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NXT Recap
From: Full Sail University
Orlando, FL.
Air Date: September 21, 2016

The show opens this week with a video recap of the altercation between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura that took place last week, complete with the beatdown and stretcher ride of Nakamura. The regular show opening plays.

Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show as Joe makes his way to the ring. Corey Graves reminds us that even he believes Joe went too far in attacking Shinsuke last week. Joe is holding a piece of paper.

Joe says he felt it appropriate to address the altercation between himself and Shinsuke Nakamura last week. Joe gloats that because of his actions, Nakamura is in a bad way. He reveals the piece of paper to be a copy of Nakamura’s medical report outlining his injuries. Joe lists them as: several contusions, severe left elbow inflammation, a separated clavicle and a separated left shoulder. Joe reads that the report states that Nakamura will not require surgery for any injuries but will need rest and rehab for a period of six to 12 weeks. Joe is not pleased with hat prognosis. Joe says patience is a virtue but he is not virtuous and takes the opportunity to call out NXT General Manager, William Regal. Joe says he wants Regal to produce Nakamura or strip him of the title and return it to the previous champion.

Regal’s music starts and he comes to the stage. Regal confirms the medical report that Joe has and is very interested in how he obtained it but says that is a conversation for another day. Regal tells Joe he hasn’t spoken with Nakamura and doesn’t know the state of his rehab at the moment. Regal says that the NXT Championship and everything associated with it is his responsibility and he will take care of it. Regal tells Joe that he will take care of the problem created by Joe.

Joe says he didn’t want it to come to this and leaves the ring to confront Regal on the stage. Joe gets nose-to-nose with Regal and tells him that he will get an opportunity to fix this and do what’s right or the entire roster will look like this. Joe throws the medical report at Regal and storms off. Regal stands on the stage with a look of concern on his face.

Tom Phillips and Corey Graves appear on camera and welcome us to the show. Phillips says what we just saw is only the beginning tonight as there is a big debut taking place tonight. Next, we see a highlight video of Cedric Alexander from his Cruiserweight Classic match with Kota Ibushi complete with the “Please sign Cedric!!” chants and Triple H coming out at the end.

We are back to real time in the interview area where Cedric Alexander is being interviewed about facing Andrade “ Cien” Almas in his debut match. He is asked what is going through his mind. He says he is thinking about seven years of people telling him no or that he would fail. His in-ring debut just proves them all wrong. He said to start his journey, he went to GM Regal and told him to give him the best and he got Andrade. So, tonight, he will prove to Andrade that he is as good as he thinks he is and he will come out on top.

Phillips teases that, coming up next, we will see Austin Aries against Oney Lorcan . The show takes a commercial break. The Connor’s Cure PSA plays.

We go to the back again where Liv Morgan is being interviewed. Morgan is told of her confident nature recently even calling out the Women’s Champion, Asuka. She is asked why she thinks she is ready for the competition at the top. She says she did not come to NXT to play limbo but to hop hurdles. She says she is not going to bow down to Asuka or anyone else. She says that Asuka may think she has cleared out the division but she’s standing right here and she did not start at the bottom to end up back at the bottom.

Morgan’s promo is interrupted by the champ who says, “So, you think you are ready? Let’s find out.” Asuka flashes the smile of death and leaves.

Back in the arena, we are set for competition as Oney Lorcan makes his entrance followed by Austin Aries.

Match 1: Austin Aries vs. Oney Lorcan

Lorcan shoves Aries to the corner and Aries slips out into a go behind. Aries does an amateur ride and flips over Lorcan for a one count. Aries grabs a headlock and Lorcan forces him to the corner. Lorcan breaks clean while Aries poses on the top turnbuckle. This angers Lorcan who slaps Aries. Lorcan grabs a headlock. Aries tries to throw Lorcan into the buckle but Lorcan is able to sidestep a charge and grab the headlock again. Aries backs Lorcan to the corner and they slap each other on the break. Lorcan grabs the headlock again but is side suplexed over the top rope to the floor. The show takes a commercial break.

We return to see Aries still in control of Lorcan in the corner. Aries connects with a middle-rope elbow to the back of the neck of Lorcan and goes for a pin but Lorcan is out at two. Lorcan tries to push Aries to the corner but Aries pops Lorcan’s ears, and opens up with hard forearm shots and a massive chop to the chest.

Lorcan fires back with European uppercuts and chops to Aries before setting up Aries for repeated running hip attacks in the corner. Aries sidesteps another hip attack and Lorcan falls to the floor. Aries hits Lorcan with the double forearm smash on the floor and tries it again after rolling Lorcan in the ring. Lorcan counters the second attempt by nailing Aries with an European uppercut in mid air. Lorcan follows up with a running forearm uppercut and tries for a pin. Aries kicks out at two and a half.

