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Jermaine Royster reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. Tonight on Smackdown we get a huge WWE Women’s Championship match between Becky Lynch and Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. These two have been in a heated feud since Bliss beat Lynch for the Title but the reoccurring character “La Luchadora” has confused things just a bit. Luchadora beat Bliss in a match on Smackdown then it was revealed that Lynch was under the mask. Afterwards in their next match we saw Luchadora help Bliss get the win over Becky Lynch, because of this we now get to see these two go at again but this time inside a Steel Cage. Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon has a special announcement as well as the return of the “King’s Court” with Memphis’s own Jerry Lawler. Shane McMahon’s music hits and the Commissioner makes his way to the ring. Shane brings up all the entries in the Royal Rumble then Shane says WWE Championship will be defended at Elimination Chamber in four weeks. AJ Styles comes out and and has words with Shane, Styles says theres no way he can defended the title after he beats John Cena. Shane says AJ might not have the title at Elimination Chamber then AJ says over his dead body. Shane tells AJ that whoever walks out of the Elimination Chamber will be walking into WrestleMania this year as WWE Champion. AJ says why doesn’t he just take the WWE Championship back to Japan and never come back. Styles says he has never been in such a match, John Cena then comes to the ring. The crowd has dueling chants for AJ & Cena, AJ Styles then cuts off Cena and he tells him to shut up because Cena only got his title shot because Daniel Bryan is his brother in law. AJ then tells the crowd that they never cared about Styles. AJ then asks Shane who is next and The Miz’s music hits, Miz comes to the ring and tells AJ that his spotlight is now taken. Miz says that being in the Elimination Chamber match will be the perfect story for him in 2017. Styles tells Miz that the best thing he can do is to just stay away from him, Miz then mocks Styles’s southern accent then Miz tells AJ that when Styles was in Japan it was Miz who was beating up John Cena. Cena then chimes in and says Miz is better than Styles, AJ tells Miz that the last time they were in Memphis he knocked Miz’s tooth out. The two have a face off after John Cena instigates the fight then Shane McMahon comes back in the ring and makes a match between Styles & Miz next.

Dean Ambrose runs into Shane backstage and Ambrose asks for a match tonight with Randy Orton and Shane grants him his wish.

Singles Match
The Miz w/Maryse vs AJ Styles(WWE Champion)
*John Cena on commentary

Styles forces Miz to the ground then grabs hold of Miz’s wrist as he forces Miz to the outside. Miz comes back in and he and AJ have a tie up with AJ winning then Miz gets back up but theres a break in the corner. Miz locks on with the side headlock followed by Miz running the ropes, Styles catches Miz with a drop kick. AJ hits a side back breaker for a two count but Miz would get back in control with a punch to the gut. Miz sends AJ off the ropes and Styles counters Miz into the Calf Crusher but Miz gets away. Styles then goes to the outside for the springboard fore arm but Maryse comes up to the apron to distract him, Miz scores with a big boot sending AJ to the floor. Miz gets AJ back in the ring and Miz works the back of Styles sending him into the turnbuckle then hitting a corner drop kick then clothesline. AJ tries a counter then teases the Styles Clash but Miz gets away, Styles then counters again but Miz puts his thumb in AJ’s eye then hits a DDT. Miz tries to go for the figure four but Styles hits the Pele kick then drives a knee into Miz’s face sending him to the outside, AJ goes to the outside but takes aim at Cena on commentary. Cena comes up swinging and the bell is sounded.

Your Winner: The Miz (DQ)

After the match John Cena comes into the ring and gives Miz the AA then counters Styles into the AA as well. John Cena then picks up Styles’ WWE Championship and holds it up to the crowd.

Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring and she has something to say to Natalya, she says last week was just the beginning and she calls Natalya to the ring. Natalya tells Nikki to shut her mouth and theres something she wants to show her, Natalya has a microphone and she walks to the gimmick table in the arena and shouts about why theres isn’t and Natalya merchandise. Natty points out that Nikki Bella’s merchandise is next to Cena’s and that they have a Bret Hart shirt but not a Natalya shirt. Natalya grabs all the shirts and tosses them in the garbage, as she does this Nikki Bella comes around the corner and they start fighting in the arena breaking a table in the process. As the two are separated we hear Nikki Bella screaming that this isn’t over.

Alexa Bliss is shown backstage and she says that she will beat Lynch again tonight and she isn’t scared of the cage.

A highlight package is shown next for Kurt Angle being the first inductee to the 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame.

