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From the NXT Arena
Full Sail University
Orlando, FL.
Air Date: September 7, 2016

Tonight’s show starts with the regular show opening. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves are talking behind a crowd shot of the NXT Arena. They tease an interview with Asuka for later in the show and also tease the main event between NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Steve Cutler. We go to the ring for our first big match tonight. TM61 makes its entrance, followed by the team of Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese.

Match 1: TM61 (Nick Miller and Shane Thorne) vs. Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari

Thorne and Nese started things off for their respective teams. The crowd got into things early with the, “Aussie Oi!!” chant for TM61. The action is fast-paced early as Nese gets the upper hand with several quick kicks and leg sweep for an early one count. Thorne answers with a snap mare and a dropkick to the back of the neck of Nese. Both men take this opportunity to roll to their corners and make a tag.

Daivari shoves Miller to the corner and slaps him on the break, prompting Miller to unleash forearm smashes until he gets taken out with a jawbreaker giving Daivari the opportunity to make the tag to Nese. They try to double team Miller but Miller is able to duck a move, then send Daivari to the outside before Nese dropkicks him to the floor as well. Nese decides to fly and takes out both men with a dive to the floor. Thorne decides to try a dive of his own and takes out the opposing team. Miller rolls Nese back in and tries for a pin but can’t hold it. Thorne takes the tag and does an over the top rope senton onto Nese but still kicks out of the pin at two. Thorne grabs Nese as Daivari comes in to distract the official allowing Nese to take control with a shot to the throat.

Daivari greets Thorne with a kick to the side of the head and a pin attempt but Thorne is out at two. Nese hangs Thorne on the ropes and connects with the running knee. He goes for a pin and gets a near fall. Daivari comes in with a big elbow drop and tries a pin but Thorne is out at two. Daivari locks in a rear chin lock. Thorne comes back with a hard forearm uppercut but can’t tag out before Daivari and gets stopped by Nese. Nese stomps Thorne as the show goes to break.

We come back from commercial to find Daivari and Thorne standing toe-to-toe slugging it out. Daivari tags Nese who tries to stop the tag from Thorne. Thorne frees himself with a huge forearm and gets the tag to Miller. Miller and Nese slug it out until Miller hits a big clothesline and a forearm to the face for a near fall. A tag to Thorne leads to the TM61 chop block, clothesline finisher but Daivari flies in to break up the count.

Nese and Daivari hit a nice pump handle slam, super kick combo and follow that up with a great frog splash from the top. Miller comes in to break up the count and save his partner. TM61 sends Nese to the floor as Miller follows. Daivari tries a rollup with some help from the tights but Thorne kicks out. Thorne connects with a hard left and Thorne and Miller follow that with Thunder Valley for the three count.

Winners: TM61
Phillips and Graves are shown on camera and can’t wait for the finish of the Cruiserweight Classic next week. They shift gears and talk about Asuka coming out with a victory over Bayley at NXT Takeover Brooklyn. Phillips takes us to a pre-taped interview he had with Asuka earlier today.

Phillips congratulates her for beating Bayley and asks her why that match was so special/ She comments on the crazy crowd and says she was excited. She respected Bayley because Bayley was the heart of NXT. She gave Bayley props for fighting hard but was quick to say she fought harder.

Phillips then asks her about being undefeated given the amount of now main roster talent she has faced. She said she cleaned out the women’s division and those women all got saved because they don’t have to face her anymore.

Phillips asks her how important it is to represent the country of Japan as champion. She replied the championship is the most important thing to her and she defends it for herself and her country. She relayed a special message to her Japanese fans in her native tongue. .

Finally, Phillips asked if Asuka sees any competition for herself amongst the current roster. She smirked at him then cut a promo in Japanese before saying, “No one is ready for Asuka!”

The match between Andrade “Cien” Almas and Austin Aries is hyped for later in the show. We see Ember Moon and her cool contacts prepare to make their entrance for the next match. The show goes to break.

We return to Full Sail and the Connor’s Cure package airs. It is followed by the donation information for the charity. In the back, Steve Cutler is being interviewed. Cutler is asked how he feels about facing Shinsuke Nakamura tonight. Cutler asks what has Shinsuke ever sacrificed? Cutler says he knows about sacrifice after giving four years of his life. At the end of the day, it’s about respect.

Back in the arena, Leah Von makes her entrance followed by Ember Moon.

Match 2 : Ember Moon vs. Lea Von

Ember Moon starts with a arm bar into a side headlock. Von tried a hip toss off the ropes to break the hold but Moon landed on her feet and went right back into the headlock. Von throws Moon to the ropes but Moon springs off them into a cross body block for s two count. Von strikes back with a punch, kick, then a clothesline for a one count. Von grabs a rear chin lock.

