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We began with a flashback to recent events. The World title picture is getting seriously filled with contenders.

Race for the Case:

There were a whole slew of wrestlers going for the four cases. This is similar to Feast or Fired but there are no pink slips.


Jessie Godderz went for the green case but got stopped. Kingston almost got the gold one. Tyrus sent Jessie sailing with a modif ed Samoan Drop/Throw. Eli Drake got the red case. This was match had a series of teams. Tyrus was Drake’s partner. Mike Bennett got laid out by Trevor Lee. Trevor got the blue case. Trevor then leaped onto all the guys, on the floor. Break time.

Matt Hardy took out Bennett with a Neckbreaker and then tried for a Twist of Fate. Bennett escaped and kicked Matt out of the ring. Mahabali Shera took out the DCC. Sky High Powerbomb by Shera. MIP to Shera by Bennett. Jeff Hardy fell to a Cutter from Bennett. Bennett stopped Matt from going for the green case. Crazzy Steve then stopped Matt from going for the case. Steve hit a Flying DDT to drop Matt. DCC with a Spike Piledriver to Steve. Jessie slipped on the rope and messed up a Springboard. Jessie got the gold briefcase but dropped it. The DCC got it instead. Jeff Hardy took the green, final, briefcase.

Your Winners: Red-Eli Drake and Tyrus
Green-The Hardys
Blue–The Helms Dynasty

TNA looked back at the old Beat Down Clan. It led to the arrival of Drew Galloway. We then saw the Wolves working together on Lashley. Mike Bennett got involved only to show the arrival of Moose!

Drew cut a promo about the Grand Championship. Drew knew that title was destined for him. Drew wants to make the Grand Championship the top title in the industry. He planned to win it and then elevate it. Drew and Moose will fight for the Grand title, in the main event.

Bobby Lashley was ready to get his World title back. He has a challenge for Eddie Edwards, next.

Impact showed how Eddie Edwards defeated Ethan Carter III at One Night Only. Bobby Lashley would then defeat Ethan to become the number one contender. Bobby came out to the ring as we returned to live action. Bobby told Eddie to come out and see him. The World Champion didn’t have to be asked twice. Eddie got in the ring and took a microphone.

The fans chanted for Eddie, big time. Eddie accused Bobby of being Punch Drunk. Eddie said he owes Bobby…nothing. Eddie understood what Lashley was up to. Eddie has a goal to take TNA to the next level. Eddie wanted to know Bobby’s plan. Bobby said Eddie was not a fighting champion. Bobby considered him a Fluke Champion. Bobby said Eddie was only a “feel good story”. Bobby explained he fought his way up to the top. Bobby wanted an Iron Man Match for the title. Bobby knew he would beat Eddie, over and over. Eddie agreed to the match. He said Bobby was simply “Eddie’s B*tch”. That started one Hell of a fight. Davey Richards rushed out with a chair to stop Bobby.Bobby screamed that Davey just proved his point about Eddie needing help

Maria called to talk with Braxton Sutter. She ordered him to come see her. Maria then chatted with Brooke. Brooke warned Maria to stay out of her business.

Brooke vs D’Anna Piazzo

The Finish:

These two have a history against each other. Brooke sent her foe to the outside. Brooke rocked D’Anna with face slams to the ring apron. Brooke ran D’Anna into the corners. Brooke with her rolling Body Lock. Twisting Neck Breaker by Brooke. D’Anna hurt Brooke’s neck with a Flying Knee. Brooke dropped Piazzo with Forearms and Clotheslines. Flapjack by Brokke, followed by a Kip Up. Face Plant to take this one.

Your Winner: Brooke
Match Impact: 1.75

Sienna tried to attack but got caught. The two women fought. Silencer by Sienna. Sienna told Brooke “Maria says Welcome Back”.

It was time for Fact of Life. Tyrus acted as Drake’s voice. Tyrus said the first suitcase would be revealed, next.

Maria ran into Braxton. They talked about Allie. Braxton didn’t think Allie should be around people like Maria. Maria ordered Braxton to top training Allie. Maria whispered something in Braxton’s ear and he understood and agreed. Maria wanted Braxton to find Laurel.

