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Bound for Glory is in the books and it was a great show. We have new champions and the crowning of the first ever Grand Champion. Who holds the gold? Let’s check it out…

We started with highlights with highlights of Bound For Glory. Aron Rex was crowned the new Grand Champion. Gail Kim won her 6th Knockout Championship. Cody Rhodes whipped up on Mike Bennett. The Hardys took the tag championships from Decay. Bobby Lashley retained his World title.

Where does TNA go from here?

Bobby Lashley came out to open the live segments. Bobby was all smiles as he started trash talking the crowd. Bobby knew that no one could stand up against him, now. Bobby claimed to be te “Realest” guy in the business. Bobby crowed about how great he is. Bobby said EC3 was nothing but a warning to everyone else.

He was cut off by the arrival of Aron Rex, the new Grand Champion. Bobby was not impressed. Bobby turned his back on the former Damien Sandow. Aron congratulated Bobby for retaining the World title at B4G. Aron said he has changed the landscape in TNA by winning the first Grand Champion. Aron said he was above Bobby. Bobby was irritated that Aron was trying to put himself over.

Suddenly, the lights went out and Gail Kim came out from the back. She told the Boys to calm down. The fans chanted for her. Gail said she was an equal to them and possibly a little better. She IS in the Hall of Fame and is a 6-time Knockout Champion. Gail said the women are changing the businesss.

Enter Matt Hardy, chuckling like a lunatic. Reby was at her hubby’s side, along with Maxell. Strangely, Maxell got a better chant than his dad, Matt, did. Too funny. Matt said he was the change in TNA. “Delete” got going from the crowd. Matt waned everyone to live in a “Broken Universe”. Matt was ready to delete…

DJZ made a point to join the Ring of Champions. The X-Champ was ready to stand up agaisnt everyone else. DJZ said all aspects of TNA were represented by those around of him. DJZ said Team X-Gold would debut, tonight. Bobby stepped up and said he was the only real champ here. Bobby said he was going to take a break and go into training for something bigger and better.

Odd music rang out and Billy Corgan and Aiden O’Shea came from the back. I guess Dixie Carter is out of the picture, more or less. Billy congratulated all the champions around him. He got hte crowd to applaud them all. Billy wanted to make this nigt special. All the champions will be in action, tonight. Bobby wasn’t thrilled to hear that. Bobby waned to know who he would be fighting. Bobby said DJZ did get a pass from fighting. Billy agreed that Bobby was dominant. Billy would give Bobby three choice of who to fight…but we didn’t hear who, just yet.

Team X-Gold

Mandrews, DJZ and Braxton Sutter vs Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Marshe Rocket
Six Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

Braxton hit a Powerbomb and tagged in Mandrews. Mandrews nailed a sweet Shooting Star Press to finish things off.

Your Winners: DJZ, Mandrews and Braxton Sutter

E-Li Drake said he was all-new and he woud have a special guest in his interrview segment, next.

One of Bobby’s potential opponents was MOOSE! The fans liked the idea of the former football player. Moose knew Lashley was scared of him.

E-Li Drake was out to do his interview segment. Drake brought out Ethan Carter III. E-Li called EC3 a “choke artist”. Drake said Ethan waned to be like Drake. Oh, puh-lease.Drake kept hitting the Dummy Button to irritate Ethan. Ethan warned him to stop. Ethan admitted that he did lose. Ethan talked serious trash towards the host. Ethan said he would end E-Li if he hit that damn button again. Lottie giggled as Ethan talked about burning E-Li down nad p*ssing on the ashes. “That sounds like something I wouuld say”. LOL. Drake stood up and got right in Ethan’s face.

Drake talked about rising above Micah and Drew Galloway. Drake was upset that people feel he is not on Ethan’s level Drake didn’t like that Ethan was given all the breaks while he had to fight for everything. Wah Wah Wah! Drake went off on Ethan about it nad then walked off.

Maria was screaming at Allie for opening her mouth on Sunday. Maria said Allie had no right to talk about wlhat her doctor had said. Sienna said she would fix things and get the championship back from Gail Kim. Whatever.

Christy Hemme interviewed Eddie Edwards. Eddie is the second potential opponent of Lashley. Eddie talked about coming so close to beating Lashley, in the past. Eddie was cool with Bobby over-looking him. Eddie wanted Lashley to pick him to fight for the gold.

The highlights of Gail’sinduction into the Hall of Fame were shown. It was so cool to see Taryn Terell and Awesome Kong. Congrats to Taryn on her pregnancy.

Sienna (w/Allie) vs Gail Kim
Knockout Title Match

Madison Rayne sat next to her hubby, Joosh Mathews, for this one.

The Finish:

This one started fast and furious. Sienna stayed focused on Gail’s lower back. Josh coined a new term in “Bad *ss-ery” when talking about Sienna.

