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Bobby Lashley was determined to add the King of the Mountain title to his collection of gold. Would it happen?

Impact showed how Ethan Carter III moved on to the main event of Bound for Glory. He defeated Mike Bennett to advance. James Storm discussed his upcoming title shot against Lashley.

Welcome to Shannon Estates South (Yerington, NV). That’s right, Lottie and I are sitting in her living room with the laptop fired up and ready to join you for two hours of hard hitting action.

Josh Mathews and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero were our announce team. We are live in the Impact Zone.

Ethan Carter III came out to open the live segments. He was dressed to compete. Jeremy Borash introduced him. Ethan really got off on the crowd’s enthusiam. They started chanting “new World Champ”. Ethan came out to be with the fans. Ethan discussed his past actions. Ethan was searching for a Moment of Perfection. Etan explained he was on a quest to be the Best. Ethan needed the World title to reach his goal. Ethan knew he was “Bound for Glory”.

Bobby Lashley came out to confront Ethan. Bobby wasn’t all that impressed with the chants. Bobby let Ethan know that Lashley was the best, not Ethan. Bobby felt Ethan was not the man to beat Lashley. The fans chanted “Yes, he is”. Ethan praised Bobby for being the best in the world, right now. Ethan said Bobby has turned into a Force of Nature. Bobby said he was the best ever.

That brought out James Storm. I hate these long drawn out talk segments. Storm wasn’t sure why he wasn’t invited to the party. Storm said than would have to wait because tonight was Storm’s night. Storm invited Bobby to come down and try to kick his *ss. Bobby got out of the ring nad the fight was on. They punched away all the way to the back. Mike Bennett rushed in and attacked. Moose also rushed hte ring. Shoulders and punches by Mike and Moose. Eddie Edwards did the Calvary bit to even the sides. Eddie and Ethan cleared the ring. Eddie grabbed the stick and said they were ready to fight now.

Eddie Edwards and Ethan Carter III vs “Miracle” MIke Bennett and Moose

The Finish:

Eddie and Ethan hit Double Suicide Dives. Moose was thrown back into the ring. Double team on Moose. Jumping Enziguri to Moose by Ethan. Eddie hit a Top Rope Hurancanrana. 1-2-Mike made the save. Ethan yanked Mike out tot he floor but Mike whipped Ethan into the ring steps. Back Elbow by Eddie. Tag to Mike. Moose hit the Go To Hell (Powerbomb). MIke covered Eddie.

Your Winners: Moose and Mike Bennett
Impact Scorecard: 2.5 out of a possible 5

A James Storm profile piece aired.

It was tiime to meet the newest member of the Impact Roster. Halleluah Chorus played as the IMpact Zone was introduced to…Aron Rex (Damien Sandow). Rex has shaved off most of his beard. THe crowd exploded for him. Rex knew others were scared to give him a live microphone but not TNA. Rex said this was not about “those that used to emply him”. Rex said this was all about the fans. Rex got veiled sots in on Vince, Stephanie and HHH. Aron was happy to be in TNA.

Aron knew some were pre-ordained to get title shots. Others seize opportunities. Rex yelled that talent made the stars in TNA, not the corporate monkeys. Aron ran down the great stars that are successful, due to talent. Aron wante an even playing field. The fans chanted “You’re a genius”. Aron joked that he has never checked his I.Q. but he appreciated the vote of confidence. Aron was there to change the template of the industry. Aron introduced himself, officially, as Aron Rex! Cool. Lottie liked the new character, since she didn’t like Damien.

Maria and Gail got into it, backstage. Gail was ready to hear Maria’s latest plan for her. Maria set up a no-DQ match with Gail vs…Marti Belle. Marti jumped Gail and hit her with her baton. The fight is on…next.

Mike Bennett and Moose were confronted by Eddie Edwards. Eddie tried to get up in Mike’s face but Moose stood in front of him. Eddie wanted to know why Mike kept messing up his life. Eddie demanded MIke,one on one, next week. Mike said Eddie could fight Moose. If Eddie wins, he MIGHT get Mike.

Gail Kim vs Marti Belle
No DQ Match

The fight strted, on the floor. Allie also got involved. Marti pounded away on Gail and hit a nice set of Suplexes. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Marti. Gail stomped on Gail’s lower back. She then stomped the chest of the former champion. Marti missed a Corner Splash. Drive By SHoulder by Gail. Allie tried to get involved. Big Boot by Marti. Gail fell onto the ring barrier, from the apron. Marti ran Gail’s lower back into the ring apron.

They got back in the ring and they both bocked finishers. Double Forearm by the women. Short Arm Clothesline by Gail. Back Elbow by Fail into a Blockbuster. Gail clutched her lower back. 2 count. Maria was freaking out that Marti hadn’t already won. Maria got on the apron and pushe dher off the ropes. Maria told Allie to get in the ring and attack Gail. This was a no DQ match. Allie didn’t want to do it but did get in the ring. Gail caught Allie and ran Allie into Marti. Small Package.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

After the match, Marti, Allie and Maria attacked. Jade rushed down and beat the bejesus out of Marti. Jade then went off on Allie. Maria shrieked at Jade that she would have to fight Gail, next week.

