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The latest episode of Bischoff on Wrestling was released earlier tonight and features a post-WWE Championship Match interview with James Ellsworth.
Here are some quotes from Eric & James from today’s episode.
This week’s episode also features former TMZ Senior Producer Ryan Satin. I’ve included quotes from him as well.

James Ellsworth what it was like to work with AJ Styles in a WWE World Championship match in the main event of Smackdown Live:

JE: He’s in my humble opinion he’s the best in the world. It was an honor and a pleasure and all the nice things you can say about a guy. He was amazing.

James Ellsworth On Vince McMahon’s reaction to his performance backstage after the match:

JE: Yesterday after the match I got to walk up and shake his hand and he told me, “Good job.” From him it means the world. I have so much respect for him. He’s the number one guy in the business and has been for a long time. I never to even have a conversation with him, ever. For him to just look me in the eye and tell me, “Good job,” that’s the most overwhelming thing to me. For sure.

Eric Bischoff on Goldberg’s return to WWE:

EB: I have two words for Bill Goldberg, “Thank You.” Thank you for bringing the passion, the credibility, the believability and just the, no pun intended, raw emotion that I think people have missed for a long time. That’s one of the things about Bill Goldberg is that he is a very raw, real, emotional, intense person. There’s no acting going on there. That’s really who he is. Believe me, I can tell you from past experiences. (Laughs) For Bill to go out there and get the reaction that he got and bring the emotion. You saw the tears. You saw his eyes well up. It was just such a refreshing thing to see and I am just happy for Bill. I am happy for wrestling fans who got a chance to be a part of it. I am really excited to see where it goes. Thank you Bill Goldberg.

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