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NXT Recap
NXT Arena
Orlando, FL.
Air Date: January 18, 2017

Tonights show kicks off with a video previewing the contract signing between Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura that takes place tonight. The regular show opening plays and we are back in Full Sail for another week. Tom Phillips is on the mic and he touting Takeover that happens in ten days. Sanity makes its entrance. A recap video of Nikki Cross attacking Asuka is shown. Her opponent is already in the ring.

Match 1: Nikki Cross (with Sanity) vs. Kennedy Lewis.

Nikki attacked Lewis from the opening bell with clubbing blows, biting and gouging. Every time Lewis made a feeble attempt to fire back, Cross would attack harder. She mercifully ended it quickly with a singing neckbreaker.

Winner: Nikki Cross

The Fatal Four-Way for the Women’s Championship is hyped for Takeover. The show goes to commercial.

We are back to see No Way Jose being interviewed about what he plans to do in 2017. He said he was going to have fun with his friends and opponents alike. He was all about fiestas when Kona Reeves interrupted him and said Jose knew nothing about friendship because Jose helped Rich Swann and not Reeves when Sanity attacked them. Reeves thought he and Jose were friends. Jose challenged him to meet him in the ring where they could either have fun or fight. They stared each other down before Reeves walked away.

The announce team lets us know that Tye Dillinger will address the fans regarding his future. Also, the contract signing is teased again for later in the show.

We go to the back where The Revival is being interviewed about what they plan to do in 2017 since they were unable to defeat Team DIY. The Revival said they dominated last year and this year would be more of the same. They were set to complain about not being in the tag team title match at Takeover when TM 61 interrupted them.

They said that, as good as they are, the Revival is upset because they can’t demand another title match. Dawson and Wilder brushed it off saying they are not any team, they are top guys and if TM 61 is looking for a fight, they would be happy to oblige. Dawson also warned they are not going to wrestle TM61 but cripple them. They used “Top guys out!!” to end the segment.

Roderick Strong vs. Steve Cutler is up next!! The show goes to break.

We return as Strong is making his entrance. Cutler is out next. As he walks to the ring, the announce team suggests that Cutler has a chip on his shoulder from getting passed over too often in favor of guys like Strong who are fairly new to the company.

Match 2: Roderick Strong vs. Steve Cutler

Strong takes early advantage with a top wristlock into an armbar. He followed up with a dropkick. He looked to be in firm control until he bounced off the ropes and Cutler drops him throat first across the ropes to take control. The announcers break to in to say that The Revival vs. TM61 had been made official and will happen later in the show.

Cutler puts the boots to Strong and goes for a pin but only gets a two count. Cutler grabs a rear chin lock that Strong fought out of with an Olympic Slam. Cutler maintains control for the rest of the match finishing Cutler with a Sick Kick.

Winner: Roderick Strong

Strong is met on the ramp and asked how he feels about Andrade “Cien” Almas gunning for him. Strong says he doesn’t care one bit about Almas, all he wants is the NXT Championship.

Ember Moon is backstage being interviewed about the four-way match. Moon is upset that she is not in the match but will gladly face the winner. Liv Morgan comes in. Morgan thanked Moon for helping her and challenged Moon to a match with the winner facing the champion after Takeover. Moon challenged Morgan to bring her “A” game because after she eclipses her, she is going on to battle for the Women’s Championship.

Tye Dillinger addresses the NXT Universe next as the show goes to commercial.

We come back to see Dillinger making his way to the ring. Dillinger hits the ring with many “Ten!” chants from the crowd. Dillinger believes he ended 2016 with a question mark and doesn’t really know what’s next for him. The crowd began a chant of “Royal Rumble #10” Dillinger thanked the NXT Universe and General Manager, William Regal for believing in him but he doesn’t know if he has what it takes after coming so close in the number one contender’s match.

Sanity’s music interrupts Dillinger as Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young and Nikki Cross come out. Young tells Dillinger he needs guidance along with better friends. Wolfe offers Dillinger a Sanity jacket, which Dillinger dropped on the floor. Young retrieved the jacket and tried to empathize with him. Young gets nose-to-nose with Dillinger and orders him to join Sanity.

He hands Dillinger the jacket, which he drops at Young’s feet. Dillinger opens up on Young and Wolfe and cleans house. He sets Young for the Tye Breaker but gets blindsided with a spear from Domo. Young offers the jacket to Domo and he takes it to officially join Sanity.

The contract signing was teased, yet again, for later in the show. The Revival vs. TM61 is up next. The show takes a commercial time out.

We return to the news that Tye Dillinger vs. Eric Young has been added to the card for Takeover: San Antonio. TM61 makes its entrance followed by The Revival.

Match 3: TM61 (Shane Thorne and Nick Miller) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder)

The bell rings and The Revival rush TM61 and attack them. Wilder and Miller fall to the floor as Thorne begins to come back against Dawson. Thorne is distracted outside the ring allowing Dawson to clip the knee and take control for his team.

The Revival work over Thorne for several minutes then try to set him up for the Shatter Machine but Miller makes a blind tag. Miller comes in and works over both Dawson and Wilder. The Revival quickly recovers and Dawson drops Miller with a spinebuster. They try to set up Miller for the double team elbow off the rope but Thorne is able to grab Wider’s ankle thwarting the move. The distraction allowed Miller to catch Dawson with a roll up for the upset win.

Winner: TM61

After the match, the Revival viciously attacks Miller. They beat him and lay him out with the Shatter Machine. Thorne comes in to try to help his partner and he gets laid out too. Dawson and Wilder hit the double team elbow off the rope and then attack the knee leaving Thorne laid out and writhing in pain.

The contract signing is next as the show takes it final break.

We return to learn that Strong vs. Almas has been made for Takeover: San Antonio and Moon vs. Morgan is set for next week’s NXT.

General Manager, William Regal is in the ring and calls to the ring the challenger, Bobby Roode. Once Roode enters the ring, Nakamura is brought out.

Regal begins to speak but is cut off by Roode who assures him that there will be no physical contact during this signing because Roode sees money in this match. Roode tells Nakamura he is not impressed with him. Roode told the story of buying a ticket to see Nakamura in person and ran through his list of opponents. Roode questioned why Nakamura is called the “King of Strong Style” when he has none. Roode made fun of Nakamura and complained about his haircut to Regal.

Nakamura took his turn and told Roode he was fond of him because he reminded him of a Shiba Inu. The crowd picked up on this and chanted “shiba inu” to Roode. Nakamura told Roode there will be no changes to NXT as long as he’s champion. Roode interrupts to say change is already happening as the boys in the back are already dressing better and when Roode wins the championship, change will be complete. Roode sets up to deliver the “Glorious” phrase but Nakamura stops him.

Shinsuke tells Roode that he will kick his head off and it will be “Glorious.” This infuriates Roode as he is visibly huffing as the two men stand nose-to-nose. Roode finally leaves as Nakamura raises the belt to close the show.

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