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Recently, I had an opportunity to interview a new talent in the industry, and her name is “Stubborn Angel” Shawna Reed. When I visited the Hawk’s Pro Wrestling Training Camp in Hamilton, Ohio, I was impressed with her performance in the ring. I did a little research on her background and decided to conduct an interview with the 22-year-old sensation.

Lisa Williams: Shawna, thank you for taking the time to interview with me. How long have you been a fan of wrestling and what made you decide to become a wrestler?

Shawna Reed: Thanks so much for having me! I’ve been a fan of wrestling since I was about 8 years old. I decided to become a wrestler because I fell in love with the business after watching RAW for the first time. I became addicted to it and that feeling never went away. I would watch women’s matches and knew this is what I needed to do. It made me happy.

LW: Is there a particular women’s match that inspired you to go after your dream? If so, what match is that?

Shawna Reed: I always really wanted to wrestle, but the match that set it in stone for me was the Shawn Michaels vs Rick flair retirement match. Those two are 2 of my favorites and the amount of emotion put into that match was a deal breaker for me. I had to do this.

LW: Yes, it was definitely an emotional match at Wrestlemania 24. How old were you when you saw that match? And when you told your family that you wanted to become a professional wrestler, what did they say? Were they supportive?

Shawna Reed: I was 14 when that match took place. When I first told them, they thought I was crazy. I kept on them and then they told me I’d have to wait till I moved out. I actually started training for a few months without them knowing, but then I finally told them probably into my 3rd month. My brother is super supportive along with my uncles. My parents are not very supportive. My mom comes to my matches, but doesn’t like it.

LW: Where did you go when you first started training?

Shawna Reed: I started training with someone who completely screwed me over. Stole my identity and put over $15,000 in my name on 3 different credit cards. Once that all got fixed I started with Cody Hawk.

LW: Oh my goodness, that is crazy. Is that the worst experience you encountered as far as breaking into the business?

Shawna Reed: Yes it was.

LW: Well, I am glad that issue has been resolved and you moved on to something better – and that is being trained by a legend. How did you get started working with Cody?

Shawna Reed: My old trainer mentioned him. I was a big fan of Dean Ambrose. I found out who trained him because he’s also from Cincinnati. Cody’s name popped up and I immediately messaged him.

LW: What is it like being trained by Cody Hawk?

Shawna Reed: It’s amazing. It is honestly the toughest thing I have ever gone through in my life. I’ve been broken down completely, I’ve lost people, but I honestly wouldn’t take it back for anything. He makes you work hard and me being the only girl in the class I’m pushed even harder. In the end it’s all worth it though. All those guys are like my family now, my brothers. I wouldn’t have that without Cody.

LW: Cody has a wrestling school called Hawk’s Pro Wrestling Training Camp in Hamilton, Ohio, and I had the opportunity to check it out the other night. I was very impressed when I saw you wrestle the guys. Was it ever intimidating or awkward being the only female in class?

Shawna Reed: Yes at first because I didn’t know anyone and being the only girl was intimidating because you have so much more to prove. You have to show the guys you are tough enough to roll with them. That this isn’t some joke to you. Once that happened, those guys became like family. You trust them with your life.

LW: When I saw you at Hawk’s Pro Wrestling Training Camp, you definitely proved to me that you’re tough enough. I did some research, and I came across some of your matches. By far, what is the best match you have wrestled in and why?

Shawna Reed: My best match was probably against Heather Owens in Urbana. Heather is an awesome friend and opponent. She’s really helped me with my career and mentored me. I may have lost that match, but every match against her is a learning experience. I look forward to wrestling her.

LW: I am sure that it is an amazing experience working with “Hardcore” Heather Owens – who was also trained by Cody Hawk. Heather Owens have wrestled in extreme matches – even against guys. If you could pick a match to wrestle in against “Hardcore” Heather Owens, what would it be and why?

Shawna Reed: Heather and I have wrestled singles, tag, and mix gender matches together. My favorite was our mix tag match because we got to show up the guys. I’d love to do another one against her.

LW: What current superstars (WWE or TNA) are you interested in working with and why?

Shawna Reed: I’m a huge AJ Lee fan so if she ever came back it would be a dream come true to face her. Currently I would love to face Sasha banks, Natalya, or Becky Lynch. All 3 women are great wrestlers. They seem like tough opponents and would be a learning experience to wrestle any of them.

LW: So that would be a dream match – Shawna Reed vs AJ Lee? If you have the opportunity to face her at Wrestlemania, what type of match would you want this to be and why?

Shawna Reed: I’d love to have an iron man match with her. Watching Bayley’s and Sasha’s at NXT take over, it inspired me. I think we would put on an awesome match!

LW: That would definitely be an awesome match. Shawna, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. I greatly appreciate it. I wish you the best of luck in your career.

Shawna Reed: Thanks so much! It was fun!

You can follow Shawna Reed on Twitter @ShawnaReed93. For pictures and more on the place (Hawk’s Pro Wrestling Training Camp) that helped Shawna began her career, go to www.lisathepoet.com.
- 1Wrestling Diva ~ Lisa S. Williams

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