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WrestlePro 2016.11.19
Rahway Rec Center
Rahway, NJ
By Shin-Blade
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1) “The Abominable” CPA def Habib from the Car Wash

2) Team Espana & Niko Rikos def Kevin Matthews, Craven Varro & JTG

3) Colt Cabana def Delroy Alexander

4) Chris Avery Queling def Giant Leather

5) WrestlePro Championship
Bobby Wayward (c) def Danny Maff via fast count pin from a biased referee
*After the match, Danny Maff called for a sit-in protest due to his loss. Security tried to escort Maff out of the ring area until he attacked security, ring announcer David Adams, commentator Dave D-Struction and the ring girl until WrestlePro Owner Pat Buck made the save thus turning Maff heel

6) Antoinette Marie def C-Bunny

7) Taboo Crew def The Beach Bums

8) Apple Corp (Matt MacIntosh, Maxwell Jacob Feinstein & Valero) def The Asthetic Males (Damian Gibbs, Mike Del & Beefcake Charlie)

9) Fatal Four Way Match
Mario Bokara def Anthony Bowens, Bull James & former WCW wrestler Crowbar via submission
*After the match, Bokara challenged Cody Rhodes on a later date

10) Main Event 4 on 4 Deletion Match (Elimination Match)
Order of Deletion:
1) Pat Buck by Heavenly Bodies & Buster Jackson
2) Desirable Dustin by Jeff Hardy
3) Jigalo Justin & Buster Jackson by double pin from the Hardys
4) Chris Payne by Jeff Hardy
Survivors: The Hardys & Ryback

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