Sienna hit a wicked Reverse Wheelbarrow Bomb off a blocked Hurancanrana. Gil dodged the Pounce and rolled up Sienna for the three count.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Allie and Maria nad others mugged Gail, after the match. Silencer (Pounce) by Sienna to Gail. Maria said she wanted her remtch, a no D match. Maira told Allie to slap Gail. When she didn’t, Maria pushed Allie down. Maria was determined to end Gail’s career and taking the title. This was ridiculous and Madison was tired of this.

The final choice to fight Bobby was…Ethan Carter III. Ethan took the stick from Jeremy Borash. Ethan said he would not claim he deserved a title shot but he would sure take the match if he was chosen. Ethan said he was ready to fight Bobby.

Reby played piano to introduce her husband and brother-in-law. Rosemary did not accompany Crazzy Steve and Abyss to ringside. Matt asked Reby to take King Maxell to the back for their protection.

The Hardys vs Decay
Wolf Creek Cage Match

The Finish:

There were all kinds of “toys” attached tothe cage.

Rosemary Misted Jeff/Brother Nero. Reby took out Rosemary. She struck Rosie with a Rabbit Head Staff. The video went down right after Reby struck Rosie. We didn’t get the end of the match but the talk was that the Hardys retained. Sorry bout that…

Your Winners: The Hardys
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Cody and Brandi Rhodes came out from the back. They are now considered a Royal Family. Cody has reembraced his Rhodes surname. The Rhodes got one Hell of a Pop! He said they were Game Changers. The fans loved that idea. Cody wasn’t sure if it was accurate. Body brought up Bound for Glory and how things were so much different, now. Cody said his family has been in wrestling for 40 years. Actually, it is more like 47 years.

Cody said he checke dout of his former job, instead of waiting for them to kick him out. Cody said he had The List to serve as his guiding light. Cody then brought up Mike Bennett. Cody pulled out a sheet of paper but Brandi whispered in his ear. The fans chaned for her. She got a good pop. Cody pushed that she is Brandi RHODES. Cody made it clear that he waned hte TNA World Championship. Cody let it be known that he would get a future title shot at the big one. Cody screamed that he wante dto be World Champion.

Cody was cut off by he arrival of the Bennetts, Maria and Mike. The fans drowned out Mike with chants for “Cody”. Mike mocked the enthusiasm for the Rhodes family. Mike screamed at the fans to shut up. Mike said he was never handed anything, he had to work like Hell for it. Cody wanted to fight Mike to prove himself worthy. Cody slipped off his jacket and got ready to go. Cody popped Mike and then the fight was on. Superkick by Mike. CrossRhodes blocked by Bennett. He bailed out of the ring and hauled butt up the ramp.

Cody said he wanted his first TNA match to be against Mike Bennett, next week. Maria was stopped from seeing Billy Corgan by Aiden O’Shea. Aiden told Maria that Billy should be better than she has been. He told her she had her match: If she wins, she gets the title. If she loses, she is no longer the leader of the Knockouts.

Baron Dax vs Aron Rex
Grand Championship Match

The Finish:

Round One- Baron Dax took it.
Found Two–Dax tapped out ot the Royal Arch (Walls of Jericho–Modified)

Your Winner (by Submission): Aron Rex
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

I hate those silly judges. J.B. interviewed Aron, after the match. Aron wasn’t expecting the fight he just had but he knew it was a sign of the changing TNA landscape.

Bobby Lashley came out to defend his World title. Who would he fight? J.B. asked Lashley for his choice. J.B. brought out the three possible challengers: Moose, EC3 and Eddie Edwards. Bobby insulted all his opponents. Bobby finally decided on…Eddie!

Bobby Lashley vs Eddie Edwards
World Title Match

The Finish:

Lashley hit a huge Powerbomb to rock Eddie to his core. 2 count. Rear cChin Lock by te champion. Back Elbow by Lashley. Bobby mocked the Wolves Nation howl. Bobby slapped Eddie, which fired up hte wild Wolf. Step Up Enziguri by Eddie. Eddie went up top for a Hurancanrana nad hit it. Eddie ran over Lashley. Bobby reverseda Whio but took a boot tot he face. Laashley dropped Eddie the a Clothesline. Bobby lifted Eddie nad hit hte Bulldog Bounce. Bobby set for the Spear. Eddie ducked nad Lashley sailed out of the ring. Suicide Dive by Eddie. He howled and hit a Flying Crossbody out of the ring. Eddie seriously fouled up when he went for a third dive. Bobby side stepped him and Eddie hit the barricade. Bobby rolled Eddie back in the ring. Bobby set in position for the Spear. Boston Knee Party!

Your Winner (and NEW World Champion!): Eddie Edwards
Impact Scorecard: 4.5

Holy crap! “The little dude won?” Yep!

Peace and Love

–Jay Shannon and Lottie Smith

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