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Jermaine Royster reporting

On tonight’s episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTv we get more coverage of Wrestle Kingdom 11 airing from the world famous Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. Tonight we get three great matches as Juice Robinson battles the “American Nightmare” Cody. The IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championships are on the line as The Young Bucks battle Roppongi Vice and Kushida puts up his IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title against the “Ticking Time Bomb” Hiromu Takahashi.

Wrestle Kingdom 11
Tokyo Dome
Tokyo, Japan
January 4, 2017

Special Singles Match
Juice Robinson vs Cody(New Japan Debut)

Both men meet center ring for a tie up, Cody wins grabbing the hair of Juice, Cody then hip tosses Juice to the outside. Cody runs the ropes but gets caught by Robinson and he german suplexes Cody on the outside. As Cody lays against the steel barricade, Robinson run and hits a cannonball to Cody against the barricade. Cody slides in the ring as Juice heads to the top rope but Cody counters with a right hand, Juice then hits a few right hands then Cody counters with a Alabama Slam for a two count. Cody then attacks Juice on the ropes with kicks and chokes leaving him on the mat, Cody the springboards and scores with a drop kick. Cody slaps Juice in the corner but Juice answers back, Cody then drop kicks the knee of Juice sending him to the mat. Juice gets up and Kay’s into Cody with chops then a drop kick, in Irish whip into the corner followed by a clothesline. Juice drops Cody on his knees for a two count, Juice goes foe the suplex but Cody counters then chop blocks Juice. Juice hits the big right hand in the corner as Cody comes charging in, Juice climbs to the top and comes down with the high cross body but Cody counters into the Indian Death Lock but Juice gets away. Cody scores with a drop kick to Juice on the apron then Cody hits a top rope DDT for a two count. Juice then scores with a lariat for s two count, Juice gets fired up but Cody blocks Juice’s finisher then sets him up for the Cross Roads neck breaker, Cody gets the three count and the win.

Your Winner: Cody

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match
Roppongi Vice vs The Young Bucks©

Both teams go at forum the start as the Bucks show off the tag titles, RPG Vice hit duel clotheslines in the corners, the Bucks then leave the ring and head for the Back. As RPG Vice come to chase they get Super Kicked on the ramp and the Buck head back to the ring, RPG Vice come in shortly after. Rocky gets sent out of the ring as Beretta gets double backed dropped in the middle of the ring, Nick Jackson Super kicks Trent sending homie to the outside. Matt Jackson lays hands to Beretta in the ring then blasts him with a kick for good measure. Matt then blasts Rocky with a Super Kick on the outside, The Bucks then double team Beretta again in the corner with kicks and strikes. Nick goes to kick Beretta on the outside but he moves and Nick catches Matt instead. Rocky gets the tag and hit hits the hurricanranna to nick Jackson then Matt gets the tag and Rocky hits the forever clotheslines to both Matt & Nick. Romero owes for Sliced Bread but Matt counters, Beretta comes in and they both hits high knees to Matt Jackson. Beretta then picks up Matt and Rocky comes off the top rope crashing down onto Matt for a two count. RPG goes for Strong Zero but Nick Jackson comes on and catches Rocky with a bull dog breaking the double team. The Bucks go for a double super plex to Rocky but he gets away, Matt gets him back up but Beretta comes up and German suplexes Matt off the top rope. Beretta then goes up tho the top rope to take out both Bucks but hey move out the way and Beretta comes crashing down on his back. Romero in the ring hits a double hurricanranna but The Bucks comes back with a Super kick for a two count. Matt sets up Rocky for the double team kick to the head then Nick hits the 450 Splash for a two count. The Bucks hit Super Kicks to Rocky for a two count, Bucks then go for More Bang for your Buck but Beretta comes in and grabs the leg of Nick Jackson preventing him from jumping from the top. This allows Rocky Romero to roll up Matt Jackson and Rocky holds on for the big win.

Your Winners: Roppongi Vice win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships

IWGP Jr Heavyweight Championship Match
Singles Match
Hiromu Takahashi vs Kushida

Hiromu attacks Kushida right from the start knocking him to the outside as Kushida makes his entrance. Kushida escapes and makes his way back in the ring only to leap back over the top rope over on to Takahashi. Kushida works the elbow of Takahashi with submission moves soften up for the Hover board Lock. Kushida chops Hiromu into the corner then throws him to the outside, Takahashi comes back in then hits a sunset flip over Kushida then power bombs Kushida on the mat outside the ring. The ring attendants check Kushida to see if he can go on, Kushida comes back in the ring for more punishment for Takahashi. Kushida tries to fight back but Takahashi scores with a big kick to the back of Kushida’s head for a two count. Takahashi tries to throw Kushida over the top rope but Kushida counters into a reverse STO into the turn buckle. Kushida hits pair of clotheslines followed by the jumping kick to a seated Takahashi, Kushida then scores with the Spring board elbow, Hiromu then counters Kushida with a german suplex dropping Kushida on the back of his neck. Takahashi goes up to the top then hits the jumping Senton from the top rope down to Kushida on the outside. Takahashi throws Kushida in the ring then scores with the double knees to Kushida for a two count. Kushida blocks Takahashi hitting a enziguiri and both men are down, Kushida hits a drop kick then counters Takahashi as he jumps from the top and Kushida catches him with the Hover board lock on the outside. Kushida throws him back in the ring and blasts Takahashi with a kick to the back then a big kick to the elbow of Takahashi. Kushida then goes for the Hover Board lock in the middle of the ring, Takahashi somehow powers out of the Hover board lock with a roll up but kaushida counters with another roll up foe a two count. Kushida again goes for the Hover Board Lock and Takahashi takes the pain but hit Kushida with a right hand, Kushida does the same and both me are down once again. Kushida makes it to his feet but he gets suplexed into the turn buckles by Takahashi. Both men go up to the top and Takahashi hits the sunset flip power bomb for a two count, Takahashi then picks up Kushida and runs him into the turnbuckles. Takahashi then picks up Kushida and hits the spinning side slam for the win.

Your Winner: Hiromu Takahashi becomes the 76th IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion

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