Fact of Life

The holders of the briefcases were on the set. Tyrus did the Ed McMahon to Drake’s Johnny Carson. No, kids, Ed is NOT related to Vince, Stephanie or Shane. It was time to reveal the cases. Tyrus explained the rules of the Cases. the person decides what match they want, no one else can change it. Eli opened the red one to reveal the number…4. Sucks to be him.

The DCC had the golden case, which held the number…2. Trevor Lee’s blue case was number 3. Trevor had a hard time opening the case. That means the Hardys got case Number 1…the green case. Jeff began to sing “Obsolete”. Drake was ticked off about the results.

We saw how Drew Galloway took the World title from Matt Hardy. We also saw Moose take out Mike Bennett with the Game Changer.

Braxton came in to chat with Allie. Braxton broke up with Allie. Braxton also said he couldn’t train her. Allie began to cry.

Rock Star Spud brought out Aron Rex. Spud looked like something off the Sgt. Pepper’s album. Rex was wearing flesh colored tights. Jeez.

Aron Rex vs Robbie E

Robbie dissed Aron for wearing women’s makeup. Robbie had help to neutralize Spud…Swoggle! So, this changed to…

Swoggle and Robbie E vs Aron Rex and Rock Star Spud


Spud worked over Swoggle, early on. Tag to Rex. Aron spent a long time on the microphone. Swoggle grabbed Rex and Aron freaked out. Swoggle caught Spud with a Go To Sleep. Tag to Rex. Swoggle bit Rex’s hand. Dive to the corner. Tag to Robbie. Flying Crossbody by Robbie. Modified Frog Splash. Flapjack put Spud onto Rex. Tag to Swoggle. Cannonball into Rex and Rikishi Run into Spud. Spud Pearl Harbored Swoggle. Robbie took out Spud. Rex pinned Swoggle.

Your Winners: Aron Rex and Rock Star Spud
Match Impact: 1.5

We saw Drew Galloway vs Ethan Carter III. This was when Drew turned heel.

We watched Moose win the Grand Championship from Aron Rex.

Next week, TNA will present Genesis. We will have several title matches, including a 30 minute Iron Man Match for the World Title.

We saw how Rosemary beat Jade, inside the Six Sides of Steel, to capture the Knockout title.

Braxton walked with Laurel. She forced him to open the door for her. Braxton got in the car but wasn’t happy about it.

We saw Moose’s win, over Aron Rex, to capture the Grand Championship. Moose and Drew did pre-match interviews. Both men were impressed with each other but they each knew they were going to win.

Moose vs Drew Galloway
Grand Championship Title Match


Round One:

Tie Up and it went nowhere. Go Behind by Drew into a Side Headock. Shoulder Tackle by Moose. Kip Up by Drew. Drew flipped off Moose. Shoulder Tackle by Drew. Kip Up by Moose. Knife Edge Chop-a-thon. Both men were hurting after that. Huge Dropkick by Moose. Float Over by Drew but Moose caught him. Fallaway Slam by Moose. Moose charged the corner but Drew moved. Piledriver by Drew. 2 count. Drew couldn’t believe it wasn’t three. Drew called Moose an SOB and slapped him. The two slapped and punched each other. I’d call this one even.

Round One goes to: Drew Galloway

Round Two:

Moose nailed a Big Boot and then the fight went to the floor. AA to put Moose onto the ring apron. Moose was seriously hurting. Moose Powerbombed Drew onto the apron. Both men were down and hurt. Brian began counting them out. They both got in the ring. Corner Splash and Powerbomb by Moose. He then hit a Backsplash Senton. Moose missed a Moonsault. Iron Maiden by Drew but Moose would NOT give up. The bell saved Moose.

Round Two belonged to: Moose (that wasn’t right)

Round Three:

Drew rushed Moose and punched away. Moose answered the punches thrown by Drew. Hockey Fight. Both men blocked finishers. Drew kicked Moose and went up top. Dropkick to Drew. Drew got to the ropes and hit a Back Kick Low Blow. The ref stopped the clock. Drew had a point deducted. Moose wanted the match restarted. Claymore!

Your Winner (and NEW Grand Champion): Drew Galloway
Match Impact: 3.5

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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