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Pro Wrestling Empire (PWE) held their show of the year, “Clash of the Titans,” on October 22nd, in the Zembo Shine, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in front of more than 1,200 fans. The venue was packed with people waiting to see the first ever “The Chamber of Hell” match between the leader of the devious Hollywood’s Finest, Kevin Murphy, and his longtime rival The Mercenary. Before the match began, the crowd was shown a security video of Eddie Smooth, and Laszlo Arpad, members of Hollywood’s Finest, attacking Colin Bright, and locking him inside the PWE offices so that he could not get to the event. Amazingly the show kicked off with this brutal match that saw both men take extreme punishment, as they battered each other into the cage time and again, until the door final broke way, where they then battled each other throughout the venue! Murphy was fighting for ownership of the PWE, and Mercenary was fighting to keep the company in Bright’s hands. As Murphy frequently got assistance from his manager, The Winner Andy Vineberg, Colin Bright emerged, attacking Vineberg and laying him out on a table. In what was then pure insanity, Bright climbed the 20 foot high cell structure and leaped from the top in an attempt to take out Vineberg for good! Hollywood’s finest member C.M. Serenyi pulled Vineberg out of the way just in time for Bright to crash through an empty table. Throughout all the chaos, Mercenary gained the upper hand until perennial fan favorite, Richie Nightmare, came to the ring with a sledge hammer and took Mercenary out, giving Murphy the win, and ownership of PWE!

As the cell structure was being taken down, Richie Nightmare came out to tell the crowd why he did what he did. Nightmare called everyone a bunch of idiots, and he did what he did because he wasn’t “Wrestling Done Right” according to so many people, no matter how much he gave, no matter how much he fought for them. He then proceeded to flip the table of WrestlingDoneRight.com and tell its owners that they sucked! As he left, a fan of his, wearing a Nightmare nation t-shirt, confronted him, and it came to blows! PWE security had to separate them, and escort Nightmare from the building.

Just before the second match of the night would begin, one of the two guest “General Managers” of the evening, formally of the now defunct Lancaster Championship Wrestling, Jason “The Perfect Owner” Smith, announced that Kevin Murphy had given him ownership of the PWE! However, that lead to Chance Tucker, the second guest G.M., to announce that Colin Bright had prepared for this, just in case, and prior to tonight’s show, sold half of PWE to Eric Bischoff, and at the next PWE event, Bischoff would help oversee War Games, where a team lead by Kevin Murphy would face a team lead by Shatter! This livened the crowd up to begin the show once again.

The second match was between The Osirian Portal members Amasis, and Ophidian, and the crowd was torn as to who to get behind. Both men electrified the audience with their stunning array of moves until finally Amasis fell to an amazing second rope destroyer.

Tessa Blanchard then took on Renee Michelle in one of the best pure wrestling bouts of the evening. These ladies have worked against each other numerous times, and with every match they get better, and this match was by far their best. Tessa Blanchard pulled off the victory in this one.

Next up was “Gladiator Games” a “Royal Rumble” style match that saw 35 entrants fight to become the 6th wrestler in the main event 6-man elimination scramble to become the first ever PWE World Champion. With too many names to list, the match came down to Façade, BJ Walker, Shane Malice, and Lance Anoa’I, with Façade outlasting them all and getting his shot at the PWE title, later that night.

After a short intermission The Horrorcore defeated American Adrenalin in a tag team match up

Then came a ladder match for the PWE tag team championship that saw Heroes for Hire, The Regulators, and The Starlords battle it out, until the Starlords managed to ascend the ladder first, and claim the belts to become PWE’s first ever tag champions.

In a matchup for the PWE women’s title, Vanity pulled an upset by winning a three way match that also featured Tess Valentine, and the world renowned Lufisto!

Another local wrestling company, Legacy Wrestling, well known for its “strong style” presentation, was granted a “Showcase match at Clash of the Titans.” This bout saw two hard hitting but technical workers, Tony Deppeen, and Johnny Silver, go nonstop for ten solid minutes until Deppen’s knee strikes finally took Silver out. This match was a great lead in for the main event.

In the main event, a 6-way elimination scramble to determine the first ever PWE World champion, the combatants were Legacy Champion Eddie Smooth, Laszlo Arpad, Kai Katana, Façade, Gory, and Sean Carr. These men put on a show that could have easily main evented anywhere on Earth! Gory was the first to be eliminated, followed by Katana, then Arpad, and Smooth. No one went easy though, and every time someone was eliminated it was shocking, as all these men are main event wrestlers. The match concluded when Façade finally managed to pin Sean Carr and become the new, and first PWE champion!
Having no time to celebrate, Eddie Smooth returned with a microphone and announced that PWE’s new owner, Kevin Murphy, had decided that Façade’s first defense of his title would be at Legacy Wrestling’s Final Fallout, at Spooky Nooke Sports complex, in Mannheim, Pa on December 17th! In fact this match will be a title for title match up! In the end, either Smooth, or Façade will hold both the PWE and Legacy championships!

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