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Bobby Lashley has been on a mission to regain the World title. Tonight, he fought Eddie Edwards. Would the Destroyer derail the Underdog and take back his prized title?

The show opened with a look at how Lashley’s arrogance cost him the title. Bobby had a choice of three opponents and picked Eddie, thinking he was the easy target. Bobby has been on a tear ever since to ge t the strap back. Bobby warned everyone that they should be afraid.

Brandi Rhodes made her way to the ring. She was alone and had something to say. She thanked everyone for their support. She talked about their three yers of marriage and the challenges they have faced. She hoped she made Cody proud of her. She was definitely proud of him. She can serious work the microphone. Brandi began to talk about Lashley. He let Bobby know the kind of man her husband is. He is a fighter. Bobby may have put him down but he did no put him out. She promised that Cody would return, soon.

She then switched to talking about Maria. Before she could say much, Mria and Sienna walked out to the ring. Maria said Brandi had no future in this business, since she was all alone. Brandi questioned if Maria was threatening her. Maria said she just wanted to help her. Maria wanted to help Brandi by shutting the door in Brandi’s face, just like she did with Allie. Maria didn’t like that people chnted for Allie.

Maria wanted to give Brandi a chance to join the Ladies’ Squad, along with Sienna and Laurel. Really? Brandi said she was her own woman and her last name is RHODES (and that name demands respect). Brandi did not want or need anything from Maria. Brandi went after Sienna and took her down. Maria then back off. Sienna Pearl Harbored Brandi and pounded away. AK47! Sienna showed massive disrespect, after the attack, and then left the ring.

They ran a profile piece on Eddie Edwards.

Aron Rex vs Jessie Godderz
Grand Championship Match


Round One–he opening round was a back and forth beginning. Jessie seemed to take most of the advantages.Nice Dropkick by Jessie. 2 count. Jessie went for the Adonis Crab but Aron bloced it. Jessie turned it into a Slingshot tothe corner. Olympic Slam gave Jessie a wo. Aron kicked away but Jessie hit a Crossbody for another 2. Cross Armbreaker by Jessie but Aron just rolled back to almost pin Jessie. Jessie roleld bck but Aron got to the ropes. Time ran out for the first round. That round went to.. Jessie Godderz

Round Two: Aron kicked away and hit a Headbutt. Snap Mare and Knee Drop gave Aron a two. Aron slowed things way down wih a Rear Chin Lock. Jessie Elbowed fee. aron hit a Standing Kitchen Sink and then Suplex to Jessie. Jessie tried to fight back and hit a La Magistral Cradle and Small Package. Aron still kicked out. Aron with a hard Whip but mised the charge. Roll Up for two. Aron bashed the upper bck. Jessie kicked at Rex nd Roll him Up for two. Aron with another hard Whip but Jessie came out with Clotheslines. Scoop SLam for a two. Aron pulled Jessie into the ropes. TIme was running out for this round. Adonis Crab as the bell sounded.. That round went to Jessie, as well. Unlike most multi-fall matches, wining two out of three doesn’t ean a win. We would get Round 3 after a quick break.

Round THree–Rex went to the eyes to blind Jessie. Rex kept grabbing his towel and went tothe eyes. Jessie was completely unable to see. Rex blasted Jessie in the face and pinned him. Huh? What the Hell just happened?

Your Winner: Aron Rex
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

The ref went after the towel but Rex grabbd it and kept it under his arm. Rex wanted praise for Jessie. Rex then quickly bailed out of the ring.

TNA did a video package about hte X-Division.

Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Marcshe Rockett (Helms Dynasty) vs Rock Star Spud, Abyss and Crazzy Seve vs Mandrew, DJZ and Braxton Sutter (Go for Broke)
Triple Team Trios Match

The Finish:

This was a wild match of Triple Threat matches within all the teams. Three men were in the ring at a time. Abyss cmae in and went off on everyone. He Chokeslammed Steve onto one of the opponents. The ref threw Abyss and Crazzy Steve from the match. Wait, can he do that? Sutter went off on Spuud and Braxton hit a Jumping Clutch Cutter (The Sutter Cutter?)

Your Winners: DJZ, Mandrews and Braxton Sutter
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

TNA continued to highlight the life and career of Eddie Edwards.

In the bck, Lahley and Edwards taped up for the pending contest.

The Hardys vs BCC
Tag eam Title Match

Rebecca playd the piano to usher her husband and brother-in-law to the ring. IF that is tryle Reby Sky playing, she is quite good on the ivories. The Hardys talked about their opponents, which led to that annoying “Obsolete” thing. Matt cackled as he heard the chant from the crowd. Matt brough up the masked men that came after them. Matt called out the BCC and the lights went out. As the lights came up the BCC attacked.

Matt and Brother Nero (Jeff) were getting decimated by the mysterious trio. They held up a tag belt and then dropped them. The BCC just stepped out of the ring and didn’t fight for th belts? What the heck?Nero told the freaks to come back and fight. Matt was up, as well.

THe BCC came back and the bell finally rang. The fight went all over Hell’s Half Acre. Matta dn one guy found in the ring. Another guy bashed Matt. Matt laughed at the pain he endured. Tags back and forth between the masked guys. Nero crawled back up on the ring apron. The masked buy kept pounding away Matt hit a Side Drop. Tags on both sides.

