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ckages are all unwrapped. The leftovers are in the fridge. All the cousins and such have gone back home. Time to kick back and watch the final Raw of 2016.

The show opened with a look at how Braun Strowman destroyed half of the roster, last week.

Roll the opening montage.

Stephanie McMahon walked out to greet the Chicago fans. They almost instantly started the “C.M. Punk” chant. She embracd it by making comments related to Punk’s loss in his MMA debut. Mick Foley was on vacation, this week. Steph was cut off by the arrival of Seth Rollins. He was ticked off that Braun attacked him and Roman Reigns, last week.

Seth made fun of Triple H and the holidays. He wondered if HHH got his manhood back for Christmas. Steph did her best to deflect Seth’s insults. Stephanie reminded Seth that HHH was an executive. Seth, again, called out HHH. Of course, Trip didn’t show up. Seth stated that HHH was turning into the “biggest coward of all time”. Steph countered that HHH would be more of a champ than Seth will EVER be.

Seth switched gears and asked for a match against Braun Strowman. Before Steph could reply, Roman Reigns came out to join the discussion. Stephanie figured that Roman wanted to fight Braun, as well. The fans booed the Hell out of Roman. Seth and Roman went back and forth as to who would get the fight. The “C.M. Punk” chant rose, again, but Seth and Roman just ignored it and kept going. They were ready to unify to destroy the Abominable Strowman. Steph got all psyched up and made a fool out of herself. Stephanie hinted at a possible Shield Reunion and then said it was all a joke. She sure learned to work a crowd from her daddy.

What I’d love to see would be Paul Ellering and the Authors of Pain working the show. Chicago would have gone bananas.

Stephanie put Roman in a US title defense against an opponent of her choice. Seth would get his chance to battle Braun, later on. She then announced our opening contest…

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (New Day) vs Sheamus and Cesaro
Raw Tag Team Title Rematch

The Finish:

Unicorn Stamped by the former champs on Cesaro. Leg Drop by Woods but it only brought him a two. Cesaro nailed the European Uppercut. Sheamus pulled Woods, backwards, over the ropes and to the floor. Break time.

After th break, Kofi got hte tag and Shouldered Sheamus. Kofi launched himself over the ropes and took out Cesaro. SOS on Sheamus. 2 count. Enziguris by both Kofi and Woods. Woods made the tag and hit the Coast to Coaost Savage Elbow. Cesaro made the save. Sheamus hit a Kneelift. Cesaro got the tag and went all Colt Ford Swingin’. Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise but it was blocked. Cesaro tossed Kofi out of the ring. Roaring Elbow by Woods. Woods went for the Honor Roll but Sheamus (who had tagged in) hit a Brogue Kick.

Your Winners: Sheamus and Cesaro
Raw Score: 3.0

The announcers looked at Brock Lesnar’s desire to join the Roayl Rumble. He wants revenge for the devastating loss, back at Survivor Series. I have the feeling that Brock and Goldberg will end up eliminating each other. Lottie completely agrees.

Braun strolled through the backstage area, scaring the willies out of everyone. Braun ran into Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. JeriKO pushed how great Braun is. Strowman just wanted to know what they wanted. Kevin knew Braun was next in line for a title shot, after Roman. Kevin talked about the things that Seth and Roman were saying about Braun. It was all baloney to fire up Strowman. They brought up Sami Zayn, which almost caused Braun to explode.

Elsewhere, Golden Truth were talking about Scrooge and Mr. Maggo. Bayley had a special gift for her buddy, Goldust. It was a poka dot Dusty Rhodes bear for Goldy. Bayley talked about the guidance from Dusty Rhodes. Very touching moment. Bayley talked about her love for her mentor. Big hugs.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows walked up to make fun of Goldy and Truth. Karl grabbed the bear and tore it apart. Goldust showed a fire that I haven’t seen in a long time. There is going to be one nasty little fight, tonight.

Raw looked at te issues between Nia Jax and Sasha Banks. Nia took a cheap shot on the injured Sasha. Sasha will be back, soon, to put the hurting on Nia. But for tonight…

Nia Jax vs Scarlett

Scarlett said Sasha was her inspiration. She was wearing a Sasha shirt. Nia kicked the stomach and threw vicious Headbutts. Biel from beyond Hell. Corner Splash by the Island Princess. Rikishi Run by Nia. Wicked Samoan Drop to finish this squash.

