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All settled in and got the new DISH Network set up to bring us Ring of Honor. Let’s se what kind of craziness is going on in the wildest Indy organization on the planet.

Thnanksto out litle indy sttion running long with political stuff, we join this week’s RoH…already in progress.

Katsuyori Shibata vs Kyle O’Reilly
Non-Title Match

This was from this year’s Field of Honor show. Shibata is the Never Openweight Champion. The LEGENDARY Tiger Hattori was the Zebra in Charge.

The Finish:

Shibata hit the Hesitation Dropkick to the corner, followed by a nice Suplex. Kyle kicked out at two. Kyle went after the arm but they ended up in the ropes. Shibata cinched in a Figure Four Headlock on Kyle. Speaking of Headlocks, Lottie and I will be at APW’s Headlock on Hunger on November 7th. We’ll have more information about that great upcoming show in the next few days. We went to break.

After the break, both men went after each other. Kyle went for a FLying Guillotine to an Trapped Arm Choke. Once Shibata got free, they sarted going after ech other with kicks and punches. Ax and Smash by Kyle. STO by Shibata. Kyle took Shibata down with wild kicks. Discus Forearm by Kyle. Rear Naked Choke by Shibata but he didn’t have it fully locked in. Kyle got free, almost. Lou THesz Suplex but Kyle came back with the High Impact Glerman. PK by Kyle. PK into a Brainbuster. Kyle locked in the Crippler Crossface. Bobby Fish called it by its Japanese name, which I’m not familiar with. Tiger Hattori called the match because Shibata refused to give up.

Your Winer (by ef Stoppage): Kyle O’Reilly
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0 out of a possible 5

RoH promoted the upcoming Women of Honor Super Show.

Sileas Young and the Beer City Bruiser cut a promo and showed off their new shirts.

RoH showed vrious highlights of the fantastic action from Field of Honor. OF course, you can order the streaming replay at ROHWrestling.com. The show was so off the charts. Lottie is so ready to see an RoH show, live. Maybe they will do a West Coast swing, soon. We are planning a trip down to Vegas, in the near future.

Adam Cole (Baby) vs Jay Lethal vs Tetsuya Naito vs Hiroshi Tanaashi
ROH World Title Match, Four Corners Survival Match Rules

The Finish:

Steve Corino went all ballistic for Cole! Smile. The unofficial leader of the US branch of the Bullet Club really worked the crowd (Cole). The rest of the B.C. were in the back.

This was one Hell of a match. Tanahashi stacked up two men and hit a Flipping Senton. 2 count. Cole was down and Hiroshi went for the High Fly Flow. Naito shook the ropes to stop it. Step Up Enziguri intoa Ball and Chain Suplex by Naito to Cole. 2 count. Lethal tagged in and tossed Naito out of the ring. Lethal went after Cole. Cole got he boot up and went for the Destroyer. LEthal blocked it nad hit a Springboard Cutter. Hiroshi made the save. Tanahashi and Lethal traded Forearms. Jay nailed an Enziguri. Rope Assisted Tornado DDT, Shining Wizard, Sling Blade and everyone was down.

The fans were going wild, at this point. Naito positioned Lethal up top. Naito sent for a Superplex but it turned into a Tower of Power attempt. Cole stopped that and the fans booed the Hell out of him. Cole went up top but Jay had recovered and fought off the champ. Jay punched Cole off the ropes and hit Hail tothe King (Savage Elbow). Lethal Injection! Naito hit ay with the belt as he sent for another Lethal Injection. Cole distracted the ref and then swooped in to take out Naito with a Superkick and then planted Lethal with his Neckbuster Suplex.

Your Winner: Adam Cole
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

Peace and Love

–Jay Shannon and Lottie Smith

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