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Impact started with a look back at last week’s Triple Threat. Eddie Edwards retained and Davey Richards returned.

Josh and Pope talked about the night’s card. We have a huge return plus The Wolves battled the Hardys and DCC took on Decay.

The Hardys felt the Wolves would be an easy team to defeat. Matt said the 7 Deities ordered them to destroy Eddie and Davey.

Ethan Carter III came out with a steel chair. It was a steel chair that cost him the World title at last week’s PPV. Ethan grumbled about not getting a fair shot at Eddie’s title. Ethan knew that the Wolves were not what they seemed to be. Ethan said he was coming to the Wolves Nation to fight this one out. He ordered them to come join him in the ring.

Instead, he got Bobby Lashley. Bobby taunted Ethan. The crowd yelled “Shut your mouth”. Bobby wanted to know how it felt to be interrupted. Bobby couldn’t believe that Ethan wouldn’t take advantage of the chair that Bobby offered. Bobby said they had common enemies in Davey and Eddie. Bobby wanted to fight Ethan Carter III in a Last Man Standing Match. The winner will get Eddie. Ethan thought about it and asked the “Anthem Owl” if it was a good idea. Bobby wasn’t putting up with Ethan’s B.S. Bobby straight up asked Ethan for the fight. Ethan wanted the match, now.

Bobby Lashley vs Ethan Carter III never happened. The refs and security rushed out to stop them from fighting.

They showed highlights of last week’s One Night Only. You can order the replay.

Bobby Lashley vs Ethan Carter III
Last Man Standing Match


The match went in and otut of the ring. Lashley found a table and set it up. Ethan blocked a Suplex onto the table. Bobby blocked the TK3. Bobby dumped Ethan into the crowd. Bulldog Bounce by Lashley. he ref started the 10 count. Ethan got up at 5.

They got back in the ring and Bobby mocked the crowd. He climbed the ropes but got caught. Rocket Launcher! Carter Cutter and Bobby was thrown out to the floor. The ref began counting Bobby. Snap Suplex, on the floor, by Ethan. The ref started the count. Ethan went under the ring to find a 2nd table. Break time as Lashley tried to get to his feet and stay up.

Ethan hit a series of Stinger Splashes on Bobby. Neither were all that impressive. Superplex by EC3. The ref started counting both men down. Bobby put Ethan up top and pounded away. Superplex by Bobby! Dang.

Both men got up and Lashley nailed the Spear. Bobby asked for the count to go. Ethan got up and got Speared again. Ethan was up at 9 but quickly fell. Lashley found a 3rd table and set it in the corner. Ethan popped Bobby, several times. Spinebuster by Bobby. Bobby set Ethan on the table but Ethan moved. 1%er but Bobby got up instantly. Ethan Speared Bobby through the table. Both men were down and stunned. Both men made it up, though Bobby did it by sliding out of the ring and landing on his feet.

Ethan came out and waffled Bobby with the steel chair. Ethan sat down on the chair to watch Bobby try to get up. Bobby was up at 9. Ethan locked in a Sleeper but Bobby turned and both of them fell through a table. Lashley barely made it up at 9. Ethan failed to beat the 10 count.

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Match Impact: 3.25 out of a possible 5

Ethan may have damaged his leg on the table landing.

We saw someone slip a ring on his finger. Have to think it was Aron Rex.

Next week is Race for the Case. It sets up Open Fight Night.

E-Li Drake rushed in to talk with a backstage guy. He gave the guy something to read. Drake said the fans did not deserve his voice. Drake stated others will send his messages by way of his actions. Drake was ready to make things special at Race for the Case. Drake bullied the Hell out of the poor guy. This was just stupid.

Rock Star Spud introduced: Aron Rex. I thought Spud quit, last week. Rex has new music and a new fuzzy robe thing. Aron is now sporting makeup and a ring on every finger. Spud sang Aron’s name. What the Hell ever. Aron’s new character is even more annoying than ever.

Aron was cut off by Robbie E. Robbie made fun of Spud’s recent losses. Aron covered his little buddy’s ears. Robbie started to beat on the duo but Aron took advantage. Spud held up Robbie so Aron could punch Robbie.

The DCC cut a wicked promo against Decay All three talked about memories and revenge. The trio knew they were not considered right for the business. DCC was finally revealed to stand for Death Crew Council.

Allie was watching a video from Braxton Sutter. Maria came up and read her the riot act. Maria said Mike Bennett would end Braxton Sutter, later on.

