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The show opened with a review of what happened, last week. All the champions, except DJZ, were forced into action. Bobby Lashley had to choose between Moose, Ethan Carter III and Eddie Edwards. Bobby took what he thought was the Easy Out with Eddie. It came back to bitehim in the butt. Eddie hit the Boston Knee Party to become the NEW World Champion.

On to live action. Jeremy Borash introduced Eddie to the crowd. The fans went wild as Eddie came from the back. Eddie said holding the belt just didn’t feel real. “You Deserve It” rang out from the Impact Zone. Eddie thanked everyone who ha supported him, over the years. Eddie said it took him 14 years to reach this point in his career. Eddie acknowledged that Lashley had beaten him, twice before, but then stated there was something different when he stepped in the ring, last week. Eddie said he would never give up on his dream and that is what got him to the top. Eddie promised he would never run from a fight and would defend the belt at any time, against anyone. Eddie offered Lashley a rematch.

Lshley’s music hit and the former champion stormed frm the back. The two went at it. Lashley tried to choke out Eddie. “Lashley Sucks” rocked the building. Eddie came back but fell to a Spear. Lashley demanded to punish Eddie and take back the title. Lashley screamed for a ref. Lashley went and got a steel chair. EC3 and Moose rushed down to protect Eddie. Nice.

They checked on Eddie nad helped him up to his feet. The announce team ran down the night’s card.

The Tribunal wanted to speak with Billy Corgan but Aiden O’Shea stopped them. Aiden said Baraka and Dax were “On the Bubble” and needed to do something impressive to stay around.

J.B. talked with Billy Corgan. He said Lashley just gave up his automatic title shot. Lashley said he would have to beat the winner of tonight’s main event to get the shot. J.B. asked who would be in the main event but Billy wasn’t quite ready to reveal that. I didn’t think I would like Corgan as “The Face” of the company’s management section but he is growing on me. Much beter than Dixie (though she was much cuter)…Ok, Ok, sorry Honey. Grin.

Aron Rex vs Jessie Godderz
Grand Championship Match


Jessie had an injured hamstring, going in. He tweaked it at Bound for Gold.

Round One went to Jessie Godderz.

Jesse dominated most of Round Twdo. Jessie blocked the Royal Arch and applid the Adonis Crab. Aron would not submit. He made it tothe ropes. Aron applied a nice Arm Bar. Jessie powered out but got a Forearm to the face. essie replied with an Elbow Strike.

Round Two goes to Jessie Goderz

Aron was in a desperate situation as Impact returned from commercial. Aron worked on the arm but essie used a Fireman’s Carry to send Aron over. Jessie Dropkicked Aron out of the ring. Aron was frustrated. Jessie invited Aron to get back in the ring with him. Tie Up and Jessie with a Go Behind. Aron blasted Jessie, who fell out of the ring. Jessie knew he could take plenty of time on the floor to run down the clock. Aron kicked Jessie as he got in the ring. Roaring Elbow by Aron Rex to retain!

Your Winner: Aron Rex
Impact Scorecard: 2.75 out of a possible 5

Aiden O’Shea stopped Bobby from going into Corgan’s office. Bobby said he had a surprise for a “couple of mutts”.

Matt Hardy went off about the creation of the Broken Hardys. Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) stated that his guilt has been lifted. Matt invied everyone to join the Broken Era.

Maria was getting herself ready for her title match. Allie explained that Maria got a Super Special E-Mail. Sienna, Laurel and Allie were all banned from ringside. Maria needed a Miracle. Allie wanted Maria to win the match all on her own. Maria shrieked at her apprentice. Maria’s position as Leader of the Knockouts were on the line, later.

EC3 and Moose were chatting when Lashley strolled up. Bobby was grinning. Bobby said he talked to Billy Corgan and they decided that EC3 and Moose would face each other in the Main Event. Wow.

The Broken World Tag Team Champions (Hardys) strolled out from the back. I’m starting to like the new Hardy theme music. Takes me back to my college days and working as a Classical Music D.J. for 3 years. Matt said it was a nigt to celebration. Matt said Brother Nero repaid his debt during the Great War. Matt likd the Brother Nero chants fromt he crowd. Matt took shots at the Young BUcks and New Day as being false champions. Matt got a “Delete” chant started. Nero got the crowd to sing along with them in the Obsolete Song. Now that “Pre-me-KNEE-shun”. Matt and NEro suggested they would take out challengers with “Delete/Obsolete”. Whatever.

Dax and Baraka rushed the ring and went to town on the Hardys. I guess that is how they were going to make their “Impact” Pun fully intended. They laid out the World Tag CHampions and hen headed for the back. I guess this is the next challenging team.

A promo about the issues between Mike Bennett and Cody (Rhodes) aired. Cody said Mike was on his “List”. Cody stated he did not take a Cheap SHot, he just showed up and beat down on Bennett. Mike claimed that Cody was only getting a title shot due to Family Ties. Cody said he has worked through the shadows of his family to become his own person. Cody accused Bennet of being all “Smoke and Mirrors”. Cody looked forward to seeing Mike in the ring. That is coming, very soon.

“Miracle” MIke Bennett (w/Maria) vs Cody Rhodes (w/Brandi)

The two stared each other down as the bell rang. They tied up and jockeyed for position. Cody with a Scoop Slam but Cody kicked away. Cody worked over the arm and went into a Hammerlock. Back Elbow got Mike free. Roll Up, out of the corner, by Cody. Mike ducked the Beautiful Disaster Kick. Cody flew off he ropes to crash down on Mike, on the floor.

