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Bobby Lashley now holds all the singles (male-oriented) gold in TNA. The challengers are lining up as Bound for Glory draws closer.

The show opened with a look at Lashley’s rise to becoming the Grand Chmpion. Lashley defeated Drew Galloway for the World title, Eddie Edwards for the X-Championship and James Storm for the King of the Mountain title. Lshley walked backstage and came upon Dixie Carter, Aron Rex and Billy Corgan. They stared each other down. Nothing was said.

Josh Mathews ran down the night’s card.

James Storm walked out to the ring. He had beer in hand. Storm took the microphone to address last week’s title match. James cut right to it. He ordered Brian Hebner to come out to the ring. The ref got in the ring. Storm accused that Brian “f-ed Up”. Storm pinned Bobby right after the bell but the count did not stick. Brian was out of position when the pin happened and said he did nothing wrong. Storm screamed that he pinned Bobby and should be he Triple Champion. Storm wanted this wrong righted. Storm demanded a rematch, now.

Billy Corgan came out as rep for TNA Management. Storm didn’t look happy to see the rock star turned exec. The fans screamed “Rematch”. Storm told Billy to not touch him. Billy didn’t know what Storm wanted. Storm made it clear that he wanted a rematch and the fans wanted it, as well. Billy accused Storm of begging. Billy told Storm that maybe James couldn’t win the big one. Storm stepped out of the ring and went under the ring. He got a toolbox and dumped it in the ring. Storm explained that he would tear the son of b*tch apart. Storm used a hammer on the turnbuckles. Security showed up. Storm swigged his beer and said Office needed protection. Storm warned Security to back off. Storm said Styles and Roode left but he stayed because he believed in the company. Strom cracked one of the guards in the face with the beer bottle. Billy said Storm proved his point with his actions. Storm was redy to beat the Hell out of a rock star. Storm warned Billy that if they crossed paths again, Storm would crack Billy’s “pumpkim”. Billy stopped Storm from leaving. Billy suspended Storm, indefinitely. That did not sit well with Storm. Josh and Pope felt Billy had no choice in his actions.Maybe Beer Money will show up in NXT?

Mike and Maria Bennett talked with Moose. Mike felt that hte conspiracy was about to be broken. Moose admitted that he liked to beat people up. Moose said he beat up so many men, in the past. Moose acknowledged that Eddie was good but he would fall. Mike kept telling Moose that the former football star would do everything the Bennetts ordered him to do. Moose had a very interesting look on his face but didn’t say a word. I sense a face turn, down the road, for Moose. Could we see Moose vs Tyrus?

James Storm was escorted out of the arena. He was hot that they were filming him. Return of the infamous Midnight Rider?

Moose vs Eddie Edwards

The Finish:

Eddie kept up with Moose for most of the match. Jumping Enziguris by Eddie. He then went up the ropes and hit the Top Rope Hurancanrana. Suicide Dive to neutralize Mike Bennett. Eddie went up top but got caught. Go To Hell Powerbomb by Moose.

Your Winner: Moose
Impact Scorecard: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Maria talked with Jade, backsge. Maria pushed how much Gail would suffer at Jade’s hands. Jade asked what happens if Gail wins. Maria said Jde would be banned from ever going after the Knockout title, again. Maria sent Allie to fetch Gail. Jade was ready to whip Maria’s backside but Maria told Jade to take it out on Gail, instead.

Gail Kim vs Jade

The Finish:

Jade hit several hard kicks. Gail reversed an F5-like move into a Roll Up. Earl Hebner was pinned under the firls. Gail hit Eat da Feet. Sienna came down and pulle Gail out of the ring. AK47, on the floor.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Sienna also attacked Jade. Maria came out and said Gail did not win the match by pinfall or submission so the quest is over.

Bobby Lashley came up to talk to several X0Division stars. Lashley said he was about to change the X-Division forever. DJZ said the winner of tonight’s X match shoud get Lashley. Bobby kept talking about his announcement.

DJZ vs Brazton Sutter vs Rock tar Spud vs Mandrews

The Finish:

This match was insane. Spud tried to rip the teethout of utter’s mouth. DJZ flipped Spud around and sent Mandrewws into Sutter. Double Springboard Backelbows. ZDT!

