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On tonight’s episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTv we start the coverage of Wrestle Kingdom 11 from the Tokyo Dome on January 4, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. Tonight we see the Main Event of Wrestle Kingdom 11 featuring the very first “Gaijin”(Foreigner in Japanese)to ever win the G1 Climax Tournament(2016), Kenny Omega challenging the IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada. This match has already been heavily regarded as one of the best matches of 2017 as well the conclusion of a rivalry that has spanned since last summer. Kenny Omega believes that he is what New Japan Pro Wrestling needs for the future but the “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada believes that he as IWGP Champion already is what New Japan needs to progress into the future.

Tokyo Dome
Tokyo, Japan

Wrestle Kingdom 11 Main Event
IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match
Singles Match
“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega vs “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada© w/Gedo

Both men stare echo other down from their corners, both men circle each other then lock up very patiently but a break follows. Omega scores with the go behind to the wrist lock sending Okada to the map, okada reverses and jumps for the headlock. Okada rises with Kenny but Omega counters withs elbows to the head of Okada. Kenny works Okada in the corner but Okada counters then Omega counters into a side headlock. Omega rises with Okada in the headlock, Okada scores with a back drop but Omega holds onto the headlock. Omega rises again but Okada tries a Irish whip but Omega holds the hair and stops Okada. Kenny then tries a rollup but Okada counters into the backslide for a two count. Both men trade arm drags then Kenny forces a rope break, Okada does his signature chest slap to Kenny. Omega sends Okada off the ropes and Okada scores with a shoulder block, Kenny counters Okada’s corner drop kick then tries the One Winged Angel but Okada gets away. Omega walks out of the ring to regroup with the Young Bucks on the outside while Okada waits in the ring. Omega gets in the ring and they both run the ropes and Okada scores with a big boot to the face. Okada then sends Kenny flying to the outside against the guardrail, Okada sends Kenny off the other barricade then DDT’d Omega off the barricade. Okada then pulls a table from under the ring and sets it up ringside, Omega comes in and blasts Okada then Omega gets reversed and sent flying over the barricade again, this time Okada runs and jumps over the barricade and scores with a high cross body to Omega in the crowd. Back in the ring Okada works over Kenny in the corner hitting a senton for a one count. Okada sets in with a chin lock to Omega on the mat, Omega breaks out but Okada scores with a neck breaker for a two count. Omega then blasts away with fore arms then runs the ropes and takes out Okada’s leg with a drop kick then a face buster for a two count. Omega picks up Okada and blasts him with a big chop then he lands a elbow to Okada’s back. Omega misses the knee drop buts scores with a shot to the back off Okada trying to set him up for the One Winged Angel. Okada counters Kenny’s next move with a knee to the mid section then a kick to the face but Omega scores with a hurricanranna sending Okada to the outside. Omega then scores with The Rise Of The Terminator over the top rope dive onto Okada on the walk way. Omega then slams Okada on the ring apron and sends him back in the ring, omega goes up to the top and comes down with a missile drop kick to Okada’s head for a two count, Okada had to grab the bottom rope. Omega then sets up Okada then lands a right hand then a knee but Okada counters with Heavy Rain. Okada hits two elbows then then a third off the ropes followed by a running back elbow in the corner for a two count. Omega then bounces up and hits kicks and strikes but Okada counters into a reverse chin lock but Omega gets to the ropes for a break. Okada goes up to the top but Kenny gets him off but Kenny charges at Okada and Omega gets counted with the reverse neck breaker. Okada goes back up top for the elbow drop but Omega putts up his knees again changing the pace of this match. Omega hits a back breaker then Okada goes to the outside, Omega then scores with a baseball slide kick to Okada on the outside. Okada is on the outside in the crowd, Omega then springboards himself up to the top rope and hits the Golden Triangle Moonsault to Okada from the top rope on to floor. Omega then puts the table onto Okada and Omega runs the apron and hits a double foot stomp to Okada with the table on top of him. Omega throws Okada in the ring then hits a power bomb for a two count. Omega then hits a deadlift sit out power bomb for another two count, then the Young Bucks set up the table on the outside. Omega gets Okada to the apron where the table is and Okada rolls back in the ring. Omega scores with knees and elbow strikes while Okada is on the mat, Omega signals for a power bomb on the table. Omega then slams Okada off the turnbuckles, Omega runs to the corner but Okada counters with a big boot then an elbow. Omega then counters with a rolling slam followed by a moonsault for a two count. Omega goes for a suplex but Okada gets away, Okada gets Omega on the top rope and he scores with the drop kick sending Omega down to the floor. Okada gets Omega back up on the apron but Omega counters and teases the One Winged Angel on the apron but Okada gets away and gets back in the ring. Omega blasts away with chops but omega runs the ropes and Okada counters and launches Kenny Omega over the top rope directly through the table on the outside. Omega goes to the outside breaking the count and sends Omega back in the ring. Okada again scores with a missile drop kick for another two count, Okada goes up to the top rope and this time scores with elbow to the chest. Okada picks up Omega for the Rainmaker but Omega gets to the ropes, Okada hits a back elbow dropping Omega. Okada tries again but Omega drives Okada back into the corner, Omega slaps Okada in the corner then gets Okada up to the top rope but Okada gets him down. Omega goes up with Okada again and this time Omega scores wit the Dragon Suplex off the top rope for yet another two count. The Tokyo Dome crowd are all in awe after this move, Omega hits a Ushigaroshi neck breaker to Okada working the neck and back still of Okada. Omega runs the ropes but Okada counters with a german suplex then Okada tries the Rainmaker but Okada counters with the V-Trigger but Okada turns that around with the drop kick. Okada goes for another Rainmaker but Omega counters and hits the reverse frankenstiener followed by another V-Trigger knee left lift on the ropes. Omega then goes for the One Winged Angel but Okada counters out and hits the Rainmaker clothesline but Omega kicks out at two. Okada looks in awe as Omega wont go away, Okada picks up Omega then goes to the corner. Okada tries to pick up Kenny but he blast Okada in the mid section then Omega hits a thumb to the eyes. Okada comes back with a big mule kick sending Omega flying to the corner. Okada picks up Omega for the tombstone but Omega counters into a tombstone of his own and Okada kicks out at two. Both men on their knees are fighting away trading shots, they get to their feet still stranding shots when Kenny Omega pulls off a Dragon Suplex for another close two count then another V-Trigger knee lift on the ropes. Omega tries the One Winged Angel again but Okada gets away still holding the wrist of Omega and he somehow hits the Rainmaker. Okada gets up still holding the wrist of Omega and as he tries the Rainmaker again Omega counters with another V-Trigger Knee but Okada blasts him with another Rainmaker. Okada goes for another Rainmaker but Omega counters. Omega hits another V-Trigger and when he goes for the One Winged Angel again Okada gets out and hits a spinning tombstone power bomb. Okada then blasts Kenny Omega with yet another Rainmaker clothesline and this time Omega cannot get up as Okada finally gets the three count.

Your Winner: Kazuchika Okada remains the IWGP Heavyweight Champion

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