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Jermaine Royster reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the All-State Arena in Chicago, Illinois and to night is the final Smackdown of 2016. After a two month hiatus, John Cena makes his long awaited return to Smackdown Live. Tonight is the “Wild Card Finals” as the WWE Championship, Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship & Smackdown Womens Championship will all be defended. AJ Styles defends the WWE Championship in a triple threat match against Dolph Ziggler & Baron Corbin. Last week Zach Ryder suffered an unfortunate injury so The Hype Bros will no longer challenge for the Tag Team Titles. The New Wyatt family will defend their titles in a Four Corners Elimination Tag Team Match against The Uso’s, Slater & Rhyno & American Alpha.

John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to start the show. Cena thanks the crowd and praises Chicago, the crowd chants the normal “CM Punk” chants but Cena quiets the crowd with jokes about the Chicago Cubs. Cena says all titles will be on the lone tonight being that tonight is the last episode of 2016. Cena then brings up AJ Styles and he says he has been a fan of his title run then he announces WWE Championship match tonight. Cena then asks the crowd what he is doing here, the crowd chants for The Undertaker. Cena says there has been rumors surrounding his career and tonight he is setting the record straight. Cena says he not leaving and the New Era movement is B.S., he says this is the “My Time is Now” Era and he challenges whoever wins the WWE World Championship match tonight. Cena says he wants a match at the Royal Rumble and his time is now.

Tag Team Match
Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship Match
Four Corners Elimination Match
Wyatt Family vs American Alpha vs The Uso’s vs Heath Slater & Rhyno

Gable starts with Rhyno and both men use there strengths as Rhyno hits shoulder tackles but Gables uses his speed hitting a bridging suplex to hypo before tagging in Jay Uso. He tags in Jimmy and they double team Rhyno in the corner for a two count. Jay comes back in and they continue to hammer Rhyno, Rhyno fights away and scores with a neck breaker then he tags in Heath Slater. Slater hits a knee drop to Jimmy followed by a few Neck breakers for a two count, Slater goes up to the top but comes down to a Super kick from Jimmy Uso. Jimmy covers Slater for the three count, Slater and Rhyno are eliminated. Jimmy then goes to work on Jason Jordan with a rear chin lock. Jordan gets away and tags in Gable, Gable hits the Alpha Plex for a two count but jay Uso comes in to disrupt. As both Uso’s go up to the top they get caught by both Gable and Jordan and they get suplexed in stereo. Quickly after Jimmy runs at Gable but Chad quickly roll Jimmy up and the Alpha’s eliminate The Uso’s. Randy Orton comes in as he and Luke Harper have yet to enter the match. Orton blasts away at Jordan with kicks and strike before hitting a big Powerslam to Jordan for a two count. Jason Jordan counters with a standing drop kick dropping Orton as Jason tags in Chad Gable. Gable hits a big german suplex to Luke Harper then takes out Randy but Bray interferes from the outside stopping the momentum for the Alpha’s. Harper goes with a side head lock in the corner, Gable fights up but Harper scores with a back elbow then catapulting Gable into the bottom rope. Gable gets in the ring but Harper simply throws him back out and Randy throws Gable against the barricade. Back in the ring Randy does the slingshot suplex for a two count then tags in Luke Harper. Harper hits the Mitchinoku Driver to Gable for a two count then a fronted faced lock. Gable tries to tag in Jordan but Harper hits a sidewalk slam to Gable for another two count. Gable then sends Harper to the mat as he counters Harper then tags in Jordan. Jason Jordan clears the ring using the side suplex then the Alpha Plex to Orton, Gable hits the cannonball of the apron to Harper. Jason Jordan walks into the ring but right into Randy Orton who hits the mid rope DDT. Gable is up on the rope and Orton goes to knock him off but Gable knocks him down, Jordan gets the tag and they capitalize hitting the Grand Amplitude to Randy and Gable covers him for the win.

Your Winners: American Alpha wins the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship

After the match we see some heat between Harper and Orton but Bray comes in and smoothes thing out.

James Ellsworth is interviewed backstage and when he is asked about his recovery we see Carmella coming into the interview calling James uniquely attractive.

