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This week on NJPW World Pro Wrestling Returns we have two matches from Road to Wrestling Dontaku 2016. Hiroshi Tanahashi battles Bad Luck Fale as well as Kenny Omega putting his IWGP Intercontinental Championship on the line against Michael Elgin.

NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2016
April 27, 2016
Fukuoka Hakata Saturen

Singles Match
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Bad Luck Fale

Both men lock up mid ring but Tanahashi forces the action to the ropes, Hiroshi lays in with chops but they don’t phase the bigger Fale. Tanahashi locks up again but this time Fale uses his strength and gets Tanahashi to his knees. Tanahashi counters out of it the Irish whips Fale but he doesn’t budge, Fale then land a big lariat dropping Tanahashi. Fale runs straight for him but Tanahashi grabs the legs of Fale sending him crashing into the ropes. Tanahashi then tries a body slam but Fale collapses onto Tanahashi for a two count. The action spills outside the ring where Fale runs Tanahashi into the steel guardrail. Tanahashi tries a high cross body but Fale catches him then plants him on the mat. Fale gets back in the ring as Tanahashi struggles to get back in, Fale blasts away at Tanahashi in the corner. Both men trade shots then Fale covers Tanahashi for a one count. Fale locks on the submission hold grasping the trapezoid muscles and Tanahashi has to fight out. Fale again uses his strength by standing on top of Tanahashi by the bottom rope. Fale unloads a heavy right hand knocking Tanahashi back to the corner, Fale misses the splash in the corner and Tanahashi then body slams the bigger Fale. Tanahashi then gets sent over the top rope but he holds on and kips up catching Fale and taking him over the top rope. Tanahashi then gets up to the top rope and hits the High Fly Flow to Fale on the outside. Tanahashi comes in but as Fale gets up Tanahashi dragon screws the leg of Fale. Tanahashi then puts the Texas Cloverleaf hold onto Fale, Fale gets up and hits a splash in the mat. Tanahashi then hits a super brain buster to Fale off the second rope. Tanahashi goes up top again but Fale catches him then dies a super brain buster of his own to Tanahashi. Fale lifts up Tanahashi for the Fallaway slam but Tanahashi counters into a roll up for a two count. Fale then hits another splash in the corner for another close count of two. Fale tries the slam again but Tanahashi turns that into a sling blade dropping Fale. Tanahashi then hits a dragon suplex followed by another sling blade. Tanahashi then goes back up to the top and hits the High Fly Flow to a down Bad Luck Fale for the big win.

Your Winners: Hiroshi Tanahashi

NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2016
April 27, 2016
Fukuoka Hakata Saturen

IWGP Intercontinental Championship Match
Kenny Omega vs Michael Elgin

Omega locks up with Elgin and Michael throws him clear across the ring, Elgin gets Omega in the corner but Omega reverses and Elgin lays in a viscous chop to Omega in the corner. Omega runs the ropes and tries a leap frog but Elgin catches him then turns that into a power slam. Elgin then gets Omega in a headlock the holds Omega in the air for the elevated brain buster. Both men are now on the outside and Elgin pulls the weapons out but Omega scores with a kick to the gut then he tries a moonsault off the barricade Elgin catches him again then slams him into the guard rail. Omega would get back in control by hitting Elgin with a garbage can then Pile driving Elgin through the can in the outside. Omega gets Elgin back in the ring and scores with the rolling thunder then a second rope moonsault for a two count. Kenny goes back to work on Elgin in the corner, both men trade shots until Elgin counters with an elbow strike then chip to Omega. Elgin tries another power move but Omega uses his soles and takes out Elgin’s knees. Omega then runs the ropes and hit the toupee suicide over the top rope. Omega then pulls the table from under the ring and sets it up in front of the NJPW announce team. Elgin then blocks Omega but Kenny still gets a few shots in, Elgin is now on the apron right over the table. Omega runs the ropes but Elgin counters with a shoulder block. Elgin goes to work in the corner hitting the stinger splash but Omega gets away hitting two big chops to Elgin. Kenny goes to the well one to many times and Elgin counters Kenny with a big slam. Elgin then hits the top rope enziguri knocking Omega to the outside. Elgin goes up to the top rope with Omega but Kenny uses his legs to get away, Kenny then tries to suplex Elgin into the table but Elgin is too strong. Omega goes up to the top but Elgin catches him again then hits a modified Shouten for a two count. Elgin tries the power bomb but Omega counters and Elgin again goes to the Enziguri, Elgin then winds up his arms for the lariat but Omega counters with the V-Trigger knee lift followed by a seated power bomb to Elgin for a two count. Omega scores with a lariat off the ropes but Elgin asks for more, Omega counters again with a big boot that Elgin blocks then takes out Kenny with the left arm lariat. Elgin then hits the top rope sit-out slam to Omega for a two count. Elgin goes for the Buckle bomb but Omega gets away, Omega tries the hurricanranna but Elgin holds him in place then power bombs him through table placed in the outside. Elgin goes to the outside to bring Omega in for the pin but Kenny kicks out at two. Elgin stomps away at Omega down on the mat. Elgin goes up to the top rope but Omega follows him and Elgin chops him back down and Elgin then misses the moonsault. Elgin then hits the buckle bomb but as he tries Elgin Bomb, Omega counters with the reverse Frankensteiner bring Elgin to his knees. Omega tries the V-Trigger but Elgin counters with a big lariat. Elgin picks up Omega and hits another buckle bomb but again Omega counters V-Trigger once then twice. Elgin is down and out as Omega signals for the finish, Omega picks up Elgin and drops him in his head using the One Woods need Angel for the win.