Your Winner: Nia Jax
Raw Score: 1.0

Nia attacked Scarlett, after the match, and told her to pick a better role model (than Sasha).

JeriKO chatted with Stephanie. Kevin didn’t like that Roman Reigns was getting another shot at the Universal title. Jericho will be locked in a Shark Cage, at that event. Kevin tried to get the match changed so Chris could be taken out of the Cage. Chris wanted either he or Kevin to be put in the match against Roman. Stephanie put Kevin in the match. Owens didn’t look too thrilled about the decision. Kevin put a spin on it to calm Chris down.

Bayley came out to see the Chi-Town crowd. She bought the Tube Men with her. Bayley was touched by the love from the Chicago fans. Bayley mentioned pinning Charlotte, for the third time, last week. Bayley felt she was the number one contender. Charlotte stopped hte interview and strolled out in a wild Christmas colored robe. The Woo’s broke out almost immediately. Charlotte insulted Bayley. Charlotte considered Bayley to be such a child. They showed video of the end of the match and Charlotte’s shoulder was actually up. The decision was in error. Charlotte said that she has a great lawyer and the victory was removed from the record books. Charlotte started talking about how “average” Bayley is. Charlotte said she never waited in lines and could manipulate the system since birth. Charlotte gave Bayley the chance to fight, right now.

Charlotte Flair vs Bayley
Raw Women’s Title Match

Charlotte broguht out a special ref…Dana Brooke. Jeez. The lawyers made this happen. This is why most people really HATE lawyers.

The Finish:

Dana got involved in the match, of couse. Bayley to Belly to Dana. Charlotte ran over Bayley. Another ref rushed down to take over. Hip Toss by Bayley and Slider Clothesline. Knee Strike by Charlotte. She ran Bayley into the corner. That just fired up the fan favorite. Bayley went up top and hit the Crossbody. 2 count. Corner Attack but Chrlotte held the ropes to block Bayley. Bayley ended up thrown into the corner. 2 count.

Bayley to Belly but Dana pulled the ref out of the ring. Bayley chased Dana around the ring. Charlotte used the ropes to pin Bayley. Dana’s count was also a bit fast.

Your Winner: Charlotte Flair
Raw Score: 1.5

Stephanie went off on Braun for choking someone backstage. Braun was upset that the guy didn’t know where Sami Zayn was. Next week, Braun will fight Sami. Braun wanted a Last Man Standing Match. Stephanie agreed to it. Stephanie wanted something from Braum…total destruction of Seth Rollins.

It was time to discuss the new attitude of Neville. Raw showed the interview where Neville explained himself. Neville did not want the fans to cheer for him. Neville is ready to obliterate the 205/Cruiserweight Division.

Neville vs T.J. Perkins

The Finish:

Neville hit several vicious kicks. He locked in a Rear Chin Lock. Austin Aries stepped in to disucss the match. Back Elbow by Neville. Perkins Dropkicked Neville outside and hit a Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Perkins dealt his foe the wild Butterfly Gutbuster to pull a two. The two threw fists but a kick slowed TJP down. Perkins caught Neville and hit a jumping kick. Neville rolled up Perkins and used the tights to get the win.

Your Winner: Neville
Raw Score: 2.5

Neville was asked what his plans were. Neville was amused at how people now wanted to talk about him. Neville insulted America and said they would be forced to appreciate him. Neville said that he was the TRUE King of the Cruiserweights.

We flashed back to the Sensitivity Training Class where all Hell broke loose. Jindar Mahal and Rusev teamed up to fight Enzo. Lana even got a slap in on Enzo Amore. Enzo was pushed in a wheelchair, backstage. Enzo and Big Cass had something to share with the fans, next.

The music hit and Enzo and Cass arrived on the scene. Enzo did his opening rant and then got down to business. Enzo went off on Rusev and Jindar for their cowardly attack. Cass got up in the ring and took over talking. Cass invited Rusev to bring the fight to him. He called Rusev a coward. Cass warned Rusev that they now have a problem. He invited Rusev to come out and do something about it. He got the Bulgarian Brute and the Russian beauty.

