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205 Live Recap
Raising Cane’s River Center
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Air Date: January 10, 2017

Tonight’s edition of 205 Live kicks off with a video recap of the love triangle between Cedric Alexander, Alicia Fox and Noam Dar. The opening credits roll and Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the show as Alexander and Fox make their way to the ring. Corey Graves and Austin Aries chime in on commentary as Dar makes his entrance.

Match 1: Cedric Alexander (with Alicia Fox) vs. Noam Dar.

Alexander came to the ring looking focused and angry. Dar steps forward for the handshake and Alexander refuses. The bell rings and Alexander attacks Dar with rights and lefts. He tries to hit Dar on the break a couple of times but the ref gets in between to momentarily stop the violence. Dar decides to take a break on the floor but Alexander follows him and keeps up the assault.

Alexander attempted to go for a handspring off the ropes but Dar blocks it with a well-placed kick to take control. Dar begins working on the arm of Alexander in an effort to neutralize his strikes. Alexander tried to come back briefly when he scored a sunset flip but Dar was able to answer with a wicked uppercut to maintain the advantage. Alexander was able to fight back and scored a well-placed elbow to gain some separation. Alexander tries to fly here but Dar sidesteps him and counters with a Fujiwara arm bar but Alexander made it to the ropes.

Dar spent the next several minutes working on the arm of Alexander. Dar smacked Alexander’s arm into the ring post causing Alexander to scream agony. Dar went to the floor, shot a look to Fox, and looked to take a running shot at the bad arm but Fox stopped him allowing Alexander to hit a basement dropkick to the side of Dar’s head.

Alexander went for the lumbar check but Dar blocked it. Alexander counters with a handspring kick for a two count. Alexander goes to the top rope to try to finish it with a moonsault but Fox pulls Dar out of the way. Dar hits Alexander with a running kick to win the match.

Winner: Noam Dar.

After the match, Dar tries to celebrate with Fox but gets slapped for his efforts. Alexander glares at her briefly as they walk to the back.

Rich Swann against Tony Nese is hyped for later in the show. A Tozawa aired featuring commentary from Kalisto. Kalisto spoke in pretty nice detail about how great Tozawa is. The video reads he is coming soon.

Brian Kendrick’s music plays as he makes his entrance for the next match. A video is shown of Kendrick trying to welcome Tajiri to 205 Live and getting the green mist to the face. Kendrick cuts a promo about to Tajiri. Kendrick thought they were friends but now he thinks Tajiri is nothing but a sneak. Kendrick then addresses his opponent, Sean Maluta who was standing ringside. Kendrick acknowledges Maluta’s toughness but says if Tajiri can beat him, he won’t last thirty seconds with Kendrick.

Match 2: “The” Brian Kendrick vs. Sean Maluta

The words from Kendrick must have fired Maluta up because the early part of this match was Maluta repeatedly rolling up Kendrick in various pinning combinations forcing Kendrick to kick out. Maluta caught Kendrick with a nice neck breaker and two count. Kendrick went to the floor to try to break the momentum but Maluta caught him with a rolling senton off the apron.

Maluta kept the pressure on in the ring with a diving headbutt. Kendrick was able to stem the tide briefly with well-placed shots but Maluta kept coming. Kendrick went for a cobra clutch but didn’t lock it in well. He tried a slam but Maluta countered with inverted DDT. Maluta missed a rolling thunder but was able to catch Kendrick with a kick for a two count.

Maluta went for what I thought was going to be the three amigos but on the third suplex, dropped Kendrick face first with a gordbuster then followed up with a shining wizard for a two count. Maluta tried to end to end it with a frog splash but Kendrick got his knees up for the block. Kendrick ended things with the Captain’s Hook for the win.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

We go backstage to see Cedric Alexander confront Alicia Fox over her actions during the match. They argue and Cedric says that wasn’t an accident and breaks up with Fox sending her off the deep end. She screams at him that no one breaks up with her as the show goes to commercial.

We come back to see the broadcast team the UK Title Tournament which takes place this Saturday and Sunday on the WWE Network.

Jack Gallagher makes his entrance for the parley with his umbrella. Footage is shown from Raw detailing how Gallagher invited Daivari to the parley. Daivari made his entrance. There was a table in the ring with a binder that looked like a contract. Gallagher invited Daivari to sit then offered refreshments. Gallagher called for an end to their feud.

When they finally get to the feud, Gallagher appears to be at a loss for words so Daivari said that Gallagher called for the parley to surrender. That snapped Gallagher back and he called on Daivari to sign the contract to end their feud with an, “I Forfeit” match. Daivari asked the definition of the match. What Jack explained were the rules for an “ I Quit” match. Gallagher noted that this would be the final match between them regardless of the result forcing the loser to live with the outcome. Daivari signs the contract and they have a brief stare down. Daivari throws the umbrella aside. Gallagher attacks Daivari for disrespecting his umbrella causing the referees to separate them. The show takes a commercial break.

We return to see the entrances for the main event. Swann is out first. A video is shown from Raw showing Swann return to save Lince Dorado from Neville. Tony Nese makes his entrance.

Match 3: WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese in a non-title match

They trade holds early and do some impressive rope-running complete with some nice drop downs and flips culminating with Swann hitting his signature dropkick. Nese rolls to the outside and Swann follows but gets dropped across the barricade hurting his ribs. Nese goes for a quick pin but only gets a two count. He applies a body scissors to further work on the ribs. Nese tries to end things with a gut buster but only gets a two count.

Nese went for a moonsault off the middle rope but missed. Swann caught Nese shortly after with a nice huracanrana. Swann tried to end it with a kick but missed allowing Nese to execute a double stomp for a two count. Swann recovered quickly and nailed Nese with a Tiger Bomb for a near fall. Swann was able to catch Nese shortly after with a roundhouse kick for the three count.

Winner: Rich Swann

Swann grabs a mic and says there is a gargoyle walking around calling himself the King of the Cruiserweights. Swann says that the belt makes him the top cruiserweight. He was cut off when Neville’s music hit and he came to the stage.

Neville says 205 Live is his show. Swann insults Neville’s ears then invites him to settle it in the ring. Neville he will not come down tonight but will take the title when he wants. Neville announces he wants his championship match at the Royal Rumble. The two men stare at each other to close the show this week.

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