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Saturday, February 4, 2017 – WAR Wrestling had a huge show in Lima, Ohio. UAW Hall is the home of Wrestling And Respect, and the venue had a double event – Hall Of Fame & WAR 14. I traveled 8 hours to Lima, Ohio to attend this annual show, not knowing what to expect. I will say that this show was a lot better than what I expected.

The first part of the show was the 5th Annual Hall Of Fame. “No Shame” Jimmy Shane was the host of Hall Of Fame 5. The first presentation was the Unsung Hero Awards. Former WAR Wrestling owner, Big Tom Williams, and the current WAR Wrestling owner, Christine Myers came out to present the awards. Big Tom delivered a very powerful speech regarding the staff members who sacrificed their time and energy to help set up the WAR Wrestling shows. The awards were presented to three women who went above and beyond in their work.

Five great wrestlers were inducted in the 2017 WAR Wrestling Hall Of Fame. Dusty Dillinger inducted Alexis Machine. Mr. Main Event inducted “Beautiful” Brian Fury. The Nightmares inducted Eddie Venom. Cody Hawk inducted “Fantastic” Bobby Fulton. Nick Hahn inducted “The Beast” Dan Severn. The Hall Of Famers told great stories of their early careers. It was interesting to find out that Dan Severn started his wrestling career in Lima, Ohio, and his first wrestling match took place at the Lima Penitentiary.

In the first match, “True Grit” Bruce Grey faced the legendary Cody Hawk in a Tar & Feather Match. The special guest referee was none other than the man who Cody Hawk inducted into the 2017 Hall Of Fame – “Fantastic” Bobby Fulton. This was truly a great match. Grey did almost everything he could to win this match. Even the first WAR Women’s Champion, Thunder Kitty, got involved. But that was not enough to take out the highly talented veteran, Cody Hawk. At the end, Hawk was victorious, and he made Grey suffer the humiliation of wearing sticky feathers all over his body. By the way, Bobby Fulton did an awesome job officiating the match.

The second match was the “I Quit” Match for the WAR Respect Title, involving the champion, Orlando Christopher and the challenger Idris Abraham. Members of The Dirty accompanied Abraham to the ring, and Christopher was attacked by The Dirty in the beginning. The official not only banned The Dirty from the match but from all matches on the show as well. After the Dirty was sent to the back, the match between Christopher and Abraham got really intense. These men used steel chairs, the ring bell and even thumb tacks to make the other say “I Quit”. Both men refused to submit until Christopher duct-taped Abraham to a table and was ready to leap off from the turnbuckle. Immediately, Abraham said “I Quit” to end the match, and Christopher retained the title. However, that did not stop Christopher from delivering a splash through the table.

The Casket Match was the third match at the show. “Voodoo King” Mojo McQueen has been taunting Mikey Smalls for the past couple of months. I remember when I attended “Blood, Sweat & Fears 5” in October, McQueen came out and attacked Smalls which initiated the feud. Before the Casket Match even started, Smalls attacked McQueen from behind as the Voodoo King was making his way to the ring. I must say, Smalls really fought hard during this match. He even came close to shutting the casket lid on his eerie opponent. However, McQueen was able to overpower Smalls, put him in the casket and close the lid for the victory. After the match, The Voodoo King came close to setting the casket on fire while Smalls was in it – but the official and security were able to stop him.

After the Casket Match, there was a short segment involving Thunder Kitty. The WAR Women’s Champion came out to briefly cut a promo. She had a few things to say about her rival, “Hardcore” Heather Owens. She told the fans that she will not go anywhere until Owens or another competitor takes the WAR Women’s Title away from her.

The next match was the Hair VS Company Match. Austin Manix and Brandon Edwards of The Dirty versus Xavier Walker and Palmer Cruise of Super Future. The stipulation was if The Dirty loses the match, Ripper Blackheart would have to get his hair shaved off. This was a great tag team match. I thought both teams had a good chemistry. At the end, both Walker and Cruise simultaneously pinned their opponents for the victory – and Ripper’s hair. Big Tom came out, and he was more than ready to shave off Ripper’s hair. Manix pleaded and asked that he and Edwards take Ripper’s place – which was funny because both members of The Dirty did not really have any hair. After Badd Company came out to get rid of The Dirty, Big Tom pleased the crowd by shaving off Ripper’s hair.

The fifth match was a Ladder Match, involving another legend, Dusty Dillinger, and his opponent, “The Genetic Jackpot” Joe Coleman. There was a briefcase hanging above the ring, and inside of the briefcase was the #1 Contender contract – and I believe it was for any title of the winner’s choosing. This was a great Ladder Match with an unusual ending. It was impressive when Dillinger delivered a super elbow drop from the tallest ladder in the match. At the end, Dillinger was the one who grabbed the briefcase – but this happened while the official was down. After that he grabbed the briefcase and technically won the match, Coleman attacked Dillinger to steal the briefcase. By the time the referee revived, he saw Coleman with the briefcase and declared him as the winner instead.

The next match was the Loser Leaves WAR Match. It was an 8-Men Tag Match between #450 Boyz and The Samson Family. After #450 Boyz came out, Vinnie From Jersey announced that Levi Connors had “car trouble” and could not make it to become special guest referee for the match. Therefore, they had to bring out a different referee for the match. This was a good 8-Men Tag Match, and it got crazy towards the end. The referee got knocked out in the match twice. While the referee was down, Levi Connors made a surprised appearance and attacked #450 Boyz. The Samson Family ended up winning the match, and #450 Boyz did a touching group hug before parting ways after the match.

The seventh match was probably the most craziest match I have seen in such a long time. It was the Fans Bring The Weapons Match for the WAR Tag Team Titles. The champions, Sherman Tank & “Silverback” Chris Hall, known as Badd Company faced Roots’ Tanu The Savage & Papa Dingo. The managers, Big Tom and Mr. Hooks, were also participants in this match. So many weapons like a baseball bat and even a toilet seat were used during this match. This match was so extreme, and it became very bloody. The participants, especially Mr. Hooks, were bleeding profusely. At the end, Roots were handcuffed to the ropes, and that left Mr. Hooks alone with Big Tom and Badd Company. After Mr. Hooks was placed on a table at ringside, Big Tom climbed the biggest ladder and delivered a splash on Mr. Hooks through the table. Badd Company were able to retain their tag titles.

The Main Event was the Barbed Wire Cage Match for the W.A.R. Wrestling Heavyweight Title. The longtime Champion, Jake Something, faced “Dark Star” Matt Taylor in this incredible match. From what I understand, these two talented athletes were feuding for a while.

The Dirty was banned to make this match fair. Both men were very impressive during this match. The match had me on the edge of my seat. At the end, Taylor delivered a devastating leap off the top of the cage to take out Jake Something. He defeated the long-time champion to capture the WAR Wrestling Heavyweight Title.

Overall, this was an amazing show, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. One of the main reasons why I love the show was because there were no regular matches. All of the matches were special, and some had stipulations. So there was no way a fan could be bored at this show. The performances of these superstars were remarkable. The fans were so into the matches, and I was so glad to be part of the audience. It was truly a pleasure attending this huge event, and I would definitely show up at next year’s event.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone at WAR Wrestling for putting this show together for the fans – especially Big Tom and Christine Myers. Special thanks to the superstars who put their bodies and careers on the line to entertain the fans. I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity to attend the show. This was definitely worth the 8 hour trip, and I am looking forward to seeing more WAR Wrestling matches in the future. I highly recommend wrestling fans to check out WAR Wrestling. For upcoming events, check out www.warwrestling.com.

- Lisa “The Poet” Williams

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