braun Strowman
Strowman was dominating in the match with his power and quickness. He even took Big Show out with a brutal clothesline. Later, Big Show nailed Strowman with a KO Punch and went for the pin but Strowman kicked out. This was a very close match. At the end, Strowman hit Big Show with the Powerslam and pinned him for the victory. After the match, Reigns came out to confront Strowman. Even after Reigns hit Strowman with the Superman Punch, Strowman still came out on top with a powerful kick and the Powerslam.

Overall Thoughts: I want to start off my sending a warm congratulations to DDP for being inducted into the 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame. The man truly deserves it. This was a great episode of Raw, and there are three reasons why I felt that the show was great. The Women’s Division has gotten a lot more interesting. Other than the fact that, we have a new Women’s Champion, it was a real treat to watch Sasha Banks in action (as she is recovering from a knee injury) with an impressive victory. In addition to that, we have Nia Jax who has her eyes set on the Women’s Champion. Regardless of who will be Champion by Wrestlemania 33, I think we will see a Fatal 4-Way for the Women’s Title, and the participants will be Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax. Some of the segments were kind of disturbing like Kevin Owen’s promo, Lesnar and Heyman’s interview, Samoa’s Joe vicious attack on Zayn and the backstage segment involving Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon – which was even more alarming when Stephanie brought up “accident” as if it was a threat. I strongly feel that these segments are definitely making us fans wonder what will happen next or who will stop these guys. The show happened close to Hollywood – so it was almost as if these storylines are reaching to the climax of a movie. And last but not least, the main event involving Big Show and Braun Strowman was the best match on the show. I thought this match made Strowman looked great and invincible. I am not taking anything away from Big Show at all. The man has a phenomenal career with dominance and championship reigns. This match could be the passing of the torch. The match definitely made Strowman look unstoppable. At the end, he was because even a Superman Punch could not keep him down. However, I do admire Reigns’s bravery and persistence in this feud, and I do feel that he can potentially stop Strowman. It could happen at Fast Lane.

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