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Goldberg and Brock Lesnar were both scheduled to show up on the last Raw before Royal Rumble. Plus, more names would be added to the cast of characters involved in the Rumble Match.

Breaking News came to our phones, earlier today. Big Show made it known that he will be involved ini the Rumble Match. This is lining up to be one of the best rosters of fighters, ever.

Raw looked at the rise of Team Jeri-KO aka Team Chris and Kevin. They worked together to take the US title from Roman Reigns.

Cleveland had a mixed reaction for Roman Reigns. The Big Dog was not a happy camper. The Shark Cage was in the middle of the ring. Jericho will get to spend some time in there when Roman fights Kevin Owens, on Sunday, for the Universal title.

Jeri-KO joined Roman in the arena. They stayed up on the ramp, to start. Kevin mentioned that he and Chris put Roman through a table, just like Roman did to so many others. Jericho called Roman a “Stupid Idiot”. (Huge Pop). Jericho was ready to fight Roman. Reigns accepted the rematch (wait, that wasn’t exactly what Jericho offered). Kevin accepted for Chris, who wasn’t thrilled by that move. Roman felt he was going to have 2 belts by this time next week.

Cesaro and Sheamus came out to a massive reaction from the fans.

Cesaro vs Luke Gallows

The Finish:

Karl was taken out by Sheamus, during the break. Karl Anderson was trying to help his partner when Sheamus ran him to the back. Cesaro with an amazing Vertical Suplex to Luke. European Uppercuts by the Swiss Superman. Wicked Tornado DDT by Cesaro but Luke kicked out at two. Luke fought out of the Swing. Luke tried to get Sheamus to hit him. The ref warned that he would disqualify Sheamus if he hit Luke. Cesaro distracted the ref and Shamus clocked Luke. Sunset Flip into the Sharpshooter. Karl rushed back down to keep the ref from seeing Luke tap out. Gallows Pole to end this one.

Your Winner: Luke Gallows
Raw Score: 3.0

Mick Foley chatted with Stephanie on speakerphone. Sami Zayn came in to talk with them. Sami wanted to be in the Royal Rumble. Mick started to put him in the Rumble. Stephanie stopped him and said Sami would have to EARN his way in…by beating Seth Rollins. Stephanie asked to be off speakerphone to talk privately with Mick. Mick didn’t like what Stephanie wanted but agreed to follow orders.

The Rumble will start way early, this year. Check the Network for details.

Corey Graves interviewed Bayley. Bayley showed respect to her mentor, Kirk White, for giving her a start. She didn’t call him by name but it was obvious. Kirk has been a fantastic promoter for over 20 years. Bayley talked about her dad and brother watch her fight. Bayley was asked about being a role model. She said she was just herself. She wants to make sure all the fans feel special, like the wrestlers used to make her feel, years ago. Bayley was confident that she could defeat Charlotte for the title. Bayley reminded Corey that she has already defeated Charlotte, tiwce before.

Seth was taping up when Mick Foley showed up. Mick told Seth he had to battle Sami. Seth was a bit confused. Mick explained that if Sami were to win, he would get SETH’S spot in the Rumble. Seth understood what Stephanie was up to. Seth knew he had to beat Sami, win the Rumble and take the main event at Wrestlemania. All to prove he is better than Triple H (Seth called HHH a “coward”).

Sami Zayn vs Seth Rollins
Winner gets a spot in the Royal Rumble Match

The Finish:

This match was absolutely incredible. Sami dodged the Springboard Knee Trembler and hit the Blue Thunder Bomb. 2 count. Seth rolled through to almost pin Sami. Michinoku Driver by Sami but he couldn’t get the three. Sami went up top. Seth ran the ropes but Sami blocked him. Blockbuster by Seth. 2 count.

Superkick by Seth but he couldn’t complete the count. Falcon Arrow by Seth. Sami would not go gentle into that good night. Seth picked up Sami and punched away. Sami answered every shot he took. Bicycle Kick led to Seth’s Sling Blade. Sami reversed the Pedigree into a Tornado DDT. Sami missed the Helluva Kick. Sami flipped Seth over the top rope.

Seth stunned Sami with a Top Rope Enziguri. Seth climbed up top and set for a Top Rope Pedigree. Sami fought out of it. Sunset Flip Powerbomb by Sami. Dang! Enziguri by Seth. Corner Exploder by Sami. Pedigree on the aprorn! Seth rolled Sami in the ring and tried for a pin.

HOLY CRAP! Triple H showed up!Well, his music played but Trip didn’t actually appear. Sami rolled up Seth to take Seth’s spot in the Rumble!

