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Billy Corgan announced on Twitter today that he has signed a settlement agreement with TNA and Anthem.

“Just signed my settlement with TNA/ANTHEM. And to fill in the blanks I’ll do a few interviews next week to spell out what is/isn’t in it”

Corgan had filed a lawsuit against Impact Ventures, Dixie Carter, Sergio Salinas, and Dean Broadhead and argued that he should be given Dixie Carter’s shares in the company because the agreement signed when he made his last investment into the company allowed him to claim those shares if the company was found to be insolvent.

The chancellor overseeing the case denied Corgan’s request for an injunction and ruled that the company was not insolvent.

TNA has not commented, and it is uncertain what Corgan meant by saying he would do interviews to “spell out what is/isn’t” in the settlement agreement.

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