Posted December 8th, 2016 by 1Wrestling News Team

Over the past year we at FITE have strived to give you the best fights in the world at the tip of your fingers. However, this is not the only thing FITE stands for and we have found the perfect partner to prove it – Diamond Dallas Page and his revolutionary DDP Yoga.

With DDPY your home will welcome a new kind of FITE – one to make you fight against your limitations, fight for a healthy lifestyle and fight to own your life.

With transformative video components ranging from Beginner to Red Hot and Breathing to Fat Burner this is definitely everything you will need to get fit and more. A package of 7 modules will be available for 64.99$ or separately at a different price.

To celebrate this partnership DDP himself will make a special announcement on the FITE app at 8pm ET today. You will find more details in the file below.

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