Posted October 12th, 2016 by 1Wrestling News Team

WCW announcer Larry Zbyszko appeared this week with WCW booker Kevin Sullivan on the MSL & Sullivan podcast
available at MLWradio.com. In their first conversation since WCW closed 15 years ago, Larry and Kevin talked about
WCW’s glory days in the mid 90s and also spoke about why they admired each other so much.

About Kevin, Larry Zbyszko said:

“Kevin was a sharp guy, a witty guy. He always managed to get himself into an office and I respected that because he
came from an era that knew how to work. He got a chance to put his wisdom into the business so it was good to have
a guy that knows how to work in the office rather than the head of Pizza Hut.”

About Larry, Kevin Sullivan said:

“When he did the thing with Bruno [Sammartino], the way it played out, not rushing, it’s like Shakespeare. It’s
everything, father vs son, the most dynamic relationship in the world. It’s teacher against pupil. It’s young vs old. It
had the makings of a Shakespeare play and Larry pulled it off greatly.”

DIRECT LINK: https://audioboom.com/boos/5134338-october-7-2016.mp3

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