Singles Match
Randy Orton w/The Wyatt Family vs Dean Ambrose(Intercontinental Champion)

Orton circles around Dean as Ambrose gets distracted by Harper, Randy tries a roll up but Dean gets away. Dean then goes for the ground and pound but Orton makes his way to the outside, Orton slowly gets back in the ring and the two lock up. Ambrose scores with a wrist lock into a side headlock takeover but Orton counters with a leg scissors. Orton brings Ambrose back up to his feet then blasts Ambrose off the ropes with a shoulder block. Ambrose then goes for the drop toe hold followed by two big right hands but Orton counters with a right hand of his own. Orton hangs Ambrose over the top rope then Orton stomps one the chest for Ambrose then attacks the head of Ambrose. Orton then locks on with a side head lock as Bray and Luke Harper seemed pleased on the outside. Ambrose counters Orton then hits a high cross body off the top rope, Ambrose then tries the Dirty Deeds but Orton gets away. The action spills outside with Ambrose scoring a clothesline but Randy bounces Ambrose off the post, Orton then picks up Ambrose and slams him down on the announce desk. The action moves back in the ring and Orton is targeting the back of Ambrose, Dean quickly counters Orton and hits a pair of flying fore arms and a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Orton scores with a back elbow then counters Ambrose with a Power slam for a two count. Orton sets up Ambrose on the top rope but Ambrose fights back, Ambrose then tries a DDT but Orton blocks then Ambrose blocks the RKO then Orton catches a Lariat from Ambrose and Orton goes to the outside. Ambrose runs the ropes and takes out Harper with the suicide dive. Ambrose goes back in the ring but Orton catches him with the second rope DDT, as Orton sets up for the RKO he gets distracted by Harper who tries to get Ambrose, Dean the rolls up Orton for the win.

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose

After the match is over, Harper is shown having words again with Orton and Bray. Harper gets in the ring and signals to Orton that he wants a fight, Bray punches Harper trying to settle him down then they leave.

Becky Lynch is interviewed backstage and she says that she never runs from a fight and tonight we will see just who Alexa Bliss is and it wont be champion.

“King” Jerry Lawler is back and he brings us the first ever Smackdown version of the “King’s Court” and his guest tonight is Dolph Ziggler. Lawler says he wanted Dolph as his first guest because he’s known Dolph to be a good guy but as of late that isn’t the case. Jerry says Dolph is just frustrated so he changed his demeanor thinking he can win matches. Dolph is just standing there motionless and isn’t answering any of Jerry’s questions. Jerry brings up last Tuesday when he attacked Kalisto with a chair forcing Apollo Crews to come in for the save and Dolph blast’s Crews with the chair as well. Jerry asks Dolph about it and Ziggler begins to motion for a response but he simply walks away. Lawler gets him to come back and Ziggler says he knew Lawler would try something like this so Ziggler shows footage of 2012 where a younger Dolph is attacking Jerry Lawler in the ring with elbows minutes before he suffered a heart attack. Dolph says Jerry has always blamed Ziggler and he always should have, Ziggler says if Jerry doesn’t stop with the questions then Dolph will finish what he started back in 2012. Jerry says he still has one question, “How does it feel to always be a loser?” Dolph then acts like he is walking away then he turns around and Super Kicks Lawler in the chest. JBL comes in and makes sure Lawler is okay but Jerry yells to Ziggler to come back in the ring, Ziggler walks back to the locker room.

Bray Wyatt appears by himself backstage and tells us that the Wyatt Family will all be joining the Royal Rumble match but next week on Smackdown he will settle the beef between his brothers Luke Harper & Randy Orton. Bray says they will have a match against each other and the Wyatt’s will be much stronger following the match.

Smackdown Live Main Event-Steel Cage Match
Womens’s Division Match
WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Championship
Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss©

Alexa runs for the door but Bliss brings her back, Alexa then scores with a kick to the face then she tries to escape again. Becky comes over and hits Bliss then runs her into the turnbuckle, Bliss counters with a STO. Bliss tries a catapult in the corner but Becky goes for the escape too but Bliss catches her. Both women attack each other in the corner but Bliss gets the leg up as she pounds away at Lynch then tries a roll up but Lynch breaks out. Bliss then climbs the cage along with Becky, both fight on the top turnbuckle with Becky getting her face rammed against the cage. Bliss then grabs Lynch and they both come crashing down to the mat. Bliss runs and hits a basement drop kick to a downed Lynch for a two count. Bliss bounces Becky Lynch off the cage but then Bliss misses and hits her head on the cage door. Lynch then hits a drop kick to Bliss for a two count, Lynch goes to climb the cage and she gets over the top but Bliss grabs her by the hair and brings Lynch back in the ring. Both women continue to fight on the top rope and Becky Lynch sets up Bliss and delivers the Super Exploder suplex to Bliss for a two count. Both try to escape using the door but La Luchadora shows up and she blocks the door, Bliss then comes behind and tries a move but she gets countered by Becky Lynch. La Luchadora comes in and she attacks Lynch causing Bliss to hit the falling DDT and get the three count.

Your Winner: Alexa Bliss retains her Women’s Championship

After the match is over both Luchadora and Alexa Bliss attack the beaten Becky Lynch, Becky gets up and finds the strength to fight them both off. Becky Lynch then goes for Luchadora and she rips off the mask revealing that Luchadora is in fact WWE Women’s legend Mikey James. The crowd watches in awe as James and Bliss pose together as Bliss holds up the title and Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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