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The year is winding down and TNA decided to showcase some of the best of the year moments.

Let me send out get well wishes to our own, Big Ray, who is feeling a tad under the weather.

Josh Mathews kicked off the show with a look at Lashley. They started with Lashley vs Drew Galloway, from Slammiversary.

Lashley vs Drew Galloway
World Title Match, Knock Out or Tap Out Rules


Drew hit a Claymore and then a Celtic Cross on the ring steps. Drew went for a Flip Dive but ended up going through a table. Drew hit a Tombstone Piledrive. Lashley came back to apply the Anaconda Vice. Drew passed out.

Your Winner: Lashley

Refs and officials checkedo n Drew.

We moved on to Eddie Edwards vs Lashley in Six Sides of Steel.

Lashley vs Eddie Edwards
World vs X-Division Title Match, Winner Takes All


They fought on the floor and Eddie held his own. Lashley hit a Back Body Drop. Lashley stomped on Eddie’s throat. Lottie was enjoying these highlightss, as TNA isn’t a wrestling group she followed, prior to our getting together.

Lashley chopped away on Eddie. They still hadn’t gotten in the ring. Bobby finally threw Eddie in with a Biel. The ref closed the door and we were official. Elbow Drops and punches by Lashley. Lashley choked Eddie with the boot. He then sotmped away. Rude Awakening Neck Breaker by Lashley.

Fast forward and Eddie was up on the cage. Lashley hit a Megaplex off the cage. Spear! Both men were stunned. Lshley set for and hit a 2nd Spear.

Your Winner: Lashley

James Storm vs Lashley
Winner Tkes all for World, X-Division and King of the Mountain titles


Lashley went to town on Storm but The Cowboy connected with a Last Call. Later in the match, Storm hit a Headbutt and pair of Last Calls. 2 count. Storm couldn’t believe it. Neither could the fans. Lashley blocked the Last Call but got nailed with a Code Breaker. Lashley instantly rebounded and hit the Spear to complete the trio of belts.

Your Winner: Lashley

We took our first commercial break and then returned for one of the saddest moments in TNA, this year. Kurt Angle, one of the best wrestlers ever, retired from TNA. TNA looked at Kurt’s Retirement Speech. The fans were totally into this segment. The fans creamed for “One More Match”. Kurt kicked off a Retirement Tour. He hand picked his opponents. The first one was Drew Galloway.

Kurt Angle vs Drew Galloway


Standing Switches to open the contest. Shoulder Tackle by Drew. Later, Drew set for another Claymore Kick. He hit it and pulled a two count. Drew was so frustrated, at this point. Drew shook out his leg from an earlier Angle Lock. Angle Slam. Could be…might be…Denied! Kurt went up on the ropes and pounded away. Angle Slam from the top turnbuckle to win his first Retirement Tour Match.

Your Winner: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode


Bobby hit an Enziguri to the neck and nailed the Roode Bomb. Kurt still kicked out at two. Bobby wanted another Roode Bomb but Angle roleld through nad put Bobby in the Angle Lock. Grapevine of the leg. Tap Out.

Your Winner: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was back on the stick. He was overwhelmed by the crowd reaction. Kurt explained that he came to TNA to “find himself”. Kurt talked about how much better he has become since joining TNA. Kurt thanked Dixie Carter and the fans. Kurt felt he was the luckiest man on the planet. It was time for another break.

Now it was time to focus on Drew Galloway.

Drew Galloway vs Matt Hardy
World Title Match

Matt was going off on the crowd and said he was leaving as the World Champion. Drew Galloway came down and attacked Matt. He cashed in Feast or Fired. Matt tried to attack Drew but didn’t get far. Claymore Kick by Drew into the Future Shock DDT.

Your Winner: Drew Galloway

Drew Galloway vs Jeff Hardy
World Title Match


Drew took Jeff to the corner and punched away. Go Behind Throw that would eventually lead to the Claymore Kick! 2 count. Drew put Jeff on the top rope and climbed up to join him. Jeff turned the tables and sent Drew flying. Twist of Fate! Swanton! 1-2-Kick Out! Jeff would later do a Swanton to the outside but Drew got he knees up. Ouch! Drew hurt his own knees with that one. Future Shock DDT and Drew retained.

Your Winner: Drew Galloway

Matt Hardy vs Drew Galloway


Matt hit a Bulldog and Gut Wrench. Hardy wrenchd his ankle. Rock Star Spud got involved and paid for it. Belly to Belly to Spud by Drew. Matt cracked Drew in the face with the boot Matt had removed. Future Shock DDT. Tyrus prevented the pin. Matt went for a Twist of Fate and it fired up Drew. Iron Maiden (Crippler Crossface) by Drew. Tap Out.