Aries is able to duck some offense from Lorcan and hits him with the tornado forearm and running corner dropkick. Aries locks in the Last Chancery for the tap out win.

Winner: Austin Aries
Aries is in the ring with a microphone and says “You make people go to sleep, I make people tap out!” talking about Hideo Itami. Aries says, last week, the WWE Universe was buzzing, not about Joe and Nakamura but about where was Austin Aries.

Aries said he was home for his day off but he is here now and he would call out Hideo Itami but he’s not because Itami is too much of a coward to show up. Just then, Itami’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. As he steps in, Aries runs and goes to the back.

Graves introduces a video of NXT’s latest signee, Dan Matha. The video teases that he will make his debut in two weeks. Phillips hypes the main event as the show takes another commercial break.

We return to Phillips and Graves setting up a video involving team DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa after the live Cruiserweight Classic show last week. The video showed Gargano and Ciampa being interviewed in the parking lot when The Revival interrupted them. A brawl quickly ensued and security showed up to break up the fight. The Revival retreated as the tape ended.

In the arena, we are set for our next contest. Aliyah makes her entrance followed by Billie Kay.

Match 2: Aliyah vs. Billie Kay

Kay opens with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Aliyah shakes her off but is caught with a shoulder tackle. Kay tries again but Aliyah drops down and catches her with a double axe-handle blow to the chest. Aliyah follows up with a body block in the corner then a hammerlock from the apron. Aliyah comes back into the ring with a top rop leg drop. She goes for a pin but Kay kicks out at two.

Kay recovers quickly and opens up some serious strikes on Aliyah. She drags Aliyah out of the corner, goes for a quick pin, but only gets a two count. Kay then puts her in a torture rack. Aliyah was close to escaping when Kay threw her into the top turnbuckle. Kay tried to end it with her boot to the face but Aliyah ducked and began to fight back. She hit a running neck breaker on Kay and went for a pin but Kay powered out. Aliyah tried to follow up with a move off the ropes but Kay countered with a boot to the face for the victory.

Winner: Billie Kay

We cut away to a live shot of the back and see Almas and Alexander warming up for the main event coming up next. The show takes a commercial break.

A Sanity video airs then we are taken to the interview area where Mandy Rose is being interviewed. She is asked about her social media feud with Ember Moon and what their issues are. Rose says Moon doesn’t have what it takes and looks like a cross between Hunger Games and Little Red riding Hood. Pointing to herself, she says that she is what a real NXT star should look like and when she gets in the ring with Moon, she will make sure she is eclipsed.

The broadcast team announces that Asuka vs. Liv Morgan will happen next week.

Back in the arena, we have the entrances for the main event. Alexander is out first, followed by Almas.

Match 3: Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

The bell rings and the crowd starts with “Lets Go Cedric!!” chants.

Almas goes behind with a waist lock and Cedric reverses into an arm bar. The two reverse each other then Alexander grabs a headlock and takes Almas to the canvas. Almas counters with a head scissors but Alexander powers out.

We get more “Alexander!” chants as Almas grabs a head lock. Alexander gets out and the two start a series of hold, counter-hold, flips and roll throughs until they each end up back on their feet in the center of the ring.

Almas grabs an arm bar and they take turns reversing it. Cedric does a forward roll out of the arm bar. Almas runs the ropes and Alexander lets him go by and Almas strikes a pose in the middle rope. Alexander tries to charge Almas but Almas moves and Alexander goes out to the floor. Almas hits a plancha on Alexander on the floor as we take our final commercial break.

We return to find Almas in control with a rear chin lock and Alexander is able to escape the move with a jawbreaker. Alexander is then able to catch Almas coming in with a big boot and double axe handle blows. Alexander gets breathing room when he nails Almas with a handspring enziguri that sends Almas to the outside. Alexander launches himself and takes out Almas on the floor.

Alexander tries to end it with a top rope lariat but Almas is able to escape the pin attempt. Alexander goes around behind with a waist lock but Almas escapes and plants Alexander with a power bomb for a two count.

The two men stand in the middle of the ring and throw haymakers at each other until Alexander grabs Almas and plants him on the top turnbuckle. He tries to set Almas up but Andrade fights out and Alexander goes crashing to the canvas. Almas connects with the jumping moonsalt and gets a near fall. Almas begins attacking Alexander in the corner and looks like he is setting up for the running knees to the face. As he charges, Alexander recovers and picks up Almas and drops him from a side suplex position into a double knee backbreaker. Alexander rolls up Almas for the three count.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Replays of the match are shown before we watch Almas raise Alexander’s hand to celebrate his debut win and end the show for this week.

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