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The Miz , Is He the Real Heel Deal?

Rowdy Roddy Piper, the Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase, the Fabulous Freebirds, and even Mr. McMahon—just to name a few—are some of the most reviled villains in wrestling history.  Who could forget when Piper hit Jimmy Snuka across his head with a coconut, or when he bullied up against Mr. T, evoking legitimate hatred from the fans.  And who could forget Ted Dibiase, robbing the little boy from the money that promised him, as he was about to dribble that basketball for the 5th time?  Or when Terry Gordy slammed the cage door on Kerry Von Erich when he was about to win the NWA Heavyweight Title from Ric Flair?  How about the seemingly weekly devious acts of Mr. McMahon against Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Professional wrestling used to be filled with dastardly people who weren’t afraid to anger the fans, or push the envelope in order to upset their enemies, or get inside their heads as they neared a confrontation with them.  While the fan favorite often times was left taking the beating for the majority of their feuds, the villains were able to add a lot more flavor to their ongoing grudges.  These people that evoked such hatred from the fans did so through cowardly and unfair attacks using the numbers game, sometimes by cheating at every opportunity behind the referees, or by other means viewed by society as wrong.  They never pandered to the fans, weren’t afraid of being “un-cool” and they had no problem being unkind to those around them.  However as society has changed, so has the professional wrestling scene. For years, wrestling has seemed to be on the cutting edge of what is going on in society.  With the world being much more politically correct, sensitive to all cultures, and almost afraid to offend someone, can a true villain still exist in professional wrestling?

If you have found yourself enjoying the commentary of JBL, Corey Graves, formerly from Jesse Ventura, or Bobby Heenan; if you loved to hate people like Ivan Koloff, the Iron Sheik, or Jerry Lawler—then you love a good villain.  The good news is yes, they can and do still exist; case in point, the Miz.  Outside a very short stint were the fans took to him, the Miz has created a career of breaking rules, talking down to people, and being that wrestler you love to hate.  While someone who has already main-evented a Wrestlemania against this era’s Hulk Hogan—embodied in John Cena—could simply fade away, the Miz has continued to reinvent himself just enough to easily become the person the fans love to hate the most on Smackdown Live, or perhaps in all of the WWE.  And why should that be hard to believe? After all, arguably the one of the greatest villains of all time Ric Flair himself, passed on his famed figure four leg lock to the Miz.  While most in this PG era will say they are handcuffed from being that true villain, the Miz has been clever enough to still be that true villain of years past as we head into 2017.

On WWE Network show Talking Smack a few months ago, the Miz spoke passionately against beloved fan favorite Daniel Bryan where he both defended himself and upset Bryan to the point of Bryan leaving the set. This turned into one of the most talked about segments in a long time. He went from that to bringing out a new level of emotion from long time rival Dolph Ziggler, and thanks to the mouth of the Miz (and enter his wife Maryse) he made a series of matches with Ziggler over the Intercontinental title a must watch.  However, did the Miz go too far?

From the first time the Miz appeared on WWE television, he has always shown great confidence when speaking, but has he finally put his foot in his mouth?  Following his match on a recent episode of Smackdown Live, Renee Young was in the ring interviewing the Miz. The Miz, who displayed a facial expression annoyance, took the opportunity to reference Young’s off camera relationship with one Dean Ambrose. While rumors have existed that Ambrose and Young were in a relationship, it has never been addressed on WWE television to this point.  Seemingly caught off guard, Renee Young was extremely insulted by the Miz’s comments to the point she slapped him and stormed out of the ring.  This all too personal situation is something the WWE hasn’t witnessed in quite some time, and who better to pull this off than the Miz.  But did the Miz go too far?  As Daniel Bryan brought up during that heated Talking Smack segment with him, the Miz has typically taken the safe route and never put himself in situations that he didn’t feel safe.  He may have forgotten that personal mantra when he spoke about the personal life of one Dean Ambrose.  Ambrose isn’t the typical opponent for the now former Intercontinental Champion.  Ambrose has a history of putting his own physical health on the line in order rough up his opponents, which appeared to have been more than the Miz was ready for this week during his title defense.  Will the Miz be forced to back down now that he’s angered someone as vicious as the Lunatic Fringe?  That certainly could be the case after dropping his beloved Intercontinental Title to Ambrose this week on Smackdown Live. Did he finally put his foot in his mouth because of the size of his heel, or will he be the sole survivor and regain Intercontinental Championship at the end of this personal situation?  If he does come away from his feud with Dean Ambrose as the victor, perhaps his style will inspire some of the other current crop of villains to not be afraid in this PG era to upset people through clever rhetoric, and dastardly acts.  If the Miz is able to do all that, would a run at the WWE World Title be next for the Miz?  Stay tuned…

-Travis Voeltz

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