Your Winner: DJZ
Impac Scorecard: 3.5

Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter III were in the ring to talk. Ethan was there to answer Drew’s challenge. Drew figured Ethan would refuse to put up his Main Event spot at Bound for Glory. Drew knew Ethan felt completely innocent in all this. Drew grumbled that he was cheated out of the world title, three times. Drew only wanted a fair shot at the world title. Ethan accepted Drew’s challenge.

Suddenly, Aron Rex came from the back. I love his music and entrance. Aron grabbed a microphone and addressed the two men in the ring. Aron knew that TNa has been changing the game, which is why he is there. Aron loved the conflict between the two top stars. “NA” rang out from the crowd. Aron was excited to see Ethan vs Drew. The fans agreed. Aron announced that he would be the Special Guest Ref in the match btween Ethan and Drew. Interesting.

E-Li Drake whined about the loss of the King of the Mountain title. Bobby Lashley came up and got in Drake’s face. Bobby promised to deal with Drake’s mouth, soon enough. Drake challenged Bobby to follow him to the ring to face him. Bobby didn’t have time to deal with him, right now. Bobby admired the Knockout title. Is it next?

A promo piece aired about the Hardys ladder match. Brother Nero (Jeff) wanted to use his body as a weapon. Jeff has a new look. He did hte old Jake Roberts glazed eye thing. Matt did not like the idea of ladders. Matt said all the other ag teams were obsolete. I don’t care for Jeffs new character.

E-Li Drake was in the ring. THe fans got into the Dummy,Yeah” chnt. Drake was ticked off. He didnt get to be on last weeks live Impact. James Storm got a push while Drake was left off the show. Drake accused Bobby Lshley of not having enough “tingle in his loins to face him.

Mahabali Shera came out to confront Drake. Shera snatched the microphone and told Drake to shut up and fight him.

E-li Drake vs Mahabali Shera

Shera ran all over Drake and hit a Back Body Drop. Wicked Corner Clotheslines by Shera. Drake kicked Shera. Running Gorilla Press Slam by Shera. Elbow Drop by the Indian Superstar. 2 count. Drake kicked away on Shera. Drake was flipped onto the apron. Shera with a Rocke Launcher and then he missed a Corner Splsh. Huge Slam after the Flying Neckbreaker by Drake. Shera stalked Drake. Drake went to the eyes nad hit several Knee Strikes and then nailed the BFT (Blunt Force Trauma) to take the match.

Your Winner: E-Li Drake
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Dixie Carter adn Billy Corgan came up to chat with Bobby Lshley. Bobby said he no longer had to run anything by management. Bobby said everyone would find out what was going on, next.

Bobby Lashley had two kids help him bring the title belts to the ring. Bobby wanted everyone to look at him. Bobby called out Dixie and Billy. They joined him in the ring.

Bobby knew that Dixie and Billy had no clue what was about to happen. Bobby explained he is a businessman that will make TNA more money. Bobby was ready to change TNA. Dixie told Bobby he wasn’t going to change anything. Billy said Bobby proved he is the best of all the different types of wrestling styles. Bobby decided to unify all the belts into only one title. Dixie said Bobby could not do that. Billy announced that he was hte new President of TNA and he called the shots. Bobby said the King of hte Mountain title was garbage. He threw it down to signify it meant nothing. He then disrespected the X-Division and tossed their belt aside. Dixie was ticked off at the disrespect. Bobby suddenly just walked away. Billy stopped him. Dixie put Bobby in his place and said Bobby would defend his title, before Bound for Glory. Next week, there will be an Open Invitational Battle Royal The winner of that will get a shot at Lashley.

Billy said Lashley has abandoned the X-Title, so a new champion would be set up, very soon.

Next week…Turning Point!

The Hardys vs BroMans vs The Tribunal vs The Helms Dynasty
Ascenstion to Hell Ladder Match

I have to admit that my dear Lottie does purple hair a little beter than Raquel.

The Finish:

Matt hit a Side Effect to put Trevo Lee onto the ladder. Andrw Everett tried to climb he ladder. Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) took him out. att set up the ladder over Brother Nero. Matt climbed the ladder and took the contract.

Your Winners: Brother Nero and “Broken” Matt Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Both Hardys were happy with the win. The Hardys will now get Decay at Bound for Glory.

Peace and Love

–Jay Shannon and Lottie Smith

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