Your Winner: Sami Zayn
Raw Score: 4.5

Seth stormed to the back to see if HHH was actually there.

It was time for a Remember the Rumble moment. This time, Shawn Michaels was the focus. He started at #1 in the 1995 Rumble. Shawn only had one foot hit the floor when he appeared to be eliminated. He was able to come back and dump Davey Boy Smith to win.

Seth stormed backstage, looking for Triple H. He demanded answers. Mick Foley swore he knew nothing about this. Foley promised to get answers.

Mustafa Ali, Jack Gallagher and T.J. Perkins vs Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese

They ran a cool video package about Ali

The Finish:

All six men shined in this match. Nese with a Overhead Gutbuster to Perkins. Leg Scissors by Tony. Nese dropped TJP but missed a Moonsault Tags to Ali and Drew. Step Up Hurancanrana. Wild Spin Kick by Ali. Enziguri by Ali. Rolling Facebuster. Daivari and Nese rushed in. All Hell broke out. Ali went up top. Reverse 450 by Ali. Damn!

Your Winners: Jack Gallagher, Mustafa Ali and T.J. Perkins
Raw Score: 3.0

New Day were backstage and ready for some fun with the fans.

New Day was in a party mood. They brought up how rude Titus O’Neil was for interrupting them. New Day had plans to become the Universal title holder.

Enter Big Cass and Enzo Amore! Enzo and Cass did their schtick. Cass put himself in the Rumble Match. He was cut off by the arrival of Rusev and Jinder Mahal. Lana was with her hubby. Rusev made fun of Big E and Big Cass for feeling the need to put Big in front of their names. Rusev put himself in the Rumble.

Oh crap, who invited Titus O’Neil to this party? Titus still wanted in the Rumble Match. Big E went off on Titus for interrupting them, again. Titus said there would be an 8 man match.

Big E, Kofi Kingston, Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Titus O’Neil, Rusev, Jinder Mahal and Braun Strowman.
8 Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

Corner Splash and Big Boot by Cass to Jinder. Shaka Laka by Enzo and Cass. This broke down into complete chaos. Kofi hit a cool twisting Flip Dive. Enzo rolled up Mahal and then hit an Enziguri. Tag to Braun. Enzo backed off but then decided to grow a set. Shoulder tackle to Enzo. Bulldog Bounce by Braun failed. Enzo jumped on Braun and fell to the Bulldog Bounce, after all.

Your Winners: JInder Mahal, Rusev, Titus O’Neil and Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 2.0

Big Show’s music hit and The Giant came out. Sweet! Lottie’s son, Trever, is a huge (no pun intended) fan of Show. Trever met him while in the Army. Braun wasn’t sure what to think of Show. It was a definite Mexican Standoff. Braun backed down from Show.

The Rumble Kick Off Show will be TWO HOURS, this year. It starts at 5 PM EST/2 PM out here on the West Coast.

Show stopped by to talk with the announce team. Corey Graves sucked up to Show, big time.

We flashed back to the opening segment.

Chris Jericho vs Roman Reigns
United States Title Match


The Shark Cage was suspended over the ring. Roman popped Jericho and threw him to the outside. Roman slammed Jericho’s face on the ring apron and then sent him into the barricade. Drive By as we went to break.

Kevin Owens joined the announce team for this one. Roman kicked out of a pin attempt. Rear Chin Lock by Chris. Roman got free and punched away. Chris reversed a Whip and hit a Dropkick. 1-2-not yet. Owens kept going off on Byron Saxton. Roman Hulked Up as Jericho slapped him, over and over. Roman punched the daylights out of the US Champ. Jericho ran up top but got popped. Uppercut on Jericho as Chris flew off he ropes.

Clotheslines by Roman. Chris kicked Roman in the face. School Boy by Chris but they were in the ropes. Samoan Drop by Roman. 2 count only. Locked and Loaded but Jericho used a Dropkick to avoid the Superman Punch. 2 count. Kevin screamed for the Code Breaker. Roman countered it and threw Chris into the corner. Sit Out Powerbomb by Roman. 2 count, one more time. Kevin left the announce table. Roman prepared for the Spear but missed. He came right back with the Superman Punch. Kevin rushed in to pull the disqualification.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Roman Reigns
Raw Score: 3.75

After the match, Roman was put in the Shark Cage. Kevin locked Roman inside the cage…almost. Roman pulled Kevin and Chris into the cage. Roman locked Kevin inside the cage. Kevin freaked out at being trapped and it got worse when the cage was taken up. Jericho held onto the cage but a Superman Punch put down Jericho. Seriously. Spear to Jericho! Roman’s music hit and the huge Samoan just smiled.