Women’s Division
Smackdown Live Championship Match
Alexa Bliss© vs Becky Lynch

Both women grapple to a standstill, Becky scores with a leg lock forcing Bliss to the ropes for a reset. Alexa scores with a arm bar but Becky counters with one of her own the gets Bliss down with ahead lock. Becky hits a drop kick then covers Bliss for a two count, both women counters each other with roll ups but none are successful. Bliss tries a roll up but Lynch holds on to the arm of Bliss looking for the Disarmer. Bliss counters then attacks Lynch while she is wrapped in the ropes, Bliss works the back of Lynch by stepping on her back then covers Lynch for a two count. Bliss then trash talks Lynch and beats her down with fore arms for another two count, Becky then counters and scores with drop kicks then a baseball slide to Bliss on. The outside. Both women go straight for each other with round house rights the Bliss drives Becky right into the steel steps on the outside. Back in the ring we see Becky attacking Alexa with uppercuts and lariats but she misses the fire arm clotheslines in the corner. Becky throws Bliss into the corner then goes up to the top rope, Bliss recovers but Becky drop kicks her off the rope. All of a sudden La Luchadora shows and tries to distract Becky Lynch. Bliss then scores with a fore arm dropping Lynch, Bliss then goes for Twisted Bliss but Becky gets her knees up. Becky then goes for the disarm-her but Bliss’s foot was under the rope. La Luchadora then interferes slamming Becky’s arm on the turnbuckle but at the same time Alexa Bliss’s arm seemed to be dislocated but she puts it back in place then hits a big DDT to Lynch and she gets the win.

Your Winner: Alexa Bliss retains her Smackdown Women’s Championship

Renee Young is backstage to interview The Miz as Miz personally asked for Young to interview him. Last week Young slapped Miz because his comments about her and Dean Ambrose, Young ask’s Miz how he will do in 2017. Miz doesn’t realize that Dean Ambrose is dressed as security right behind Miz. Dean beats him down as everyone leaves and he leaves Miz in the hallway.

Smackdown Live Main Event
WWE Championship Triple Threat Match
AJ Styles© vs Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler

Corbin pushes Styles away then goes for Ziggler but Dolph drop kicks Corbin, AJ comes in and attacks Corbin but Baron sends him to the outside. Ziggler comes in and he too gets sent to the outside by Baron. Corbin goes to the outside and drives Ziggler into the apron targeting his back, baron heads around the ring and does the same thing Styles targeting his back. Corbin covers AJ in the ring and gets a two count, Corbin blasts AJ with a knee to the gut, AJ runs the ropes and tries a crucifix but Corbin catches him but Ziggler drop kicks them both sending them to the mat. Corbin counters both men with a big double clothesline stopping both Ziggler and Styles. Corbin then attacks Dolph again in the corner with kicks then sends him into the turn buckles. Dolph tries to fight away but Corbin looks for the End of Days but Styles blocks it, AJ then lays in with chops but Corbin is too strong and he forces Styles into the corner, Corbin hits a lethal lariat to Ziggler then the STO to Styles for a two count. Corbin goes back on the attack blasting away a Ziggler in the corner, Corbin then does the same to Styles in the other corner. AJ and Ziggler then connect on punches and they clothesline Corbin out of the ring. Corbin then drives AJ into the barricade then throws Dolph into the table. AJ comes back with a Phenomenal Fore Arm off the steel steps at the same time Ziggler Superkicks Corbin onto the announce table. Both Ziggler and Styles go up on the barricade and they both come down with elbows to Corbin driving him through the announce table. Back in the ring Ziggler scores with a DDT for a two count but then AJ Styles scores with the Ushigaroshi Neck breaker. AJ teases the Styles Clash but misses, AJ goes to the apron but when he flies in Ziggler counters with a Superkick for a two count. Corbin comes back in but Ziggler gets him with a swinging neck breaker then and elbow, Corbin then counters Ziggler with the Deep Six for a two count as AJ breaks up the pin. Then Corbin hits the End of Days to AJ but at the same time Dolph hits the Zig Zag to Corbin. The crowd goes wild after this move as they have been on their feet the entire main event. Ziggler goes up to the top but Corbin knocks him down then Corbin delivers the End of Days to Ziggler, AJ then flies from the apron and hits the Phenomenal Fore Arm to Corbin knocking him to the outside. AJ goes for the cover on Ziggler and AJ Styles gets the win.

Your Winners: AJ Styles retains his WWE Championship

After the match John Cena comes to the ring and he and AJ have a stare down, Cena extends his hand in a sign of respect but AJ puts the title in Cena’s face. Cena keeps his hand out and AJ shakes it, Cena says he will take the title but AJ says its not going anywhere. AJ’s music hits and Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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