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205 Live Recap
Allstate Arena
Chicago, Illinois
Air Date: December 27th, 2016

Tonight’s 205 Live begins with a Neville video documenting his recent actions since his return from injury setting up tonight’s main event between Neville and Swann. The show opening plays and we are ready for the next episode of 205 Live. The announce team of Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves and Austin Aries welcome us to the show and further hype tonight’s main event.

We go to the ring as Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox make their entrance. A video from last week played showing Fox getting hurt and Noam Dar coming to her rescue. Tony Nese makes his entrance with Drew Gulak.

Match 1: Cedric Alexander (with Alicia Fox) vs. Tony Nese (with Drew Gulak)

The match begins with Alexander in control starting off showing his impressive speed as he speeds the match up before nailing Nese with a dropkick and scoring a one count. Nese gains control by pushing Alexander off the top rope right at the feet of Gulak. Gulak makes a point to show everyone that he is keeping his hands off Alexander/ Nese hits Alexander with a top-rope dropkick for a near-fall.

After some fast-paced mat action, Nese settles on a body scissors to ground Alexander. Alexander regains control after hitting a springboard roundhouse kick. He followed up with a top-rope clothesline for a two count. Nese retaliates with a clothesline of his own for a near-fall.

All of a sudden, there was some drama outside the ring as Gulak and Fox start arguing on the floor. It resulted in Gulak telling the referee that Fox had hit him with her shoe and the ref sending Fox to the back. Alexander was distracted by the drama outside the ring and turned into a palm strike from Nese who scores the three count on Alexander.

Winner: Tony Nese

We see Fox backstage blowing off some steam when Noam Dar appears with some mistletoe. He tries to get a kiss from Fox who promptly slaps him and walks away. Dar seems to like getting slapped.

Corey Graves throws it to a pre-taped interview between Renee Young and Neville. Renee asks Neville why he chose now to join the roster of 205 Live. Neville shifts the focus of rhe question to why he wasn’t in the Cruiserweight Classic. He said its because WWE officials kept in out on purpose because he is too good for the division.

Neville says American fans discriminate against him and treat him badly because he is better than everyone else. Young asks if that’s why he calls himself the king of the cruiserweights. Neville said he doesn’t call himself that, its just fact that he is. He said Swann was his “young boy” in Japan cooking for him and waiting on him hand and foot. He said Swann is not on his level before ending the interview. The show takes a quick pause.

When we come back, we see Mustafa Ali make his entrance, his opponent is already in the ring.

Match 2: Mustafa Ali vs. John Yurnet

The story of this match seemed to further Ali’s face turn in front of his hometown fans. As he locks up with Yurnet, it appears that Yurnet hurts his leg and cant move on it very well. He tries to tough it out but his lack of mobility is noticed at the announce table. Ali puts him out of his misery quickly with a 450 splash from the second rope for the win.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Ali is interviewed in-ring and is asked how it feels to get his first victory. Ali thanked Chicago for “making him” and said he came to the WWE thinking he was going to have people making judgments about him because of his name. He believed he was going to have to prove people wrong. Instead, he said, you proved me wrong.

Graves mentions that tonight, we will see a gentleman’s duel between Ariya Daivari and Jack Gallgher. He throws it to an intro video about Daivari. He says he is the best in the game because he can adapt to any style. He says its special being in WWE because it means family to him. He references his older brother’s time in WWE/ He says he is better than jis brother and will carry the family legacy farther. The video shifts to Daivari’s recent feud with Jack Gallagher.

Daivari makes his entrance for the Gentleman’s Duel followed by Gallagher. Graves throws it to a video from Raw that he explains how the Gentleman’s duel came to pass. After the video, Gallagher explains the rules. He says that each man will choose his weapon of choice, they will stand back-to-back, walk five paces turn and duel. Daivari sees a lead pipe on the weapons table and chooses that. Gallagher chooses an umbrella.

They turn back-to-back and start to walk five paces but Daivari tries to attack Gallagher early but Jack saw it coming, ducked and worked him over with the umbrella until Daivari slammed Gallagher into the edge of the table. Daivari attacked Gallagher then picked up a wrench. Gallagher recovered quickly and caught him with a headbutt and a corner dropkick. Daivari rolled to the outside getting counted out of the duel.

Winner: Jack Gallagher

The announce team talked about the duel before taking us to a video of Tajiri, who returns to action next week. The show goes to commercial.

Neville makes his entrance for the main event followed by Ricj Swann.

Match 3: Cruiserweight Champion, Rich Swann vs. Neville in a non-title bout

The bell rings and the two men attack each other to start the match. A big dropkick gives Swann control briefly as Neville rolls to the outside. Swann attempts to fly on Neville but Neville is able to cut Swann off to regain control. He takes Swann to the outside and runs him into the barricade before ramming him, back-first into the apron. Neville goes for a cover and gets a two count. Neville keeps Swann grounded to maintain control.

Swann attempts to fight out but Neville keeps him on the mat with a tilt-a –whirl back breaker followed by a standing shooting star press for a two count. Neville goes for a pin after nailing a top-rope dropkick but only gets a two count.

Swann starts fighting back against Neville and gets himself back in the natch with a hurricanrana off the top rope to Neville. Swann got full momentum back after hit Neville with a Phoenix splash on the floor. Swann hits Neville with a Tiger bomb for a two count. Swann is able to keep his advantage after he nails with a super kick followed by the Fantastic Voyage finisher but Neville powers out.

Swann starts to second-guess himself as Neville regains control with a big boot to an injured Swann. Neville tries to end it with a corkscrew 450 splash but Swann was able to move and go for the pin but only gets a near-fall. Swann can sense the end and goes to the top rope to attempt a splash. He took too long allowing Neville to block the move and hit Swann with a superplex for the three count.

Winner: Neville

Neville attacks Swann after the match until the referees run him out to close the show.

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