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Wrestling’s newest Dream Team (and hottest couple), Jay Shannon and Lottie Smith are back to take a look at this week’s wild Ring of Honor show.

Roll the Opening Montage!

Jonathan Gresham vs “hanfman” Adam Pae

No Code of Honor Handshake. Adam pounded on Gresham. Jon came out of the corner and they went into a nice Universal combo. Gresham with a Step UP Hurancanrana and Dropkick. Gresham flew over the top and got caught. Page.swung Gresham into the ring post. Ring of Honor cut to commercial.

We’re back and Gresham went for a Springboard move. Page worked out out hte Guoillotine Choke and hit a Suplex. Gresham got a shot in with the feet. Gresham threw Page with a Deep Arm Drag. Gresham hi a hard Forearm. Standing Ace Crusher and Snap German Bridging Suplex. 2 count. Page blocked a Whip but ended up hiting the ring post. They dodged each other and Gresham kept working on the injured arm. Wild Tilt-a-Whirl Slam into a La Magistral Cradle. Gresham kept going and locke din a Crippler Crossface. Page dumped Gresham to the outside. Page with the Flip Clothesline. Rite of Passage (Vertebreaker) by Adam Page.

Your Winner: “Hangman” Adam Page
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Next week, The Young Bucks will battle The Addiction for the tag belts.

We had a promo piece from The Cabinet. Caprice Coleman, Rhett Titus and Kenny King will fight Dalton Castle and his Boys. The Cabinet will make wrestling great…again. Doesn’t that kind of infringe of the whole Darren Young gimmick?

The feud between War Machine nad Lee and Taylor was analyzed. These are two of the biggest teams in the industry. Recently, Lee and Taylor kept War Machine out of the tag team title match. Next week, War Machine gets their shot at revenge. Also, next week, The Young Bucks will go after The Addiction’s tag titles. The Bullet Club cut a rant against Kazarian and Daniels. They Superkicked the camera.

Stuka Jr. vs Kamaitachi

Stuka is from CMLL (Mexico). Kamaitachi is from Japan. This is truly an international super match. Christopher Daniels was in Kamaitachi’s corner.

No Code of Honor Handshake. Stuka was cool with doing it but Kamaitachi was being a bit of a jerk. Go Behind by Kamaitachi. Arm Drag by Stuka. Stuka threw Kamaitachi with a Flying Head Scissors. Universal into a nice Backflip and Suicide Dive by Stuka. Daniels checked on his protege. Stuka hit another Suicide Dive. “Uno Mas” was called out. Daniels pulled Stuka off the apron. Kamaitachi distracted the ref by claiming a bad shoulder. Daniels worked over Stuka as RoH went to break.

Kamaitachi tried to remove Stuka’s mask. They went to the floor. Stuka used a chair on Stuka as Daniels distracted the ref. Kamaitachi threw Stuka back into the ring. 2 count. Snap Mare into a Step OVer. Kamaitachi went back to the mask. He didn’t get hte blue and white mask. Daniels yelled that they didn’t like us. Kamaitachi wasted a lot of time before hitting an Over Hand Chop. Kamaitachi slapped away at his foe. Boot CHoke by the Japanese star. Kamaitachi dropped onto Stuka’s leg. Stuka dragged himself to the ropes to force a break.

Another series of Open Hand Slaps by Kamaitachi. Kamaitachi twisted Stuka’s leg in the ropes. Kmaita chi kickd away and Boot CHoked Stuka. Stuka reversed a Whip and hit a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker, on the floor. Stuka climbed up top and hit a wicked Moonsaul to the floor. Lottie said we seriously ned to check our cable to see if we get CMLL here. Smile.

Kamaitachi barely kicked out of the pin. Back Spin Kick and Rolling Neckbeaker by Stuka. 2 count. Stuka headed up top and went for the Moonsault. Kamaitachi got hte boots up. 1-2-not yet. Kamaitachi threw Stuka into the corner and hit moe slpas. Stuka returned the favor. Stuka put Kamaitachi in the Golden Globes position and hit a wild Dropkick just about the belt tline. Stuka went up top but Daniels got involved. ow did hte ref ot DQ them. Huge Spinning Powerbomb off hte ropes. 2 count. Stuka slid free and rolled up Kamaitachi for a two. School Boy to give Kamaitachi a two. They kept going for pins but no one could pulled the three. Stuka’s knee was bothering him. Paul Turner, the ref, got taken out. Backbreaker and then tuka took out Daniels with a Backwards Benoit Dive to the floor. Stuka headed up top nad hitthe Benoit Diving Headbutt. No ref. Stuka checked on the ref and Kamaitachi pulled off the mask and rolled up Stuka for hte pin.

Your Winner: Kamaitachi
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

Kevin Sullivan did a promo about his “two sons” (Steve Corino and B.J. Whitmer). Kevin promised the resurrection of the Purple Haze. Who would become the new Haze? This who segment was creepy. Lottie asked me if I could truly consider Kevin a friend. I am honored to say “Yes!”. Kevin mentioned that one of his sons might need to be sacrificed.

Jay White vs Jay Briscoe

The Finish (thanks to some cable issues):

White hit a SUple, on the floor. .back in the ring, White hit another Suplex. White headd up top but Briscoe began to stir. Missile Dropkick by White to pull the 2 count. Briscoe fought out of a Suplex and nailed a European Uppercut. Uranage by White to pull a two. Crippler Crossface by White in the middle of the ring by White. Briscoe inched towards the ropes. Briscoe got his feet on the ropes. Headbutt by Briscoe and nailed a Forearm. White attackd from the corner but Briscoe nailed a huge Lariat. Bot men were exhausted. Briscoe put Whie up top and went for the SUperplex. White fought out of the move. Briscoe would not be denied and he got the Superplex. The two fought up from their knees. The bell suddenly sounded. Huh?

Your Winner: TV Time LImit Draw
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Peace nad Love

–Jay Shannon and Lottie Smith

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