Decay (w/Rosemary) vs DCC

The Finish:

It was Bram and (Eddie) Kingston for the DCC. Steve used a Hurancanrana to avoid a Spike Piledriver. Tag to Abyss. He ran over both foes. Double Corner Clotheslines. Storm got up on the apron to distract. It worked. Steve flew off the top to negate Kingston and Bram. Abyss clocked Storm. Double Count Out. Water Bottle to Abyss’ head.

Your Winners: Double Count Out
Match Impact: 2.0

The fight went to the back.

Davey and Eddie talked about winning back the World Tag Team Titles. Eddie was super excited but Davey just wasn’t so thrilled. Eddie wanted titles for both of them.

It was time for the return of….Brooke Tessmacher. Brooke mentioned being gone for quite some time. She was asked what she has been up to. Brooke needed a break to start her family. She had a boy, late last year. Brooke was ready to be a fighter for her son. Brooke was ready to be a full time competitor. Brooke was there for the title. Brooke will return to the ring, next week.

Mike Bennett vs Braxton Sutter

The Finish:

Snap Powerslam by Sutter. Braxton kept punching away. Mike flipped his enemy onto the apron and hit a Dropkick. Mike kept whipping Sutter into the ring barricade. 2 count as they got back in the ring. Rear Chin Lock by Mike. Braxton got free and punched away. Mike went to the apron and hit a Back Elbow. Spinebuster by Braxton. Enziguri by Braxton into the FLying Neckbreaker. Maria grabbed Braxton. Superkick by Mike. M.I.P. but Mike didn’t do the cover. Maria was losing it. Piledriver! Mike still wanted more. The Bennetts played kissy face. Allie came storming down to the ring. Maria held Allie and forced her to watch. Jackknife Cover!

Your Winner: Braxton Sutter
Match Impact: 3.0

The Bennetts were freaking out, backstage. Mike reminded Maria that Allie hers to do what Maria orders. Maria had a plan that she ws not ready to share with Mike.

Rosemary Zombie Walked to the ring. She requested a microphone. She talked about the Age of Shadows. Rosemary said Gail and Jade were only the first to suffer her virus. She promised that all would share the darkness. She got some serious chants from the fans.

Jade came out to confront the Dark Princess. Jade said their feud was just getting started. Jade demanded her rematch for the title. Rosie cackled and said “We” enjoy making her (Jade) suffer. Rosie said Jade must have a Death Wish. She invited Jade to fight in a Monster’s Ball Match. Cool. Jade accused Rosemary of being twisted and sick. Jade eagerly accepted because she was also sick and twisted. Jade called her a Demon Bitch. The two women went at each other. Jade went for the Package Piledriver but Rosemary got free.

The Wolves vs The Broken Hardys
World Tag Team Title Match

The Finish:

This was a pretty even bout, during most of the match. Eddie was brutalized by the Brothers Hardy. Double Back Whip to the coner. Leg Drop by Matt but Davey broke it up. Matt and Jeff tried for a Drouble German but Eddie flipped out. Tag to Davey.

Davey rolled up Jeff but Matt rushed in. Northern Lights and Davey had them both pinned for a two. Davey escaped the Twist of Fate and locked in the Figure Four. Jeff rushed in and got put in the Ankle Lock. Both Hardys reached the ropes. Snap Mare by Davey. Davey twisted the knee of Matt. Eddie slammed Matt’s knee into the ring post. Tag bck to Eddie.

The Wolves kept tagging in and out. They brutalized Matt. The fans actually chanted for the champs but it had very little effect. Side Effect! Tags on both sides. Jeff and Eddie punched away. Jeff dropped Eddie and hit his trademark Inverted Atomic Drop and Leg Drop combo. X Factor Suplex by Jeff but Davey made the save. Jeff was whipped to the corner. Jeff fought both Wolves. Whisper in the Wind. Matt tagged back in. Eddie ran Matt into Jeff, in the corner. Jeff fought against the Superplex. Swanton but Eddie had the knees up. Chasing the Dragon but Matt made the save. It broke down into complete chaos.

Jeff fought out of Chas

ing the Dragon but got slammed. Davey missed the Double Stomp. Twist of Fate by Matt. Swanton by Jeff. 1-2-broken up. Dang. Eddie fought both brothers. Matt ended up on the floor. Wolves Kick to Jeff. Eddie went to the floor. Jeff rolled up Davey with a School Boy to retain.

Your Winners: The Broken Hardys
Match Impact: 4.0

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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