They were joined by Jindar Mahal. Both of them headed down to the ring. Jindar went over and slapped away at Enzo. Enzo got up and pulled Jindar off the apron. Cass and Rusev tore into each other. La Bandera Clothesline to Rusev. Rocket Launcher to take out Jindar. Big Boot to Rusev! Enzo clutched at his hip. He was obviously still hurting.

Darren Young and Bo Dallas vs Shining Stars

The match barely got started when Braun Strowman grabbed a Christmas tree and bashed Dallas with it. Braun took out Primo and Darren. Braun then shrugged off a chair shot and took down Epico with a Clothesline. Braun threw Darren into Backlund. Braun threw the ring steps into Epico, Primo and Bo. There were bodies everywhere.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Score: N/A

Braun Strowman vs Seth Rollins

The Finish:

Braun blocked a Pedigree and flipped Seth over the ropes. The fight was about to get ugly, out there, when Sami Zayn’s music went off. Sami came out of nowhere to attack the much larger Braun. Sam ran Braun into the ring post, over and over. Barun chased Sami through the crowd. Back in the ring, Chris Jericho attacked Seth with a pair of Code Breakers.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Score: 2.5

Ok, enough of these no finish matches. Jeez Louise.

Kevin Owens was interviewed backstage. Kevin was proud of his best friend for attacking Seth. Kevin knew they would be the new United States Champion. Chris said they would own Roman and then the US title.

Another promo for Emmalina.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs Golden Truth

The Finish:

Gallows hit a BIg Boot and Spin Kick to Truth. Tag to Karl. Rear Chin Lock by the Machine Gun. Truth punched free and kicked Karl. Vicious kick by Karl. Rear Chin Lock, again, by Karl.

Tag to Luke. Truth punched and kicked but so did Luke. Leg Lariat by Truth. Goldust wanted a tag in the worst way. Tags on both sides. Goldustin Uppercut to Karl. Snap Powerslam to Karl. Goldy went out and threw Karl into the barricade. The ref counted away. Goldy put Karl back in the ring. Running Bulldog to Karl. Luke provided a distraction and Karl rolled up Goldust.

Your Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Raw Score: 2.25

Rich Swann walked backstage.

Ariya Daivari vs Rich Swann
Non-Title Match

The Finish:

Daivari hit a vicious Neckbreaker. Daivari missed the Magic Carpet Ride (Frog Splash). Rich kicked away and laid out Daivari with the Swann Song, after a Dobule Stomp to the spine.

Your Winner: Rich Swann
Raw Score: 2.5

Rich was interviewed. Rich was amused by Neville’s claim to be a king. He saw him as a Royal Sourpuss. Rich knew Neville was one of the top performers in WWE. Rich accepted Neville’s challenge. Neville then ambushed Swann. Neville pulled Swann into the ring and hit the Red Arrow.

After the break, Daivari was interviewed. Daivari tried to blame Jack Gallagher for the loss. Jack came out to answer the claim that Jack was a “scoundrel”. Jack challenged Daivarit o a duel. Jack slapped Daivari with a glove. Daivari was completely confused.

The Brock Lesnar/Goldberg situation was analyzed.

Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns
United States Title Match

The Finish:

Roman bashed the ribs but Kevin Kneed Roman and threw him outside. Kevin tossed Roman into the barricade. Jericho, who was at ringside, talked trash. Drive By by Roman. He threw Kevin into the wall and back in the ring. Corner Clotheslines by Roman. Big Boot to Owens led to the Samoan Drop. 2 count only.

Owens snapped Roman’s neck on the ropes and nailed the Lung Blower for a two. Roman held the ropes to avoid the Pop Up Powerbomb. The two threw huge fists. Sit Out Powerbomb by Roman. Jericho was chopping at the bit to get involved but stayed back.

Roman locked and loaded and went for the Superman Punch. He missed and Kevin rolled him up for two. Superman Punch connected and Roman got a deuce. Jericho got up on the apron. Kevin hit a Code Breaker. 1-2-no! Seth Rollins rushed down nad took the fight to Chris. Pedigree! Superkick by Owens to Seth. Spear!Could be…ight be…it IS!

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Score: 3.0

Pedigree to Owens! Spear to Jericho!

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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