Cody blasted Mike in the face. Mike tossed Cody out into the crowd. Mike Booted Cody and hit a Railing Assisted DDT. (Draping DDT). Mike rolled bac in the ring as Cody struggled to get to his feet. Mike swooped down on Cody as Rhodes got in the ring. Mike tried to lock in a SLeeper but settled for a Rear Chin Lock. Cody powered out and went to bounce off the roeps. MIke hit a Dropkick.

Mike bragged to Pope about how good he was doing in the match. Mike went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Brandi urged her hubby on. Cody threw hard fists. Mike reveresed a Whip and Mike hit a Corner Clothesline. Cody hit Flying Clotheslines. Alabama Slam by Cody. Beautiful Disaster Kick! Mike blocked CrossRhodes and rushed Cody to the corner. Cody missed a top rope Moonsault. Mike nailed a Pedigree to Cody. 2 count.

They two went up on the ropes. Float Over Superplex by Cody. That was an excellent move. Mike blocked the American Nightmare but fell to CrossRhodes!

Your Winner: Cody (Rhodes)
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

Moose cut a scathing promo about how much has had to fight to become a champion. Moose admitted he was friends with EC3 but he would not hesitate to nail the Game Breaker and move on to Lashley, next week.

DJZ vs Marshe Rockett
X-Division Title Mtch

Before the match, TNA ran a promotional video about Rockett. He is officially a part of the Helms Dynasty. Isn’t he a little too big for the X Divions?

The fans were solidly behind DJZ. Marshe sent Zema sailing. Colalr and Elbow and they went to the corner. DJZ ducked a fist and unloaded on the much bugger challenger. Marshe tried to insult DJZ but ate a Dropkick in his big mouth. Marshe Whipped DJZ to the corner but took a Back Elbow to the face. Marshe sent DJZ tumbling over the top rope and out to the floor.

Marshe went out and Suplexd DJZ onto the ring apron. Marshe mocked DJZ’s character and irritated the audience. Power Gut Buster to bring Marshe a two. Marshe put DJZ up top and set for a Superplex. Ion fought out and flew…into a Dropkick. 2 cont for the challenger. Marshe charged and hit the floor. Flip Dive by DJZ.

Back in the ring, Ion threw hard Forearms. Marshe caught DJZ but Ion slipped freee and hit a Jawbreaker. Springboard Clothesline by Ion. Marshe blocked the ZZT. Leg Lariat by Marshe. Marshe went for a Corner Splash but the well was dry. ZZT!

Your Winner: DJZ
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

MIke Bennett grumbled about how TNA was against them. It didn’t get better when Allie mentioned that Mike was ALSO banned from ringside during the Knockouts Title Match. Maria was having a huge meltdown but her hubby brought her back down to reality. Mike told her that she had this. The epic bae would happen…right after a few messages from their sponsors.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Gail Kim
Knockout Title Match, Title vs Position, No DQ Rules

Madison Rayne was at ringside. Maria went looking for a bunch of “toys”. All of Maria’s entourage are banned from ringside. How is that possible in a NO DQ match? I’m just asking…

Gail ducked a shot with the trash can lid. Maria took off running but Gail caught her and nailed a Clothesline, on the ramp. Gail brought out a laundry cart and flipped Maria into it. She ran the crt down the ramp and it hit hte ring post. Gail threw Maria into the ring and found a cookie sheet. Maria went tot he eyes and got a trash can lid. She blasted Gail and then threw the champ down on a cookie sheet. Maria slammed Gail’s head into the canvas, over and over. 2 count.

Maria worked over Gail’s back with a cookie sheet. Gail kicked Maria in the chest. Spinebuster by Maria. Maria stood on Gail’s throat. She then walloped Gail witht he can lid. Superkick by Gail. Gail opened up on Maria with a can lid. Gail threw hard fists and hit a Flying Clothesline. Maria dropped Gail and picked up a kendo stick. Maria bashed and battered Gail with the stick. Eat da Feet out of nowhere. 1-2-Gail picked Maria up. Gail placed a can lid between her foot and Maria’s face. Assisted Eat d Feet!

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Maria Is NO LONGER the leader of the Knockouts Division.

Ethan Carter III did a promo about wanting to go through Moose to get to Eddie Edwards. E-Li Drake came in and interrupted him. Ethan was ready to kick Drake’s *ss. Drake told Ethan to do his best not to choke during his match with Moose…NEXT!

Cody will fight Eddie Edwards, for the World title, next week.

Moose vs Ethan Carter III
Number One Contender Match

The video was cut off by a weird promo of an upcoming group. Huh?

Pop had some kind of scheduling mess up and suddenly we were watching one of the Saw movies. I went over to TNA’s official site to get the finish of this one.

Moose kept true to his promise from earlier and caught Ethan with the Game Breaker to score the pinfall win over Ethan. Poor Ethan’s career has sure been on the skids in recent months.

Your Winner: Moose
Impact Scorecard: N/A (as we didn’t actually see the match).

After the match, Lashley came down and he and Moose had a massive staredown as TNA closed shop for the week.

Peace and Love

–Jay Shannon and Lotie Smith

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