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Barclays Center
Brooklyn, New York
Air Date: August 24, 2016
Matches Taped: August 20th 2016

A Takeover Brooklyn II highlight video was shown before the regular NXT opening video was shown. Tom Phillips welcomes viewers to the show as Tye Dillinger makes his entrance for the opening match. His opponent, Wesley Blake is out next.

Match 1: “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger vs. Wesley Blake

The match starts and the crowd begins chants of “10” and “Blake’s a zero.” Blake started with a headlock. Dillinger responded with several flashy moves then a snap mare and a cartwheel as the crowd cheered. Dillinger opens up with chops to Blake in the corner. Blake regains control with a thumb to the eye as the show goes to commercial.

We come back from break to find Blake still in control of the action. Blake catches Dillinger with a clothesline and goes for a pin but Tye is out at the count of one. Blake puts Dillinger in a standing rear chin lock. The crowd comes to life here and gets behind Dillinger.

Dillinger fights his way out of the hold and catches Blake with a surprise small package for a pin attempt, Blake fires back with a couple of kidney shots and a backstabber for a two count. Blake goes for a dive from the top rope but Dillinger rolls out of the way and counter and counter with a hip toss in the corner.

Dillinger fires up and unloads on Blake. Dillinger hits Blake with a backdrop, a side Russian leg sweep and a hard stomp to the face. At this juncture, Dillinger unveils a finisher, called the Tye Breaker for the win.

Winner: Tye Dillinger

Phillips begins the Takeover highlights with the glorious debut of Bobby Roode. Video from the Roode, Almas match was shown. They cut to an interview from Roode after his debut performance. Roode says nobody should be shocked that he won because he is glorious. He repeated that he is here to make NXT a better place and tonight was step one.

Phillips and Graves tease tonight’s main event for later in the show and say that next, we see footage from the Women’s Championship match from Takeover. The show breaks for commercial.

Before we get to Bayley vs. Asuka, we see the footage of Takeover contest between Austin Aries and No Way Jose. The highlight ended showing Hideo Itami stopping Aries from delivering a post-match beatdown to Jose. When they cut to Aries for after-match comments, Aries said he was upset that everyone has been trying to make a name for themselves off him. He mentioned everyone from Corbin to now Itami and he is tired of it.

Next, we go to the video package for the Women’s Title match. Interspersed with the match highlights, was Bayley footage from her time in NXT, a nice tribute to Bayley after her call up to Raw on Monday. In her interview after the match, Bayley said she thought lightning would strike twice in Brooklyn. She said she was prepared and her body didn’t quit on her this time. The interview was interrupted when Ember Moon stepped in to say how much she admires Bayley and that she is the reason Moon is in NXT. They morphed right to footage from Raw to document Bayley’s debut on the main roster.

Phillips and Graves tease the main event again for later but next we will see highlights from the NXT Title showdown between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura. The show takes a commercial break.

After the commercial, we go right to Takeover video of the NXT Tag Team Championship match between Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and the Revival. The Revival came out victorious and in their post-match comments Dash Wilder said they told everyone they would win and, as usual, they were right. Scott Dawson said that they were not only the best team in NXT, but also the best team in the whole world.

The highlights from the championship match between Joe and Nakamura were shown. They show Nakamura’s win and show a graphic that he will be back next week. Graves wonders what Joe’s response will be and Phillips wonders if Joe will be able to talk at all. Phillips thought Joe’s jaw was shattered during the match but Joe tweeted that it was just dislocated.

They cut to a shot of Paul Ellering in the back giving his guys a pep talk before the main event. That match is right after the break.

TM61 makes its entrance for the main event. Ellering leads his charges out for the main event.

Match 2: The Authors of Pain vs. TM61 (Shane Thorn, Nick Miller)

The Authors remove their hoods and bull rush Thorn and Miller before the bell. Miller and Thorn avoid being run together and actually start giving it right back to the AOP sending them to the floor. TM61 both take flight onto the AOP causing Ellering to call a regroup session for his team.

The bell finally rings and we are underway. Miller starts for TM61 and he is manhandled early. He quickly is able to use his speed to make a tag and Thorn hits a leg lariat in the corner. Thorn was distracted by the AOP on the apron and ate a clothesline. Thorn has his shoulder run into the ring post.

Phillips says he talked to Ellering and was able to learn the names of the AOP. The one with the tattoos is called Acob and the other is known as Razar. Thorn is thrown into the corner and the show takes its final commercial timeout.

We return to see the AOP paste Thorn with hard shots. A pin gets a two count but Thorn kicks out. Razar tries for power bomb but Thorn gets free with a jawbreaker. An enziguri and Thorn is able to tag Miller. Miller fires away on both members of the AOP and hits Razar with a huge clothesline. Miller nails a cross body off the top rope for a two count. TM61 hit a high-low double team move and get a near fall. Another double team move is thwarted by the AOP and a spine buster crunches Miller. A cover is broken up by Thorn. Thorn tries to dive on to Acob on the outside but is crunched by a forearm. That leads to the Authors of Pain hitting dual power bombs and their double team finisher for the three count.

Winners: Authors of Pain

The Authors celebrate in the ring with Ellering to close the show for this week.

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