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By Lisa Williams

I attended a pro wrestling show called W.A.R. Wrestling in Lima, Ohio. W.A.R., which stands for Wrestling And Respect, was held at the Allen County Fair. I have never seen a wrestling show at a fair before. It was unquestionably different, and I was very impressed. The show definitely drew a good crowd, and the fans were so into the show.

The show constantly had the fans cheering and laughing. Also, I will not forget the verbal insults that a few of the hated wrestlers were getting from some of the loyal fans. We were fortunate to watch a Fatal 4-Way in the beginning of the show. “No Shame” Jimmy Shane and the legendary Cody Hawk were involved in the match. For those of you who do not know, Cody Hawk was the man who trained current WWE World Heavyweight Champion – Dean Ambrose. He was truly a favorite during the Fatal 4-Way as the fans were chanting his name. The Fatal 4-Way was definitely a fun match to watch. One participant arrogantly tried to put himself on commentary which some of the fans thought was hilarious. The match got even more entertaining when there was a dance-off. I thought it was pretty cool that Cody Hawk and “No Shame” Jimmy Shane were sitting with the fans as they were watching their other two opponents go at it in the ring. Jimmy Shane ended up winning the match, and I could tell that the fans really enjoyed the Fatal 4-Way.

After that, there was a match involving two female wrestlers. “Hardcore” Heather Owens went one-on-one against Thunder Kitty. The two women did great in this match. I learned that “Hardcore” Heather Owens was a student of Cody Hawk, and she has been in the business for about 14 years. I do not wish to take anything away from Thunder Kitty because I thought she was good too. After getting to know “Hardcore” Heather and doing a little research, I was very impressed by her. She has been in extreme matches in the past – and that includes matches against male wrestlers. Therefore, she truly earned the name “Hardcore” Heather Owens. Going back to talking about the event, “Hardcore” Heather did win her match. Personally, I would not mind seeing a long feud between her and Thunder Kitty in any promotion. The coolest part of the event happened right after this match. “Hardcore” Heather gave away free tickets to four very lucky fans to attend an upcoming event. I was pleased to see the glow on the faces of the winners.

In other matches, Orlando Christopher defeated Dusty Dillinger. Also, “Silverback” Chris Hall, “Sick & Twisted” Zakk Spadez and “Darkstar” Matt Taylor battled Austin Manix and Roots in a crazy 6-Man Tag Match. I could not believe that I was so close to the action. As I was briefly sitting in the front row, a fight was getting closer to me. Something told me to get up and move out of the way. I did, and sure enough, I turned around and one member of Roots was laid out in the area I was sitting in. The match was getting good. Unfortunately, it started to rain which cut the match short and ended the show. There were supposed to be two other matches after the 6-Man Tag Match – and TNA Superstar Abyss was scheduled to make an appearance.

Even though the weather did not permit the show to continue, it was still a great show, and I really enjoyed myself. Would I attend another W.A.R. Wrestling event in the future? Absolutely! If the show was great without the cancelled matches, just imagine how awesome the show would be with the last two matches.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Thomas Williams, the promoter and owner of W.A.R. Wrestling. I learned that W.A.R. Wrestling is a kid-friendly promotion that has been around for 13 years. It touches my heart that the company gives back to the community. An interesting tidbit is that current WWE Superstars like Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have wrestled for W.A.R. Wrestling in the past.

After learning more about W.A.R. Wrestling, I am very interested in returning to Ohio and attending another show in the future. I can honestly say that the show was definitely worth the 8-hour drive. I will also say that I did not enjoy driving back home because I was having such an awesome time in Lima, Ohio (from the show to the after-party) that I did not want to leave. However, playing “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey a few times during the ride back really put me in a much better mood.

W.A.R. Wrestling is having another event on October 1st called “Blood, Sweat & Fears 5” which will be held at the UAW Hall in Lima, Ohio. There are many organizations that W.A.R. Wrestling will donate to. For more information on this event or if you wish to order a ticket, visit warwrestling.com. If you are in Ohio or planning to be in Ohio, I encourage you to attend this event.

- 1Wrestling Diva ~ Lisa S. Williams

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