Your Winner: Drew Galloway

Time for another break.

Next week, the Hardys will highlight the year, part two. I hope it is better than that travesty of a show from last week.

Dixie Carter inducted Gail Kim into the Hall of Fame. TNA then did a video package for the Knockout Legend. Gail was the first Knockout Champion and held the belt on FIVE occasions, as of her induction time.

Gail then paid respect to the ladies that helped her become the person she is. Gail talked abou the lows and highs of her career and life.

Gail Kim vs Maria Kanellis-Bennett
Knockout Title Match


Aliie threw the brace to Maria but missed. Gail thought about using it but threw it away. Gail tore into Maria with Clotheslines and a Stone Cold Salute. Eat da Feet. That led to her 6th title reign.

Your Winner: Gail Kim

We then moved to looking at the Hardy Brothers.

Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy
Six Sides of Steel


Ethan punched and chopped away on Matt. Matt still looked “normal” at this point. Ethan hit the TK3. Ethan wanted the cage door opened. Tyrus got up to block Ethan’s way. He flipped off the Man Dinosaur and invited Tyrus to come get some. EC3 whipped up on Tyrus, big time. Matt tried to scale the cage to escape. Ethan went after him Ethan caught him and sent him tumbling with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Reby Hardy came out but Rock Star Spud stopped her. Spud then slammed the cage door into Ethan’s face. Lottie just started laughing hysterically at Spud’s wild suit. NO! I will NOT wear that in our wedding photos. Matt escaped the cage.

Your Winner: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy


This was held at the Hardy Compound. Matt used Roman Candles (not the only time that would hpppen, this year). Jeff used a Roman Candle on his brother, as well. Dangerous, Stupid and degradig to the sport. The two punched away and fell back into the big pond. Jeff disappeared and Willow emerged. Willow went wild on Matt with the Umbrella of Doom. Senor Benjamin used a stun gun on Willow (not the only time he would do THAT, this year). Matt pinned Willow, but it was Senor Benjamin under the mask. Matt went looking for “Brother Nero”. The two fought on the side of a hill. Jeff was in control, at first. Jeff fell off the brother’s symbo, which was like 15 feet high. Matt pinned his brother.

Your Winner: Matt Hardy

The Hardys vs Decay
The Great War


Reby got Misted at the opening. Matt exploded on Steve. Jeff took the fight to Abyss. The fight would head outside and Matt got slammed into a UHaul truck. Rosemary gave Janice to Abyss to use. A dude came in to fight Abyss but Rosemary threw the redneck into the bushes. Itchy Weeed and Willow would also show up. Matt threw fireballs and caught Janice on fire. Matt and Abyss fought over Janice. Then they battled in a moving truck. I’ve grown to HATE Hardy matches, as of late. They are just so goofy. Vanguard One Misted Rosemary.

Reby Powerbombed Rosemary threw a table, once they got back in the Impact Zone. Jeff hit a Shawn Michaels-esue Swanton off a huge ladder to put Steve threw a table.

Your Winners: Matt and Jeff Hardy

We saw several debuts in 2016. “Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria Kannelis-Bennett were the first to arrive. They were here to save TNA.

“Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Ethan Carter III


Ethan hit a Back Body Drop. Ethan locked in a Shinu Numaki. Mike flipped backwards and pinned Ethan. That broke Ethan’s long streak of winning.

Your Winner: Mike Bennett

Next to arrive in DixieLand was Aron Rex (formerly known as Damien Sandow). Aron introduced himself as Aron Rex.

Aron Rex served as special ref during a match between Eddie Edwards and Lashley. Mike Bennett got involved but Mike was cut off by the arrival of…MOOSE! He showed up at Destination X. Moose got into it with Davey Richards, who was on the outside. Moose also took out Eddie Edwards with an Apron Powerbomb. Moose got into Lashley’s face. Game Changer to Lashley! That came after a Low Blow by Bennett.

Next to arrive on the scene were Cody and Brandi Rhodes. Cody has already jumped ship to join the Bullet Club, over in Ring of Honor. The Rhodes family showed up at Bound for Glory. He got in Mike Bennett’s face. Mria attacked Brandi and got her cute little butt handed to her. Cody used a Beautiul Disster Kick to send Mike out of the ring.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes vs Maria and Mike Bennett


Brandi dropped Maria with a Clothesline. She used a Drop Toe Hold to snd Maria into Mike’s nethers. Brandi and Cody put the Bennetts into submission holds. Mike tapped out.

