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Cruiserweight Classic Recap
Season One, Episode 8
Full Sail University
Orlando, Florida
Air Date: August 31, 2016

Tonight starts the showdown between the final eight. An opening video is shown showing highlights that have brought us to this point. The final eight are: Kota Ibushi, Gran Metalik, Akira Tozawa, Noam Dar, Brian Kendrick, Rich Swann, TJ Perkins, and Zack Sabre Jr. The regular opening video plays us into the show.

Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan welcome us to the show. They quickly run through some highlights of the second round and get us hyped for the quarterfinals. They throw it to Corey Graves in the control center who runs down the card for tonight’s action. There are two big matches on tap tonight. In the main event, Japan’s Kota Ibushi battles Brian Kendrick. But first, Mexico’s Gran Metalik takes on Japan’s Akira Tozawa. They run the bio videos for the opening match. The entrances into the arena are next, Tozawa is out first, followed by Gran Metalik. All matches starting in this round have a thirty minute time limit. The handshake happens and the bell rings.

Match 1: Akira Tozawa (Japan) vs. Gran Metalik (Mexico)

The two men lock it up and go to the mat to show off their mat wrestling skills. We have a series of headlocks and leglocks and counter moves leading to early stalemate. The two men lock up again and have some great action running the ropes. The two men trade arm drags leading to another standoff. They decide to have a shoulder tackle contest in center ring but neither man moves so they start trading forearm smashes in center ring. Tozawa decides to run the ropes and Metalik catches him with a hard dropkick that pins Tozawa up against the ropes.

Metalik catches Tozawa with a roundhouse kick from the apron and a springboard dropkick that sends Tozawa sliding to the outside. Metalik catches Tozawa with a tope suicida (suicide dive) on the floor. Metalik barely beats the count of ten but connects with a cross body off the top rope. Tozawa kicks out of the move after a two count. Metalik clamps on a modified figure four leg lock but Tozawa is able to pull himself to the bottom rope and force the break.

Metalik nailed Tozawa with a hard kick and went for a pin but Akira was out at two. Metalik attempted a handspring move off the ropes but Tozawa countered with a dropkick to the back to shift momentum really for the first time in the match up. A bicycle kick from Tozawa sends Metalik to the floor where he gets nailed with a tope suicida. Tozawa decides to try another suicide dive and drives Metalik crashing into the barricasde. Tozawa rolls Metalik inside the ring and covers him but Metalik kicks out. Tozawa went for a standing senton splash and covered but Metalik kicked out at two. Tozawa sis starting to get frustrated and begins nailing Metalik with straight chops. Metalik starts to fire back and the two men trade trade chops in center ring. Tozawa came back and hit Metalik with a hesitation right fist to the jaw and gets a near-fall.

Tozawa throws Metalik to the corner and begins to shriek loudly as he stomps Metalik. Tozawa executes a nice basement dropkick and whips Metalik to the opposite corner. Tozawa charges in but Metalik sidesteps and nails Tozawa with a super kick and a springboard dropkick. Metalik hits a running shooting star press for a cover but Tozawa is out at two.

Metalik tries to send Tozawa into the ropes but is reversed. Metalik counters with a handspring back elbow off the ropes. He goes for a pin but Tozawa kicks out at two and a half. Metalik went for the Metalik driver but Tozawa is able to fight out and hits a kick to the side of the head. Tozawa covers but can only get a near fall. Tozawa throws Metalik to the corner and connects with a bicycle kick followed by a Saito suplex for a near fall. Tozawa fires himself up and charges Metalik but Metalik counters with a huge super kick then hits a springboard dropkick. Tozawa slides to the outside and Metalik catches Tozawa with a flipping senton splash.

Metalik throws Tozawa back in the ring and goes for a top rope moonsault but Tozawa got both feet up for a successful counter. Tozawa tries a quick pin but Metalik kicks out after a near fall. Tozawa tries for a superplex but Metalik counters the move by lifting Tozawa to the apron. The two men trade shots before Metalik almost knocks him out with a big kick. Metalik brings Tozawa back in the ring with a beautiful ‘rana and goes for the pin but Tozawa kicks out a two and three-quarters. Tozawa goes for a German suplex but Metalik lands on his feet/ Tozawa is able to duck a running clothesline and execute a perfect snap German suplex. Tozawa hits his finisher, the dead lift German suplex, but Metalik kicked out at two.

Tozawa signals for the package German but Metalik counters the move into a fireman’s carry and the Metalik driver. Gran Metalik gets the three count.

Winner: Gran Metalik advances to final four

Bryan and Ranallo commentate several replays of the match before the official result is announced to the crowd. The show heads to commercial break.

