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It was time to find a new Number One Contender for Bobby Lashley’s World Title. Plus, more things are in the works for Bound for Glory.

Welcome to Turning Point 2016!

Turning Point opened with a look at the Drew Galloway/Ethan Carter III situation. Drew adn Ethan were both brought together for a Summit. They sat down to a bottle of whiskey as the lead-in to this whole situation was highlighted. Aron Rex (formerly known as Damien Sandow) will be the special guest ref.

Number One Contender Battle Royal

Before the match, Lashley came out to watch all the carnage. In this event we had: Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, Moose, Mike Bennett, Eddie Edwards, Basile Baraka, Baron Dax, E-Li Drake, Grado, and Mahabali Shera.

The Finish:

It came down to Moose, Mike Bennett, Eddie Edwrds, E-Li Drake and Jessie Godderz. Moose worked over Jessie. Drake was went ot the edge but hooked his feet to stay in the match. Eddie quickly grabbed him and tossed him out. Mike used Moose as a shield. Moose flipped Jessie onto the apron. He did not hit the floor. Moose and Mike focused on Eddie. Jessie hit a Springboard Clothesline to Mike and Moose. Moose dumped Jessie out of the ring. Eddie blasted both foes but the numbers overwhelmed him. Miike ordered Moose to attack. Eddie went for a Hurancanrana but Moose blocked him. Mike rushed up nad dumped both Moose and Eddie out of the ring.

Your Winner: Mike Bennett
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Moose was beyond ticked off. Lashley was not even about to sweat Mike Bennett.

Ethan and Drew started enjoying the whiskey and Ethan wanted to know what Drew’s problem was. Aron Rex has arrived to be the Special Guest Ref.

They ran another promo for “The Fixer” (Tyrus).

Backstage, Moose was ready to rip MIke Bennett apart. Mike was trying to cal the big man down but it wasn’t happening. Maria made the cameraman back off.

“Broken” Matt Hardy strolled out with the contract to face Decay at Bound for Glory. Pope was back at ringside (he left when Lashley showed up). Matt showed off the contract and did his stupid new accent as he talked about the sht at the tag tam titles. joined his twisted brother in the Impact Zone. This new look is just so wrong. Matt looked confused as his brother entered the ring. Matt didnt need Brother Nero out there with him. Nero said he was there to work, wrestle and win. He brought up The Creatures. Matt was cool with that idea. Matt was ready to make Decay “obsolete”.

Rosemary then came out to talk with the Hardys. Rosie cut a bizarre promo abou the tag championships. Abyss then strolled from the back. Abyss knew that Decay would take joy in destroying the final pieces of the Hardy Legacy. Abyss scramed about how beautiful he is and how beautiful the destruction would be.

Crazzy Steve then took over, from across the arena. Steve wanted Matthew to know what they were going to loose. Decay was ready to shatter the Hardys. Steve said the Hardys would never see them coming. Matt wanted to eat the member of Decay that tried to steal King Maxell. Mtt threw out an open challenge to any member of Decay to face Brother Nero.

Abyss vs Brother Nero

Jeff flew over the top and landed on Abyss. Impaact took a break before the match…

The Finish:

Nero took a chain and cracked Abyss in the face. A Splash led to a two count. Abyss avoided the Twist of Fate and hit hte Chokeslam. Abyss called for Steve to hit The Mist. Nero ducked and Abyss took the spray. Twist of Fate. 2 count. Matt said it was Crazy Steve that tried to take his son. Matt bit into Steve’s face. This was like something out of a George Romero movie. Rosie sprayed Nero in the face with the Mist. Black Hole Slam!

Your Winner: Abyss
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Decay started to leave but Matt promised a Day of Deletion. Matt knew that Brother Nero had much to learn. Matt said Nero would get it together before their tag match. Matt told Nero to stop fighting him nad accept his brokenness.

Maria was grumbling at Allie for not knowing that Sienna would have a title match, tonight. Maria wanted to know who did this. Billy Corgan came up andd explained that he set up the title match. Sienna wasn’t ready to sweat anyone. Billy said there might be more than one person involved…

Mike Bennett got up in Bobby Lashley’s face. Bobby said he didn’t need anyone’s help to get past Mike. Bennett told Lashley needed to be worried about him. Bobby felt Mike should be more worried about…Moose!

