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Jermaine Royster reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. At Survivor Series last Sunday the Smackdown Live team came out victorious as Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton were the sole survivors in the traditional Survivor Series match. Dean Ambrose still seems to have problems with WWE World Champion AJ Styles as they have a match at the upcoming TLC PPV. Tonight we will see which tag team will have the chance to face the Smackdown Live Tag Champions Heath Slater & Rhyno, Shane McMahon’s music hits and he kicks off the show.

Shane physically looks beaten after the spear from Roman Reigns last night and he tells the crowd to forgive him for not being his usual self. Shane thanks Raw for good competition but then says he is happy with the outcome of that match. Shane gives props to Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt for being the sole survivors and then thank Ambrose and Styles as well, Ambrose’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Dean says there is nothing to complain about because Team Smackdown beat Team Raw, Shane brings up Ambrose helping out with Power Bombing of AJ Styles. Ambrose says he wants to bring out the real MVP of the team and he brings out James Ellsworth. Dean says that there is a surprise tonight and its that James Ellsworth will get a Smackdown Live contract, Shane then says that Dean has been so out of control that he has the night off. Shane then reiterates that Dean has the night off and has to leave the building. AJ Styles shows up and he says that Dean Ambrose needs to be kicked off of Smackdown Live. Styles also says that Ellsworth getting a Smackdown Live contract is undeserved, Styles says Ellsworth is a charity case. AJ says his contract was deserved because of what he has done in this business but Ellsworth is just a charity case. Styles then says he wants to face Ellsworth tonight and he wants it to be a ladder match, if Ellsworth grabs the contract then he will be part of Smackdown Live. Shane says that Ellsworth has already earned his deal, Ellsworth then says that he has already beaten Styles twice but if he wins he wants a shot at the WWE World Championship. Shane asks James if he really wants this and Ellsworth says absolutely.

Miz is backstage with Maryse and Daniel Bryan shows up and Miz says that he was a fighting champion at Survivor Series. Daniel Bryan then says because of what happened with Kalisto last night, he will be getting a title shot against The Miz.

Shane is seen walking Dean Ambrose out of the building.

Singles Match
Intercontinental Championship Match
The Miz© w/Maryse vs Kalisto

Both men meet center ring for a lock up, Kalisto uses his speed to try and break the holds. Kalisto dodges The Miz and tries a roll up then a second time for a one count. Kalisto follows up with the toupee suicida onto The Miz on the outside. Miz regains control with attacking Kalisto in the corner but Kalisto gets away buy rolling under the bottom rope. Kalisto hits a Hurricanranna for a two count then Kalisto counters Miz’s power bomb with another hurricanranna for a two count. Kalisto goes up to the top rope but he stares into the crowd, Baron Corbin shows up and he interferes in the match causing The Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Your Winner: The Miz retains his title

After the match we see Baron Corbin deliver End of Days to Kalisto and as Miz is celebrating with Maryse on the ramp, Dolph Ziggler shows up and Super Kicks Miz right in the face.

Shane & Daniel Brayan are backstage and they both agree that what just happened in the ring cant continue to happen. Alexa Bliss is backstage and she is bugging Shane for a rematch until Beck Lynch comes out and tells Bliss that she will get her rematch at TLC. Natalya then blames the loss on Becky Lynch and Shane McMahon declares that Natalya will face Becky Lynch tonight. All off a sudden Dean Ambrose shows up with a pizza in hand and he again gets escorted to the doors.

Baron Corbin is backstage and Bryan catches up with him, Corbin tell Bryan he is the big picture, Bryan tells him he will face Kane tonight.

Tag Team Turmoil, Winner gets a Tag Team Championship match against Rhyno & Heath Slater
The Ascension vs The Hype Bros.

The Ascension go on the attack first as Konnor sends Ryder out of the ring, Victor takes out Mojo then delivers a clotheslines to Ryder. In the ring wee see Ryder double teamed by The Ascension and Konnor & Viktor double team Ryder but he counters into a double neck breaker then follows with the Hype Ryder and Mojo & Ryder get the win.

Breezango enters Tag Team Turmoil next

Mojo is in with Tyler Breeze and Tyler attacks both Mojo and Zach Ryder but Tyler escapes with the help of Fandango. Breezango score on a catapult double team and eliminate the Hype Bros.

American Alpha enter next

Fandango suplexes Gable onto the ropes followed by a pin attempt the Gable blocks the Catapult attempt and rolls up Fandango for the quick win.