After the break, Jericho unlocked the cage and let Owens out. Kevin and Chris had a dual hissy fit. They were told that the Universal title match has been changed to a no-disqualification match. That will NOT work well for Roman, despite Kevin’s whining and compining.

Corey’s interview with Charlotte aired. He asked her what it meant to defend at Royal Rumble. She mentioned her dad winning the 1992 Rumble match. I remember that one, as well. Charlotte wanted to surpass her father’s legacy. Charlotte admitted that she did grow up privileged. Ric got her the WWE job with a single phone call but she has worked hard to keep the position and excel at it. Charlotte was offended that Bayley wanted her title. Charlotte was super confident that she would be keeping her title on Sunday.

Nia Jax vs Rae Lynn

Nia just annihilated this poor kid. Nia atacked in the corner and hit a modified Bonzai Drop to put a quick end to this massacre.

Your Winner: Nia Jax
Raw Score: .5

Nia grabbed the microphone from the interviewer girl. She dedicated her win to the recently deceased…career of Sasha Banks. Nia said Sasha was almost forgotten already. Sasha came out to stop this verbal bashing. Sasha was walking on a crutch. Sasha stayed on the floor and threw the crutch at Nia. She rolled in the ring and wore out the crutch on the big Islander. Sasha hit Flying Double Knees to Nia’s chest. Nia just shook her head to show that it had almost no effect on her.

And we get YET ANOTHER promo for Emmalina. Yawn.

Rich Swann vs Noam Dar (w/Alicia Fox)
Non-Title Match


Tons of fast action. Both men flipped and flew all over the place. Fox blocked Dar so Rich couldn’t flip onto her new man. Back Kick to Dar’s face. Rich got up in Fox’s face. Swann pitched Dar back in the ring. Running Dropkick as Swann was getting in the ring. 2 count.

After a quick break, the fight continued. Rich worked the ribs and hit Clotheslines. Double Stomp to Dar’s back. Dar kicked swann in the face. Jumping Hurancanrana by the champ. Swann Song!

Your Winner: Rich Swann
Raw Score: 3.0

Rich screamed for Neville. He called the Brit a “Jester”. Rich wanted to fight, now. Neville stormed the ring but stopped at the ropes. Psych. Rich wouldn’t let Neville get away. Suicide Dive and punches by Rich. Neville made tracks to stay away from the irate champion.

Before we get to the main event of the evening, we want to send out a couple of special hellos. First, to one of the Inner Circle of our Idea Men, Jim Kelley, we wish to congratulate him on the recent birth of his son, Charles. And to his step-son, Rory Hatch, Happy 14th Birthday (on the 27th). Smile. Jim has been a good friend for many years and has helped with some great column ideas. We are currently working together on a special column to come out around the time that WWE announces which Manager (if any) goes into the Hall of Fame. Wait for it…

Cedric Alexander was interviewed. He will fight Neville, on Tuesday. Cedric was done with Fox and Dar. Alicia ran in to scream at her former beau. Fox promised Cedric would never be anything without her. Dar knew he would always be a winner with Fox in her corner. Dar wondered if he and Alexander were good. Cedric was cool with him having Fox. Cedric hen pushed Dar down for attacking him, last week. Fox complained that Cedric almost made her boyfriend cry. Jeez.

The announcers ran down the updated Rummble card. Sasha and Nia will fight on the pre-show. The Raw tag belts will also be on the line, with 2 refs. Shawn Michaels will be the Special Guest for the Kick Off Show.

Goldberg made his entrance. Goldberg seriously fouled up his speech. Godlberg knew that 29 other men wanted the shot at the Universal title (uhmm…the Smackdown guys would go after the WWE title, won’t they?).

Paul Heyman cut off Goldberg’s talk. Thank the stars for Paul E. He should be in the Hall of Fame. Paul ran down the possible scenarios of what could happen on Sunday. Paul brought out Brock Lesnar. Lottie really can’t stand Brock. I won’t repeat what she just said about him…this IS a Family Friendly site. LOL.

Paul said Brock was the instrument of Goldberg’s demise. Paul rambled on about how Goldberg would be conquered, on Sunday. Paul promised that Brock would be the one to eliminate Goldberg. Bill told the “Boy” (Brock) to quit being a dumb *ss and come to the ring. Brock stomped down as Paul tried to calm The Beast down. Brock circled he ring like a shark going after his food.

Brock got in the ring and the two men stared each other down. Suddenly, THE GONG SOUNDED! Undertaker joined this party. Far out! He was in the ring when the lights came back up. The lights went to that eerie bluish purple color and Raw faded to black.

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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