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NXT Recap
Full Sail Arena
Winter Park, FL.
Air Date: January 11, 2017

The show begins tonight with a video hyping the main event, a rematch between The Revival and DIY for the NXT Tag Team Championship. The regular show opening welcomed us to the festivities.

Tom Phillips welcomed us to the show and takes us to a “breaking news” video. The video showed Asuka coming into the building when Billie Kay and Peyton Royce jumped her and left her laying in the parking lot.

We come back in the arena to see Peyton and Billie make their entrance for our opening bout. Their opponents are already in the ring.

Match 1: Billie Kay and Peyton Royce vs. Macey Evans and Sara Bridges

Billie Kay starts the match against Macy Evans and opens up on her with a hard-hitting offense. Royce tags in and they isolate Evans in her half of the ring and continue the rough offense. Evans ducks a spinning kick from Royce and is able to tag Bridges.

Bridges comes in like a house of fire with some nice dropkicks and to take down both heels. She keeps up the offense with some kicks to both women and looked to have things going her way when she whipped Kay throat-first into the ropes. Royce was able to stop her momentum with an eye rake. Kay and Royce then hit their double-team move to score the win.

Winner: Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

The winners started cutting a promo asking Asuka if she felt they were worthy competition now. They tried to end it by saying they run the division but were interrupted when Asuka was trying to get to the ring. She was still showing signs of being injured but made it to the ring where Royce and Kay started to putting the boots to her again.

Out of nowhere, Sanity’s Nikki Cross came in to make the save clearing the ring of Kay and Royce. Asuka made it to her feet and started to take off after her assailants when Cross leveled her with a top-rope dropkick. She laughed in Asuka’s face before leaving.

The announce team continued to build the main event for later in the show an also hyped an exclusive interview with Shinsuke Nakamura as the show takes a commercial time out.

We come back to see a recap of what just happened in the ring plus Asuka’s reaction when she came to. She screamed in anger and marched around the ring like a crazy person. Backstage, some tries to interview Nikki Cross as she walks with Sanity but she cut her off and said she would take the Women’s Championship. Eric Young said that Sanity would start taking and they will start with the Asuka’s title. The camera pans over to see Damo lurking in the shadows

Back on the arena stage, Elias Samson sings his song and makes his entrance for the next match. His opponent is already in the ring.

Match 2: “The Drifter” Elias Samson vs. Jonathan Cruz

Samson takes control early working on the arm of Cruz while Cruz repeatedly tried to fight back. Cruz was able to come back briefly with a series of rollup pin attempts. Cruz followed up with a running head scissors but Samson regained the upper hand by going back to his power game with a clothesline.

Samson maintained his advantage by throwing Cruz up against the buckle then stretching him around the ringpost. Cruz makes one last ditch effort to fight back landing shots but Samson absorbs those shots, lands a boot to the face and a neckbreaker for the three win.

Winner: Elias Samson

The announce team continues the hype for the main event by showing highlights from the Takeover: Brooklyn 2 match between DIY and The Revival.

Andrade “Cien” Almas makes his entrance for the next match. Oney Lorcan is out next. A video recap of Lorcan’s victory over Almas in Osaka is shown.

Match 3: Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Oney Lorcan

Lorcan showed his usual style and throws Almas to the mat. Almas tries to psyche him out by doing his rest pose on the mat. Lorcan doesn’t back off and throws Almas into the ropes where he does the usual rest pose in the ropes. Lorcan takes the opportunity to hit Almas with a dropkick sending him to the floor. Lorcan continues getting in the hard offense as he dives off the ring steps to take out Almas.

Lorcan rolled Almas back in the ring where Almas used his quickness to take control of the action and caught Lorcan with a backbreaker then dropped an elbow across his chest. Almas showed his new heel characteristics as he charged at Lorcan in the corner only to slap him in the face.

During the next minute or two the match went back and forth. Lorcan tried to take control but ate a dropkick from Almas. Next, Almas locks in the Fujiwara arm bar but Lorcan was able to break it.