Von tries a handspring move but Moon sidesteps it and rolls her up for a two count. Moon catches her next with a knee strike and a back elbow smash into the corner followed by a suplex. Moon finishes things off with a forward tumble into a clothesline into her finisher top rope stunner for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon

No Way Jose was interviewed backstage and asked to react to the diss from Bobby Roode. Jose says Roode comes in dressed to the hilt and calling himself glorious and disrespects Jose. Jose says Roode is not the first person to disrespect Jose, and he’s not going to change anything, including wearing white after Labor Day for anyone. Jose is going to teach Roode that you don’t mess with Jose. The Almas Aries match is hyped for next as we go to commercial.

We come back from break to find Tommaso Ciampa getting checked out by a trainer. Johnny Gargano walks in and they ask each other how they are healing. They both say they are fine then Gargano drops the bomb that GM William Regal has given them a match on next week’s Cruiserweight Classic finale if Ciampa is cleared. The trainer says that, with a few more days rest, both men should be able to go next week. Ciampa says next week, they will show Regal they are back too 100 percent, then The Revival. We go to the arena as Almas and Aries make their entrances.

Match 3: Austin Aries vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Aries opens things up with an arm bar. Almas grabs a head scissors but Aries does a headstand escape and a dropkick into a cover for a one count. Aries lounges on the top rope before grabbing another arm bar. Almas propels himself into the ropes to escape and catches Aries with a low dropkick as Austin tried to drop to the canvas. Almas waited to long to capitalize and got caught with an elbow charging Aries. Almas comes right back with a head scissors and a body block off the ropes for a quick one count. Aries rolls to the outside and takes a quick powder.

Almas goes outside to chase after Aries and Aries catches him coming back inside the ring. He throws him to the ropes and Almas does his pose lying in the ropes. Aries charges him but Almas backdrops him to the floor. Austin is on the floor adjusting his face when Almas dives on him, rolls him in and goes for a pin but Aries is out at two.

Almas climbs to the top turnbuckle preparing for a big move but Aries shoves him off to the floor. The referee rolls out to check on Almas as the show takes a break. We return to see Aries pounding Almas with fists. Aries goes to the second rope and connects with an elbow to the back of the neck. Aries tries a pin but Almas kicks out at two.

Aries tries for a knee drop but Almas flips out of it and lands on his feet. He turns the tables on Aries with a kick and a top rope dropkick. Almas sets up for a running forearm. He goes a second time looking for the running knees but Aries counters charging him with a corner dropkick of his own. A pin gets Aries a near fall. Aries takes Almas to the top rope looking for a move but Almas blocks him and knocks him to the mat. Almas nails his jumping top rope press for a near fall.
The two men trade shots in the middle of the ring before Almas sidesteps a Aries turnbuckle charge and connects with a hip toss into the corner. Almas sets up again for the running double knees but Aries slides to the apron then eats an elbow from Almas. Almas looks to dive but Aries quickly rolls back in. Almas catches him with a shoulder from the apron and attempts a flying head scissors. Aries counters the attempt by turning it into a power bomb and rolls it into a Last Chancery for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

The main event is teased for next on the program. Corey Graves also announces that Samoa Joe will be sitting ringside for a special look at the match as the show goes to commercial.

We are back from break and get the match announcement of Bobby roode vs. No Way Jose for next week. We see Phillips an Graves at the commentary table who welcome in the Somoan Submission Machine to commentary. Joe says thank you for the introduction to “Todd” and says hello to Graves. Joe asks if Todd is his name and Graves says they can go with it. At the stage, Steve Cutler makes his entrance followed by the champ.

They ask Joe about his thoughts from the match at Takeover and he says he may have taken some things for granted and made some mistakes and now Shinsuke is the champ. Corey wonders how it is for Joe to see Nakamura come out with the belt. Joe says its indescribable but that Nakamura was the better man that night. Phillips asks about the jaw and Joe says its healing.

Match 4: NXT Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Steve Cutler

“Shinsuke’s gonna kill you!!” chants ring out as the match gets underway. Shinsuke teased a test of strength and gave Cutler a small kick to the jaw and smirks about it. Nakamura sends him to the mat with a knee to the gut but misses the stomp. Nakamura does his vibration choke in the corner. Nakamura charges the corner but Cutler catches him, drops him across the top turnbuckle and opens up with fists and boots. Cutler goes for a quick pin but Nakamura is out at one.

Cutler grabs a rear chin lock Cutler goes for a suplex but Nakamura blocks it and opens up with fists and feet strikes to the body of Cutler. Nakamura hangs Cutler across the buckle and catches him with a running knee then an inverted exploder suplex. Shinsuke follows up with the Kinshasa for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura.

Post-match: Nakamura celebrates as Joe looks on intently to close the show for this week.

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