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Episode 80 of Creative Control is here, and the guest is, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and the creator of DDP Yoga, DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE!

The Master Of The Diamond Cutter and I run the gamut of subjects, including…

- his heroes and favorites when he was a young fan of the business
- what he thought of Goldberg’s return on Monday Night Raw
- working in TNA in 2004-2005 with guys like Raven, under Dusty Rhodes as booker
- getting Raven into ECW, his relationship with Paul Heyman, and other guys he helped get opportunities in ECW and WCW
- writing his second autobiography, a sequel to “Positively Page”
- his heat and his reconciliation with Ric Flair
- his relationship with Jake “The Snake” Roberts
- being one of the first wrestlers to have a message board and chatroom for the IWC, and his thoughts on the IWC and its influence today
- teaming with Karl Malone and Jay Leno, and working with Dennis Rodman
- how he would have preferred to debut with WWE in 2001
- going from a chauffeur at Wrestlemania 6 to wrestling Christian for the European Championship at Wrestlemania 18 in Toronto
- the evolution from “Yoga For Real Guys” to the current incarnation of “DDP Yoga”
- the positive effect DDP Yoga has had on guys like Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, Goldust and more
- the DDP Yoga Now app, and all of its benefits including access to all DDP Yoga workouts, live workouts, recipes, progress monitors and more
- The new DDP Alarm Clock, a motivational tool for DDP Yoga users
- The DDP Yoga retreat, and opportunities to visit the DDP Yoga Performance Center

It was a pleasure to speak to Dallas. You can follow all the goings on at DPPYoga.com (where there is currently a Fall 15% off sale) and you can get the DDP Yoga Now app and the DDP Video Alarm Clock at your App stores. You can also check out “The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake” on Netflix.

And please check out the Creative Control archives on iTunes and Stitcher, and subscribe, rate and review at your leisure. You can also check out the Creative Control T Shirt at prowrestlingtees.com/ccwithjoefeeney

Thank you for checking the show out!

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