Lorcan began to mount a comeback with a series of running uppercuts then tried to follow up with a running blockbuster but Almas forced the miss by moving. Almas tried to slug his way to victory only to have Lorcan pick him up and smash him into the turnbuckle.
Lorcan tried to finish Almas in the corner but Almas used the referee backing Lorcan away to cheap shot the knee and drop Lorcan with the hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner Andrade “Cien” Almas

Almas is interviewed in the ring and is asked how he thinks his 2017 will go. Almas says something in Spanish then confirms 2017 will be his year.

The announce team shows a graphic that proclaims DIY vs. The Revival from Takeover: Toronto as WWE Match of the Year for 2016. A highlight video of the match was shown. The interview with Shinsuke Nakamura is next as the show heads to a commercial break.

We return to see an interview taped earlier between Tom Phillips and Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura was asked how it felt to have gotten through those matches with Samoa Joe. Nakamura said Joe is very tough and he was lucky to make it through. Nakamura was also asked about his new number one contender, Bobby Roode. Nakamura considers Roode one of the best. He looks good and sounds good but is not tough or strong and therefore will not win the championship.

Phillips said he had asked Roode to be a part of the interview but he refused. He did leave his Takeover: Dallas ticket for Nakamura who seemed confused as to why Roode had kept it.

The interview ended and the contract signing between Roode and Nakamura is announced for next week.

Back in the arena, The Revival makes its entrance for the main event and get a nice reaction. DIY is out next for the championship bout.

Match 4: NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Challengers, The Revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson) vs. Champions, Team DIY (Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano)

After the ring introductions, Dawson and Gargano start things off. Dawson tries to start fast by hitting Gargano with forearm uppercuts and it quickly breaks down. All four men hit the ring and the champs send the Revival to the floor as the show goes to break.

We are back to find Gargano still in control of Dawson. Gargano is able to avoid some offense from Dawson but missed a blind tag that brought Wilder in the ring. He promptly clipped Gargano in the back of the knee to take control for his team.

The Revival went right to work on the knee and decided to use the ringpost to help inflict more punishment. The top guys continued to cut the ring and use frequent tags to really punish Gargano. Johnny had brief hope when he reversed a possible suplex and rolled up Wilder for a possible pin but Dawson distracted the referee. The Revival throw Gargano to the floor and Wilder followed and Gargano drove him to the ringpost.
Gargano got back in and tried to make a tag but was cut off by Dawson. The Revival continued with control of the match as the show took another break. We return to see Dawson and Wilder still putting the boots to Gargano until he was able to fight out of the corner, connect with an enziguri, and make a tag.

Ciampa had been on the apron for a while so he came in fired up and fresh. He really opened up with hard knee strikes. Ciampa had a cool series with some rolling German suplexes and followed with another knee but he couldn’t put Dawson away. The pace quickens for both teams and Wilder is able to help Dawson double-team into a lariat, jackknife combo for a near-fall.

The pace stayed fast for both teams for the remainder of the match with near-fall after near-fall. Ciampa tried to end things with the arm bar bridge on Wilder while Dawson was locked up with Gargano but Dawson was able to shove Gargano into Ciampa to break up the bar. Gargano tried to end it after a tag with a slingshot spear but Dawson blocked it for a near-fall of his own. The Revival attempted to follow with the Shatter Machine but Ciampa broke up the attempt.

The wild and wooly action spilled outside the ring as both teams were wiped out on the floor. Both teams were able to recover and get back in the ring and Dawson caught Ciampa with a DDT for a great near-fall. All four men wound up fighting inside the ring with DIY getting the better of the Revival with a striking offense. With both members of The Revival dazed, Gargano and Ciampa got them in a position to wipe out both men with a kick and a running knee and execute a double cover to retain the belts.

Winner: Team DIY

The Revival rolled to the outside leaving Gargano and Ciampa in the ring to celebrate. All of a sudden, The Authors of Pain music hits and Paul Ellering comes to the stageand glares at the champs. As Corey Graves wondered aloud where Akem and Rezar were, they jump DIY and beat them down. They lift the belts high as we head to the General Manager, William Regal’s office.

Regal was being interviewed and talked about DIY’s momentum then announced that the Authors of Pain will get their title shot at Takeover San Antonio. He also formally announced the contract signing for next week as Asuka bursts through the door still in her tattered clothing. She told Regal to make a championship match for Takeover. Regal asked whom she wanted as her opponent, Asuka replied, “All of Them!” That was a great way to end the show for this week.

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