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Crystal Ball Predictions: Backlash 2016

Jay and Lottie sit down and discuss the potential winners and losrs of an upcoming major wrestling event.

After a brief vacation, we are back. Sitting here at the dining room table, we are ready to evaluate the first Brand Exclusive PPV of the new era. “Jay, I know you hate this Brand Extension but we have to live with it”. Yes, Dear”…grumble. Anyway, let’s take a look at what the Sapphire Brand has to offer us.

The Hype Bros vs The Usos
Winer to meet Heath Slater and Rhyno to determine the first Smackdown Tag Team Champions.


The Usos have been in a major slump forever. The Hype Bros are a hot property and it would be so damaging to their careers, right now, if they were to lose. I’m going with the Hype Bros to move on.


The Usos have a lot of experience and have worked quie a lot of top matches. They are due for another big break. Give it to the twins.

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Title Match

Dolph is talented and cute (good for marketing). However, I just don’t think the WWE is going to put the belt on him. They are probably waiting to give it to one of the new kids from NXT.


I completely agree. Miz is likely going to hold onto the belt until Shinsuke Nakamura gets called up. Maryse might end up flirting with Dolph, causing him to lose focues (and who wouldn’t). Ok, sorry, Babe. Anywho, Maryse distracts and Miz takes the win.

Carmella vs Natalya vs Namoi vs Becky Lynch vs Nikki Bella vs Alexis Bliss
Smackdown Women’s Title Match

Welcome to the Popcorn Match. Splitting the Women’s title into two different belts is stupid. The division isn’t nearly large enought to support two belts. Nontheless, Smackdow wats their Divas…oops…Women’s title holder. Thinking logically, Smackdown just pused the return of Nikki to the extreme. She seems like the only logical choice to become the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champ.

Good choice, hon. I think that one is just too obvious. I could see any of them getting the belt but I just like Becky. She works the crowd well and just ahsn’t got the break she deserves. She’s my pick.

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

Randy really got done wrong at SummerSlam. Brock should have gotten fired for the crap he pulled. Surely, Randy is going to come back and he is going to want to beat the Hell out of someone. I almost feel sorry for Bray. He is going to be sacriiced to the Viper.

I’m wondering if WWE is moving towards Randy having to “reinvent” himself. I’ve seen this before. A top guy goes into a major slump and then comes back a the “new adn improved” guy. I could see Randy doubt himself, going in, and suddenly lose to Bray. This could lead to Randy getting assistace from a new coach/manager, who will help him get back to being the badd *ss that he has always been. As much as I hate to make the choice, give hte match to Bray.

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs ?

Ok, the earlier match will determine who faces Heath and Rhyno. SInce we disagreed on who would go into this one, we will each evaluate based on our previous match predicion.

Hype Bros vs Heath Slater and Rhyno

Hmm…Heath has bee such a goof for so log, I just ca’t take him serious as a tag champion. He did the 3MB thing and then the Social Outcasts. The Hype Bros have bee o a decent run. I’m pickig the Hype Bros to win it all.

The Usos vs Heath Slater and Rhyno

Rhyns is close to the end of his active career. It wouldn’t make any sense to have him win the titles with Heath. Not to mention that Heath is not a championship material kind of person. Sorry to say it but it is so true. I think the twins will win and turn bad on the same night.

Dean Ambrose vs A.J. Styles
World Title Match

After what I saw at SummerSlam, I think Dean is aboutt o finish his time as champion. Jesse…sorry Jay…has shown me a lot of the matches from Japa and Styles is just…well…phenomenal. This will be a great match but I think we will get a new champion. Styles will probably fight John Cena at the next big show.

Yes, I 100% agree with you on that choice. Styes is amazing and has won titles just about everywhere. I give Dean all the credit in the world for standing up and becoming a top notch star. I thought he was going to be the ‘Buddy Jack” of The Shield. By that, I mean a great performer that never really got the chance to shine. Buddy Roberts was like that for the Freebirds. (God Rest your Soul). Dean has defended enough to make him legit as a champion but now it is time to move on. I agee Styles vs Cea for the World title for be a “Big Money Match”. Sorry Dean-o, time to hang it up…at least for this round.

Wrapping Things Up:

This should be a decent show. Two new championships will be decided. Two other belts will be defended. Smackdown really needs a solid effort, coming out of the blocks, and we both agree that this should be worth the time to watch. We will both be sitting ringside (ok, TV-Side) to check out this one. Hopefully, the Network will cooperat. Smile.

Peace and Love

–Jay Shannon and Lottie Smith

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