Your Winner: Kenny Omega retains his IWGP Intercontinental Championship

On tonight’s episode of NJPW World Pro Wrestling Returns we get the Main Event from Invasion Attack 2016, New Japan Cup winner Tetsuya Naito takes on IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada.

NJPW Invasion Attack
April 10, 2016
Sumo Hall

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match
Tetsuya Naito vs Kazuchika Okada©

After a tie up and go behind by Naito, Okada gets in control with the hammer lock and forces Naito back into the ropes. Okada backs away posing then Naito uses knee strikes to get away. Naito hits the elevated drop kick send Okada to the outside then Naito runs the ropes the poses while on the mat. Naito gets back in and baits Okada into running at him, Okada counters with the seated drop kick to Naito’s face. Okada slaps on the waist lock the pulls Naito’s arm for more pressure. Okada scores with and elbow off the ropes followed by a senton for a two count. Okada runs the ropes but Bushi trips Okada causing Naito to hit a drop kick off his own sending Okada to the outside. Naito then sends Gedo into the steel barrier while Evil is on the outside using the chair and post to attack Okada. Kazuchika makes it back in the ring but Naito sets him up in the tree of whoa but Red Shoes makes Naito back up causing Bushi to get in a few shots to Okada. Naito goes for the head scissors and Okada tries to break out, Okada makes it to the bottom rope. Naito blasts away with kicks in the corner followed by six elbow strikes, the seventh drop Okada. Okada reverse the next move then puts Naito up on the turnbuckle but Naito then blocks Okada’s drop kick. Naito gets countered by Okada with a swinging neck breaker then Okada uses the big boot sending Naito off his feet and down to the mat. Naito then teases Destino but Okada counters then hits the top turnbuckle drop kick. Okada sends Naito off the steel barricade then sends Bushi & Evil into the crowd. Okada runs straight for them and hits a high cross body into the second row. Okada gets Naito back in the ring and hits a body slam but Okada misses the elbow drop, Naito hits a reverse atomic drop followed by another neck breaker. Okada tries to fight back but Naito hits the tornado DDT dropping Okada. Okada then counters Naito with a flapjack off the ropes, both men are down. Both men trade elbows, Okada hits a DDT then a seated lariat. Okada misses the splash in the corner but soon counters Naito with the Red Ink submission move. Bushi tries to intervene but Gedo pulls him off the apron. Naito then scores with a low blow into the Koji clutch, Okada just makes it to the bottom rope. Naito hits the corner drop kick followed by the top rope hurricanranna for a two count. Naito hits a hammerlock neck breaker after that for another two count, both men then trade shots until Okada hits a neck breaker of his own. Okada drop kicks Naito into the corner then Okada hits two running drop kicks to Naito’s chest for a two count. Okada goes up to the top and hits a middle drop kick then goes back up top and scores with the elbow drop. Okada gets up and does the Rainmaker pose but Naito pulls Red Shoes into Okada knocking them both down, Bushi and Evil come in the ring to attack Okada. Okada fights them off, Naito gets back in it but Okada hits the drop kick. Okada hits the Tombstone Pile driver but someone comes in and hits a neck breaker to Okada followed by a Moonsault off the top rope, this person takes off his mask and it is revealed as Sanada. Naito gets up and hits a standing enziguri but Okada, Naito then gets countered into the Rainmaker but at the last minute Naito counters into Destino for the three count and the win.

Your Winner: Tetsuya Naito wins the IWGP Heavyweight Championship (64th)

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