Nero dropped both foes with Clotheslines. Twist of Fate was blocked. Double Clothesline by Nero. Twist of Fate. The other masked man stopped the pin. It broke down into complete chaos. Earl Hebner got his fill and threw out the match.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Impct Scorecard: 2.0 (might have been higher if the ref didn’t throw it out)

One of the masked guys took out Earl Hebner and stood on his throat. The fightcontinued in the back. I still think this might be Kax and Daniels and someone else. NOt so sure, though. Mat and one of hte BCC fought outside Billy Corgan’s office. Nero took on another one in the storage area. The Hardys were kicking butt. Grado took a selfie with Jeff as the fiht went through an interview segment. Low Blow to Nero. Matt came to his aid. Nero threw ice wateron Jeff to revive him. Nero smoked a cigarette and drove the smoke into the mask. Nice message sent to the kids at home. Matt ran over one oft he guys with avehicle. Heck the backsage stuff lasted a lot longer tan the in ring actions. Mtt attacked a guy on a forklift. Twist of Fate by Nero. Matt ripped off a mask, only to find another underneath. matt was kicked off the forklift. THe BCC disappeared. Matt suddenly did not recognize his own brother. Jeez.

Ethan Carter III talked about going through dark times. He was on his way to the ring to finally finish the mess with E-Li Drake.

EC3 brought up the World title match. Ethan wanted backin the title picture but needed to quite a “Silver Toungued Son of a B*tch” that kept talking trash about him. Ethan called out the big mouth.Drake threatened to put Ethan’s keister outside. Ethan invited Drake to join him in the ring. Drake knew it was a trap, so he waned to stand on the ramp. Ethan didn’t like that Drake was accusing him of having everything handed to him. Drake knew he was at or above Ethan. Carter admitted he was given a name and opportunities but he earned everything given to him. Ethan wanted to fight Drake. Ethan wanted a shot at Drake’s Golden Ticket. Ethan told Drake to “earn it”. Ethan accused Drake of being a coward. Ethan said Drake should put Bound for Gold on the line against him. Drake didn’t like the deal. Ethan offered an additional piece onto the table. Ethan said if Drake wins, he will never challenge for he Word title again and turn into a jobber! Drake decidd to go after the World title, instead. Next week, he will challenge the winner of tonight’s main event. You just know Ethan is going to spoil the W orld title match.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Bobby Lashley. J.B. brought up the attack on Cody (Rhodes) last week. Lashley said he just got rid of Cody and was now totally focused on Eddie Edwards.

Another promo piece on Eddie aired.

Bobby Lashley vs Eddie Edwards
World Title Match

Borash did the offisical introductions. Brian Hebner was the Zebra in Charge.

The two men circled ech other as the bell sounded. Bobby took control of Eddie’s arm. Edwards flipped around and grabbed the Side Headlock. Bobby threw him off. Bobby ran Eddie intot he corner nad pounded away. Eddie came out with a Clotheslien and Inveed Atomic Drop. Eddie went for an Enzziguri but Bobby hit a Back Elbow. Bobby ran over Eddie.Lashley threw Eddie out to the floor.

Bobby came out and Eddie went back in. Eddie flew ove the ropes and dropped Bobby. Knife Edge Chops by Eddie. Bobby surprised Eddie with Bely to Belly…on he floor. The ref let the count go. Bobby bounced Eddie’s face off the ring steps. Bobby called for the end. Overhead Belly to Belly put Eddie on the steel rampway. Bobby rolled in and out to reset the count.

Bobby dropped Eddie onoto the ring barrier. Ina nd out to reset, again. Bobby punded on Eddie’s neck and went back in the ring. Bobby came back out nad attacked Eddie’s neck. Bobby choked Eddie with his wris ape as Impact took their final break.

Bobby put Eddie in a vicious Rear Chin Lock. Eddie spun around to get to his feet. Bobby threw Eddie back down to the mat. Bobby threwa series of straight punches to Eddie’s face. Eddie ducked and hit a Jawb reaerk. Bobby reversed a Whip. Big Boot by Eddie. Both men were down and spent. Corner Splash by Eddie but Bobby came right back with a Flying Crossbody.

Bobby stood over Eddie and pounded the champ. Stall Suplex by Lshley but Eddie turned it into a Spinning Sit Out Powerbomb. 2 count. Eddie tried to Boot Bobby but settled for Knife Edge Chops and Running Back Elbows.

Low Bridge and Bobby tumbled out of the ring. Suicide Dive by the champ. Eddie threw Bobby back in the ring. Shining Wizard gave Eddie a two count. Lashley struggled but hit a wild Powerslam to get a two count. The fans chanted for Eddie to get up and fight. Eddie sent Lashley to the corner. Step Up Enziguri caused Bobby to fall off the ropes and hit the floor. Suicide Dive by Eddie.

Powerslam by Bobby. Bobby put Eddie up on the ropes. Eddie blocked the Superplex and actually powered up Bobby and dropped the challenger. Wow! Eddie went for the Warrior’s Way but Bobby moved. The ref got taken out. Spear by Bobby but no ref to count. Another ref ran down but could only make a two count. Bobby knocked out the 2nd ref. Brian Bebner got back in and asked for the title belt. Bobby took the belt. Boston Knee Party….Flash-level Three count.

Your Winner: Eddie Edwards
Impact Scorecard: 4.75

Peace and Love

–Jay Shannon and Lottie Smith

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