Posted August 21st, 2016 by Bill Apter

Orton tried an RKO early but Brock tossed him off. Brock started by trapping Orton in the corner and worked on Orton’s abdomen … More suplexes by Lesnar (we are at number 5 only a few minutes into the match) … A sixth one and Orton goes out of the ring … Lesnar follos … Randy is tossed onto a broadcast table and into the first row and then tossed into another announce table going through it.

Randy is thrown into the ring and another powerful suplex … Out of the ring again and onto a table. Brock is about to put Orton through it and Randy shocks everyone with an RKO on the table!

Back in the ring a DDt by Orton AND ANOTHER RKO and a pin attempt but only a two count.

Orton goes for the kick but Lesnar with an F5 but Orton is not pinned — only a two count.

Lesnar is on top of Orton beating him with his elbows and fists. Orton’s head is busted open! There is blood on the mat next to him as a Doctor comes into the ring and Brock comes back in and beating Orton on the head. Fans are chanting “GOLDBERG” over and over as Lesnar continues beating him.

The bell rings the match has been stopped by TKO ruling.
Lesnar goes after him again. hane McMahon comes to the ring Brock won’t let him near him. Lesnar uses an F5 on Shane. Heyman is in the ring yelling at Brock — “What are you doing!”
Lesnar grins and heads up the ramp.

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