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EDITOR’S NOTE: These are the unofficial awards given by Jay and Lottie Shannon. They do not, necessarily, reflect the thoughts or opinions of 1Wrestling.com or any of their contributors.)

After a wonderful Christmas with our family, Lottie and I are ready to hand out the infamous Year End Awards. Some are obvious, others may not be. Hope you have fun reading our choices. Feel free to send us your comments at wordslingerjay@gmail.com.

Rookie of the Year:

We went back and forth on this one. I was leaning towards Lio Rush of Ring of Honor. Lottie felt Nia Jax has a better chance of a lengthy career in the spotlight. She made perfect sense with that viewpoint, so I changed my mind to join hers.

Our Choice: Nia Jax

Couple of the Year:

Rusev and Lana are THIS generation’s Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth. We considered the Bennetts and the Rhodes family, but WWE marketed the Bulgarian Beast and his lovely bride to the heavens.

Our Choice: Rusev and Lana

Manager of the Year:

Management has become something of a lost art. There are a handful of good managers out there but the major companies have phasaed them out, over the years. That being said, a certified Hall of Famer returned, this year, to lead a new duo of powerhouses to serious success. The Authors of Pain have run over everyone in sight, much like a certain Hawk and Animal did…over 30 years ago! “Precious” Paul Ellering has shown that age has not mellowed Ellering’s genius or attitude. The Authors of Pain are poised to break through in the new year, and Paul will be right there to lead them to the top.

Our Choice: Paul Ellering

Tag Team of the Year:

There can only be one choice: Heath Slater and Rhyno. No, wait, that isn’t quite right. That was a good team but they didn’t destroy the record held by Demolition for decades. The trio of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods broguht enthusiasm back to a sagging tag team division. While they have since lost the tag belts, you just know New Day will still be a major force in wrestling well into 2017.

Our Choice: New Day

Announcer of the Year:

Retired wrestlers have always added an interesting twist to the announce booth. Gorilla Monsoon, Jesse Ventura, Tazz, Jerry Lawler and so many others have shared insights that a “normal” announcer would not have. This year, Corey Graves converted over commentary. Between Raw and NXT, Corey has added a breath of fresh air into the shows. His “Heel Announcer” harkens back to Ventura. Too many retired wrestlers just won’t commit to a full-on negative persona on the desk. Corey does that in spades. He “inherited” the Raw desk from Jerry “The KIng” Lawler and the “Tattooed Prince” was a fantastic choice.

Our Choice: Corey Graves

Shocking Moment of the Year:

Afer spending most of our lives as wrestling fans, Lottie and I are very rarely surprised or shocked. This year, we were BOTH taken by surprise by the dominant return of Goldberg. Brock Lesnar has been a juggernaut of destructive force for the last couple of years. Face it, Brock ended The STreak. To have Goldberg walk in and whip Brock’s behind in UNDER Two Minutes is beyond belief. We had to watch the “Glorified Squash” several times before it became real. If THAT doesn’t put Goldberg in the Hall of Fame, nothing will. Smile.

Our Choice: Goldberg defeats Brock Lesnar

Feud of the Year:

Feuds are what make the wrestling world go round. There were plenty of good ones throughout the grappling multiverse. The one that kept out attention the most was over in NXT. Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe are like the Yin and Yang of pro wrestling. Nakamura is more about flash and speed. Joe is straight up power. These two have traded the NXT championship back and forth over the past few months. Their feud has gone all around the world and thrilled everyone who got to see them battle. Both should be moving up to the main rosters, in 2017. It would be good if they ended up on the same Brand.

Our Choice: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Samoa Joe

(Best) Match of the Year:

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit it: I really don’t care for women wrestling. There are great women wresters, don’t get me wrong, but the matches often come across as sloppy. There was one excellent exception to that: Charlotte vs Sasha Banks. They have done several fantastic matches but their best had to be their battle inside Hell in a Cell. It was ground breaking and exciting. Sasha seemed to be taken out before it even got started. She rebounded and gave Charlotte a serious run for her money. They took serious chances and risked things in a match that the super powerhouses like Beth Phoenix, Chyna, Awesome Kong/Kharma and others never dared to try.

Our Choice: Charlotte vs Sasha Banks, Hell in a Cell Match

(Worst) Match of the Year:

We have never walked out on a match, until thi year. I had to go back and watch it to verify this horrible clash. TNA decided to put an 18-month old toddler (Maxel Hardy) in the ring to face seasoned veteran Rock Star Spud. Senor Benjamin used a stun gun on Spud and Maxel “pinned” Spud. The video edits of this match were like something a kid did with a pair of DVD player/recorders and a mixing board (something I did back when I was 17-18–using VHS machines instead of DVD). Watching the pin, you can tell Spud was struggling to hold Maxel on top of him for the pin. Maxel just wanted to be a baby and go play. It may have set the record for the youngest competitor to be in a match. It may well have been the worst match since Giant Gonzalez faced Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Our Choice: King Maxel Hardy vs Rock Star Spud

Return of the Year:

This one is beyond obvious.

Our Choice: Goldberg

Female Wrestler of the Year:

There were several talented ladies plying their trade, this year. NXT, RAW, Smackdown Live and TNA all presented outstanding talents. When it came down to making a single choice, we were split. Instead of trying to come to a unified decision, we just decided:

Lottie’s Choice: Sasha Banks
Jay’s Choice: Charlotte (Flair)

Male Wrestler of he Year:

The world of wrestling is filled with amazing men who thrill audiences around the world. We looked at the champions and the non-champions when trying to make our choice. The final decision revolved around one man holding THREE titles at the same time. This man held TNA’s World, X-Division and King of the Mountain titles. Yes…

Our Choice: (Bobby) Lashley

Who to watch in 2017 Award:

This was that we didn’t try to decide together. We reviewed most of the wrestling groups to find our choices. I went for a veteran, while Lottie felt a younger guy would be the main focus.

Jay’s Choice: John Cena
Lottie’s Choice: Braun Strowman

We want to thank you for joining us, this year. We look forward to being with you in the new year and for many years to come. Thank you for always being there to read and (usually) enjoy our thoughts and rants. Smile. Happy New Year!

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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