Your Winners: Cody and Brandi Rhodes

We next saw the rise of Decay.

Decay vs Beer Money
Tag Team Title Match


The fight started on the floor. Thumbtacks came from Abyss. Black Hole Slam but he missed the tacks 2 count. Rosemary got in the ring and set to Mist Bobby. She hit Abyss, instead. Storm hit a Beer Mist to Rosie. He cracked a beer bottle in Abyss’s face. 2 count. Steve pushed Storm off the top through a table, on the floor. Bobby went for the Roode Bomb but Rosemary conneced iwth a Low Blow. Abyss Chokeslammed Bobby onto the tacks. Damn! Bobby was pinned and Decay became the tag champs.

Your Winners: Abyss, Crazzy Steve and Rosemary

Rosemary vs Jade
Six Sides of Steel for the Knockout Title


Jade flew off the top of the cage but couldn’t follow up. Rosie kicked out at two. Rosemary Misted Jade and nailed the Red Wedding to become Knockout Champion.

Your Winner: Rosemary

Next up, the X Division.

Ultimate X Gauntlet Match


Trevor Lee and DJZ kicked off the match. DJZ tore into Lee with Forearms and kicks. Hurancanrana by DJZ. Shoulder by DZ into the RVD Back Roll. Clothesline by DJZ. DJZ started up but got caught and clubbed by Lee. Lee was nervous about the climb. Didn’t matter as DJZ pulled him down and threw him out of the ring. Seveal X Stars waited in the back. DJZ rocked Lee with a Back Elbow. Lee stopped DJZ from going up top. The countdown timer broguht to the ring…Andrew Everett.

The Helms Dynasty tried to double team DJZ but failed. Lee pulled DJZ off the apron. Lee hit the Field Goal Kick, from the apron. Lee and Everett both got in the ring. Both went for the cables but DJZ got in the middle of things. They double teamed the former Zema Ion. DJZ took a wicked knee to the face. Braxton Sutter and Mandrews also got in the match. The moves were coming fast and furious. Sutter went up top to cross the wires. He was well on his way but a steel chair stopped his progress. Rock Star Spud just annihilated Sutter with the chair. Mndrews took out Spud by kicking the chair into Spud’s face. Several went up top. Both members of hte Helms Dynaasty unhooked the belt but DJZ jumped up and grabbed it from their hands to become a 2-time X-Champ.

Your Winner: DJZ

The final segment was a look at Eddie Edwards and his rise to greatness.

Bobby Lashley got a chance to choose from three opponents: Moose, Eddie Edwards and Ethan Carter III. Lashley chose Eddie, figuring it would be a calk walk for him.

Bobby Lashley vs Eddie Edwards
World Title Match


Lashley went for a Spear but Eddie caught Bobby with the Boston Knee Party to win the World Title!

Your Winner: Eddie Edwards

Bobby Lashley vs Eddie Edwards
Rematc for the World Title


Bobby worked the arm but Eddie flipped and flopped to get control with a Side Headlock. Knife Edges by Eddie but Bobby ran Eddie into the corner. Inverted Atomic Drop by Eddie. Back Elbow by Lshley. Eddie flipped out of a German Suplex. Bobby ran over Eddie. Bobby slid Eddie out of the ring.

Low Bridge and Bobby went to the floor. Eddie with a Tope Suicida. Bobby crashed into the barricade. Shining Wizard by Eddie. Bobby hit the Dominator but couldn’t get the three. Eddie hit an Enziguri that caused Bobby to tumble off the top turnbuckle and hit hte floor. Tope Suicida, again.

Eddie rolled Bobby back in the ring. Spinebuster by Lashley. Bobby put Eddie on the top turnbuckle. Eddie blocked the Superplex and did a Front Face Drop to Lashley! Spear by Lashley but there was no ref (he took a bump moments earlier). Another ref rushed down but Eddie kicked out at two. Bobby lost it and took out the 2nd ref. The original ref, Brian Hebner, got back in the ring. Bobby got in Hebner’s face and took the title belt. Boston Knee Party and Warp Speed Three Count.

Your Winner: Eddie Edwards

Next week will be a Hardy New Year.

We want to end this weeks column with two things. First, we’d like to wish all our friends and family and fans Merry Christmas. Thank you for helping us grow, this year.

Second, we’d like to ask for your prayers and thoughts for a friend of ours, legendary member of the Hart Family, Smith Hart. Got a note from Smith, through Facebook, that he is suffering with Stage 4 Terminal Cancer. His family is with him to help him through his final days. If you do Facebook, please drop him a note. He’s a good man and has done so much for this industry.

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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