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(NOTE: This is not a comprehensive RAW report. It’s just my quick takes on the show (aired live 1/9/2017). Full reports will be filed by Jesse & Lottie Shannon (text) and Lisa Williams (video).

A so very exciting opening with Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley backstage with Seth Rollins. The segment exploded with Brawn Strowman ran in and tossed Rollins into a wall. The excitement didn’t end there as Strowman attacked Roman Reigns at the start of his US title defense — a handicap match — with his opponents Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho! That brought a chair swinging Seth Rollins to the ring helping Roman who was being choked by Strowman and beaten up by Jericho and Owens. Finally with Seth and Roman alone in the ring after using chairs to get rid of the other three, Stephanie McMahon came out. She told Rollins he will face Strowman tonight AND Reigns’ handicap match will still happen later tonight. An AWESOME way to open RAW!
SIDE NOTE: I DO like Mick Foley’s new haircut!

Strowman destroyed Rollins in their match that wound up a double disqualification. Rollins kept him at bay with a chair as the Strowman monster went up the ramp to perhaps wreak move havoc!

I’m not sure if he Shawn Michaels’ movie trailer (a religious movie) was placed in the right position after the Strowman match. No doubt it should be on the show but I think after a “softer” match.

Charlotte has really come out of the shadow of her father. She’s not just “Ric’s daughter” any longer. In the backstage area she had a verbal altercation with Sasha Banks and Bayley. Nia Jax came out and helped Charlotte beat up Sasha and Bayley. Then Nia attacked Charlotte. Nia IS the female Strowman. She is now Strow-Woman!
During the cruiserweight match between Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher, broadcaster Cory Graves mentioned this is a “catch-as-catch-can” style match. Here’s what that means:
1. 1.
wrestling in which all holds are permitted.
1. 1.
using whatever methods or materials are available.
“our catch-as-catch-can repair of fences”

Thank you Google!
Shawn Michaels came to the ring to an amazing reaction (as always). He talked about his history at the Royal Rumble, and that this year it’s in his hometown, San Antonio, Texas. He went over the wrestlers like Goldberg, Lesnar, Strowman and said he is glad at his age to be watching from the outside. Fans chanted “one more match” but he won’t give it. He talked about his new film “The Ressurection of Gavin Stone” and Rusev, Lana, and Jinder Mahal came to the ring. Rusev said he wants Lana in the film. Shawn said it’s filmed already and Rusev said he didn’t care. Rusev kept insisting and calling himself the Russian George Clooney and Lana likened to Emma Stone. He said without Lana people will forget about the movie just like they did with his career. This brought out Big Cass and Enzo (in a motorized wheelchair).
Shawn called Rusev, Lana, and Jinder haters and made a crack about Lana being a great actor putting on a good face when she wakes up with Rusev every day. They want on insulting the three of them.and calling them dumb and dumber. Cass challenged Rusev — who said he has a match — against Jinder. Sean said he will stay at ringside and went into his old DX character and led the fans in the “Suck It” chant (he didn’t say it — the fans did)! Bib Cass won with the Empire Elbow but not before Shawn superkicked Rusev outside the ring.

TOTAL DIVAS commercial aired all featuring Paige. Hint of her much anticipated return in the works?
Mick Foley introduced the Undertaker. The lights go down and Stephanie McMahon’s music comes on and she comes to the ring and says his inability to produce The Undertaker is unforgivable for the fans. For every step forward she said he takes two steps back and blamed him for Smackdown beating Raw in the ratings and now he can’t produce his promise of The Underaker. As he says he is sorry Undertaker’s music plays– the “Deadman” has arrived and comes to the ring (chilling entrance as usual)! The fans chant and he says “I’m back!” He also says he will be in the Royal Rumble! He said he’s “dug 29 holes for 29 souls.” He added he will return to the main event at WrestleMania and if anyone gets in his way the will “rest in peace!” The last time he won the Rumble was 10 years ago!

I am not sure I like the Titus/New Day segments as the disrespect they show Titus just doesn’t sit well with me.


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