The Vaudevillians enter next but Simon Gotch runs into the ring and quickly German suplexed and The Vaudevillians are eliminated.

The Uso’s enter next

The action begins as Jason Jordan is being attacked by Jay Uso with a rear naked choke, Jordan forces his way to the corner but Jimmy comes in and the double team forces Jordan back to the mat. Jay again locks on the headlock to Jordan followed by a chop to the chest, Jimmy gets the tag and blast Jordan with a fore arm followed by a one count. Jimmy scores with another chop then tags in his brother Jay, after a pin attempt Jay goes back to the head lock. Jordan again tries to fight out but Jay clocks Jordan with a right hand. Jason somehow gets away and tags in Chad Gable, Gable takes care of Jimmy with a drop kick then comes down on Jay with a diving clothesline followed by a German suplex for a two count. Gable is the sent outside by The Uso’s the the brothers score on the Pendulum Back Breaker for a two count. Gable is sent into the corner and Jordan tags himself in, as Gable is lifted high in the sir we see Jordan coming off the top with a bull dog for a two count. Gable comes back but Jimmy takes him out with a super kick and Jason Jordan gets chop blocked but somehow the Alpha’s pull off the Grand Amplitude to Jimmy Uso and they get the win.

Your Winners: The American Alpha

After the match the lights go out and we see The Wyatt Family appear on the big screen, Bray tells the Alpha’s that they shouldn’t get too excited and that he & Randy are coming for them.

James Ellsworth is backstage with Daniel Bryan and all of a sudden Dean Ambrose shows up with wearing The Mountie costume and Shane McMahon loses his mind. Daniel Bryan has to calm Shane down and advises Shane to take the night off because he has been through to much. Dean then cuts a promo just like Jacques Rogeau would and says he will take down AJ Styles.

Women’s Division Match
Singles Match
Natalya vs Becky Lynch

Natalya gets things going with a hip toss into a head lock but Lynch reverses the hold into a break. Lynch scores with the uppercuts then goes up to the top rope but Natalya scores with a power bomb for a two count. Natalya works on the back of Lynch using the abdominal stretch then covers Lynch for a two count. Natalya scores with the Mitchinoku Driver for another two count but as Natalya tries to attack Lynch in the corner we see Lynch go on the offense using lariats and a cover for a two count. Lynch then scores with the Blexplex but Natalya tries to counter with the Sharpshooter, Becky counters her with the Disarmeher and Natalya is forced to tap out.

Your Winner: Becky Lynch

After the match we see Alexa Bliss run in and attack Becky Lynch in the ring then pose over top of her.

Miz is backstage with Daniel Bryan and Miz says that Dolph Ziggler should be suspended, Bryan says Ziggler will get his rematch at TLC against Miz for the Intercontinental Championship and the match will be a Ladder Match.

Singles Match
Baron Corbin vs Kane

Corbin goes straight for Kane but he catches a big boot from Kane but Corbin gets back in control with big right hand. Kane gets back in control with a chop but all of a sudden Kalisto shows up on the top rope and comes down on Baron Corbin causing the disqualification.

Your Winner: Kane

Smackdown Live Main Event
WWE Contract Ladder Match
James Ellsworth vs AJ Styles

Ellsworth tries to get in a shot at AJ but he is in too much pain. AJ gets rid of the neck brace that Ellsworth has on the back sends him to the outside. AJ gets a ladder then puts it in the ring, Aj climbs the ladder and kicks Ellsworth back down to the mat. AJ scores with a backbreaker to the injured back of Ellsworth. AJ then ties up Ellsworth in the ladder and blasts him with a kicks to the gut. AJ then climbs up the ladder again but Dean Ambrose shows up again wearing a Ottawa Senators jersey and attacks AJ. Ambrose tells Ellsworth to get up the ladder but AJ scores with the phenomenal fore arm taking out Ambrose. AJ then climbs the ladder again and as he gets to the top we se James Ellsworth tip the ladder over sending Aj crashing to the outside. Ellsworth grabs the ladder, sets it up and as AJ gets back in the ring we see Ellsworth score with No Chin Music dropping AJ. Ellsworth climbs up to the top of the ladder and grabs the contract as AJ is tied up in the ropes.

Your Winner: James Ellsworth

James Ellsworth is now 3-0 versus AJ Styles and now he has a guaranteed contract with Smackdown Live, Ellsworth now will get a shot at AJ Styles and the WWE World Championship.

After the match we see Ambrose celebrating with Ellsworth on the announce table in front of JBL as Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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