Back from break, and we are getting set for the main event. Bryan says Kendrick is his friend and he will be rooting for him in this match. Ranallo sets up the bio videos for both men. Kendrick is shown first followed by Kota Ibushi. We go to the arena for the entrance introductions. Brian Kendrick is out first followed by Kota Ibushi.

We get the referee’s instructions and the handshake and we are underway.

Match 2: The Brian Kendrick (United States) vs. Kota Ibushi (Japan)

As the bell sounds, Ibushi charges at Kendrick who sidesteps him, gives him a hard shove in the back a quickly jumps to the floor. Kendrick climbs back in the ring and blows a kiss to a kiss to Ibushi. Kendrick tries to go back to the floor but Ibushi catches him by the ankle then unloads on him with punches. Kendrick tries to bounce off the ropes and catch Ibushi but Ibushi caught Kendrick with a roundhouse kick to the head. Kendrick rolls to the floor and Ibushi capitalizes with the Golden Triangle moonsault on top of Kendrick. Ibushi rolls Kendrick inside the ring but Kendrick keeps rolling to the floor on the other side.

Ibushi goes out after Kendrick. Kendrick is able to trap Ibushi’s foot in the guardrail in an effort to get a count out win. Ibushi is able to free himself and catch Kendrick with the springboard missile dropkick. Ibushi tries for a pin but Kendrick kicks out at two. Ibushi catches Kendrick with several kicks driving him to the corner. Ibushi charges in but Kendrick counters by lifting him to the apron. Kendrick tries to follow up with a shot but Ibushi blocks it and nails Kendrick sending him to the apron as well. Kendrick is able to grab Ibushi and execute a neck breaker on the back of a turnbuckle. Ibushi crashes to the floor as the announce team mentions Ibushi’s neck surgeries. Kendrick catches Ibushi with a big boot coming back in the ring. Kendrick attempts a pin but Ibushi kicks out at two. Kendrick clamps on the cravat headlock.

Ibushi works free with knee strikes to the back. Kendrick goes for a Saka Otoshi but Ibushi avoids the move and nails Kendrick with a big dropkick. Ibushi charges Kendrick in the corner but Brian gets the foot up stunning Ibushi. Bryan charges Ibushi and gets caught with a power slam then a moonsault off the second rope for a near fall. Ibushi kicks Kendrick with hard strikes and goes for a standing moonsault but Kendrick counters the move by getting the knees up and rolling up Ibushi into a small package but Ibushi kicks out at two. Kendrick followed that up with a superkick to the face of Ibushi.

Both men make it back to center ring and begin trading hard forearm smashes. Ibushi tries to catch Kendrick with a kick but Brian ducks and nails Ibushi with a kick setting up his sliced bread finisher. Kendrick hits the move but Ibushi powers out at two. Kendrick applies the rear naked choke on Ibushi from the second turnbuckle but Ibushi is able to elbow his way free and nail a Pele kick almost knocking out Kendrick. Ibushi hits a beautiful German release suplex bringing Kendrick back inside the ring. Ibushi crawls over and pins Kendrick but Kendrick kicks out before three. Ibushi tries for a power bomb but Kendrick fights out of it and counters by putting Ibushi in the bully choke. Ibushi is able to break free with elbow strikes but Kendrick counters with Burning Hammer for a near-fall!!

Kendrick starts clubbing Ibushi with hard forearms to the back. Ibushi fires back with a roundhouse kick that sends Kendrick to dreamland. Ibushi tries to put Kendrick away with a kneeling cradle buster but Kendrick powers out at two and a half. Ibushi went for the top rope Phoenix Splash but Kendrick moved then put Ibushi back in the bully choke. Ibushi counters the bully choke with a rollup for a two count. Ibushi connects with a roundhouse kick and sets Kendrick up for the Golden Star power bomb. Ibushi executes the move and gets the three count.

Winner: Kota Ibushi advances to final four.

They show a series of replays highlighting the action in this match. Daniel Bryan cries as he praises the effort of Brian Kendrick. The two combatants hug it out in the ring as Mauro Ranallo says see you next week.

Corey Graves is heard from the control center setting up the matches for next week. The matches will be, Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Noam Dar and TJ Perkins vs. Rich Swan.

We close the show this week by going back to the ring. Brian Kendrick is in the ring crying as the crowd chants, “Thank You Brian!!” After a moment, we see Daniel Bryan get in the ring to hug Brian Kendrick. Daniel Bryan raises Kendrick’s hand. I will see you next week when two more people round out the final four.

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