Sienna vs Allie vs Marti Belle vs Jade vs Madison Rayne
No Disqualification Knockouts Title Match

The Finish:

Maddie got laid out with a Package Piledriver. Allie and Marit fought over the baton. Allie knocked out Sienna, by accident. Maria was tripping out. Marti took her baton back. Marti cracked Allie, who fell onto Madison. Jade Dropkicked Marti as the ref counted!

Your Winner (and NEW Knockout Champion); Allie
Impact Scorecard: 1.75

And somewhere David Arquette just woke up and screamed “And they said I was a bad choice for champion!”

Aron Rex cut a promo about making an Impact and being World Champion. Rex knew the match was going to be a good one. Rex was determined to be sure one person would be heading to Bound for Glory.

Tyrus did another “Fixer” promo.

Allie squeaked about being the new Knockout champion. She was just giddy about the win. Allie wasn’t sure how Maria was going to deal with the title change.

We saw the full Drew/Ethan Summit. They did a “Hennig Shot” and then started talking about why Drew was so ticked off. It went to video of how Ethan screwed over Drew, even if it was by accident. Ethan said Drew was not champion, because he lost. Drew promised to take the violence to the next, higher, level. Ethan would not be denied Bound for Glory. Drew and Ethan shook hands and both admitted they were ready for the championship match. Drew pushed Ethan into the pool when Ethan turned his back on Ethan. “Deuces!”

Bobby Lshley talked with Moose and gave him a card for the restaurant he was going to. He told Moose to meet him there, so they could talk. Bobby was even willing to let Moose pick up the tab.

Fact of Life with E-Li Drake

The ring was filled with X-Division stars. Drake said TNA was a crooked system. Drake wanted his King of the Mountain title back. Drake bad mouthed the crowd. Next week, a new X-Division champion would be crowned. Mandrews got a huge chant. Drake wanted to know who had no chance of winning the title. Rock Star Spud said Braxton Sutter had no chance. Sutter laughed at Spud for running at his mouth and being a cry baby. “Cry Baby” rang out from the crowd. He pouted and threw a hissy fit. Spud said all the others were losers. Drake told Spud to calm down. Drake said none of them had the heat in their loins to be champion. DJZ got up in Drake’s face. DJZ refused to let anyone disrespect the X-Divsion. DJZ promised to beat Bobby Lashley, down the road. Drake was not impressed. DJZ dared Drake to hit his Dummy Button, one more time. That led to a monster fight. Mandrew flipped over nad took out most of the guys. DJZ was still in the ring, behind Drake. DJZ jumped over Drake and flew out of the ring. He then came after Drake.E-Li bailed out as DJZ grabbed the X-Belt.

Drew Galloway vs Ethan Carter III
Special Guest Referee: Aron Rex

The Finish:

The match went back and forth. Aron did a fantastic job as ref during the match. Ethan lifted Drew and tried for the TK3. He had to try twice befoe he hit it. Drew fell into the corner. Stinger Splash by Ethan. Drew rolled through and nailed the Claymore Kick. Sit OUt Powerbomb by Drew but Ethan still kicked out. Ethan came back with Knife Edge CHops. Drew answered and it turned into a Flair Fest. That ust so made my chest hurt. I still have the scars from my first Knife Edge. Smile. Ethan went for the 1%er but couldn’t hit it. Claymore by Drew but he couldn’t get the three.

Ethan blocked a Future Shock off the ropes. Hangman’s 1%er brought Ethan a two count. Drew turned a 1%er into a Tombstone! 2 count. Drew complained that Aron counted too slow. Drew Tuned up the Band. Ethan dodged it and avoided the Future SHock. Jackknife Cover!

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 4.25

Lottie was on the edge of her chair for most of that match. She so figured Aron would double cross the men. Aron shook Ethan’s hand and EC3 headed to the back. Ethan will challenge for the World title, at Bound for Glory. Aron shook hands with Drew and then Galloway attacked! Drew dumped Aron out of the ring. Drew slammed Aron’s back, over nad over into the ring apron and barricade. He then spun Rex into the ring post. Drew dragged over the ring steps and returned to get Rex. Drew slammed Rex into the ring steps. I’m betting Drew and Aron will fight it out at Bound for Glory. Drew repeatedly slammed Aron’s head into the ring steps as TNA faded to black.

Peace and Love

–Jay Shannon and Lottie Smith

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