Matt Hardy cut a promo while riding along in a car. He asked to be taken to Brother Nero. The car was driven by Vanguard One. Really? Matt said Brother Nero had a match on their road to the tag belets. Matt has sent King Maxell and Lady Rebecca back to the Hardy Compound for protection against hte evil forces of Decay. The Hradys headed to the Impact Zone for another match.

Storm cut another promo about his history with TNA.

“Broken” Matt Hardy came out in his Vampire Lestat robe. Mtt warned everyone to step back. Matt threatened to eat and delete anyone who questions his “Broken” status. Matt knew Decay was concerned about the Hardys. Matt asked Rebecca to keep King Maxell safe, back home.

Matt and Jeff argued about why Matt just kicked back and let Jeff do all the work. Jeff wanted Matt to go back to bing himself. The fans chanted for the Hardys. Matt said they could not go back to what was.

The Hardys vs The Tribunal

Al Snow came out and said he was digging Matt’s new look. Snow said real talent comes from France. Jeff tore into Baraka and Dax. Jef avoided the Double Team and took out the tribunal duo. Break time.

So Bound for Glory is on October 2nd. Interesting that just happens to be Lottie’s birthday. Hmmm…need an unusual idea for her birthday present. Maybe…

Devay was invading the Hardy Compund.

Dax went to work on Jeff and threw him back in the ring. Double Back Whip. Jawbeaker by Jeff. Jeff asked for a tag but Matt would not take it. Dax hit a Flying Arm Bar out of a blocked Twist of Fate. Baraka tagged back in and dropped Jeff. 2 count. Baraka applied a vicious Keyylock. Matt hypnotized a fan at ringside. That was just goofy.

Snow got in Matt’s face and Matt bit Al’s fingers. Matt sent Dax into the ring steps and beat him with Matt’s boot. Weird. Jeff went Classic and then nailed he Twist of Fate!

Your Winners: THe Hardys
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

After the match, Jeff went off on his Broken Brother. Matt said Jeff showed a little bbit of passion. Jeff said he would show passion. Jeff unloaded with repeated Twists of Fate to Barake, Dax and Al Snow. Jeff pulled a table from under the ring and then did a Swanton, off the top rope, through the table. Jeff screamed, through the pain, that he WAS Brother Nero. That was after he put Al Now throuh another table.

Backstage, Lashley ran into Dixie and Billy. Lashley grumbled about how Storm was getting all the attention. Billy explained that Lashley turned them down to do the same kind of video packages. Lashley said he would have all the power before the night was done.

Decay cut a promo.

Drew Galloway strolled down to the ring. He didn’t look happy. Drew expained that he took some time off from Impact because he would 1. he would not be welcomed back and 2. he would end up in jail. Drew mentioned his 16 year in the business. Drew felt he redefined what a World Champion is. He compared himself to Ric Flair as a traveling champion. Drew then brought up how Ethan Carter III has kept him from the World Title. Drew showed the clip where Ethan accidentally cost him his Bound for Glory match against Mike Bennett. Drew has now figured out that EC3 is green with envy and is trying to sabotage his career. Drew had a solution for this situation. Drew wanted one match against Ethan and the winner gets the main event spot at Bound for Gory!

TNA ran another James Storm promo piece.

“Cowboy” James Storm vs “The Destroyer” (Bobby) Lashley
Title vs Titles Match

The King of the Mountain Title (Storm’s) was up for grabs along with Lashley’s World and X-Division titles. This would crown the Grand Champion. Jeremy Borash made the introductions.

Lashley jumped Storm during the introductions. Last Call on Lashley 2 count for Storm. James was ticked that Brian Hebner was out of position. Storm sent Lashley out to the floor. Storm kept the pressure on the double champion. Uppercut, on the floor, by Storm. Storm blocked a Big Boot and hit a huge Clothesline.

Storm rammed Lashley into the ring apron. Storm worked over Lashley’s neck and threw him back in the ring. Josh ran down the men who have held the World title. Lashley was thrown out to the floor. Lashley tried to attack Pope but Storm stopped him. Impact took a final break.

Lashley was in conrol as Impact returned. Bobby popped Storm with a solid right fist tothe face. Bobby stood on Storm’s throat. He hten dropped a knee to Storm’s face. James punched away. Leap Frog intoa Tilt-a-Whirl Bodyslam by Bobby. Dang. 2 count. Lashley stood on Storm’s throat, again. Crossfaces by Lashley on the ropes.

Double Thrust by Bobby. Lashley then clubbed the neck of the Cowboy. Back Elbows by Bobby. Funk Neckbreaker by the World/X Champ. 2 count, again. Corner Shoulders by Lashley. Stall Suplex by Lashley. Lashley stood back and waited for the Spear. Storm dodged it and hit the Calf Wrangler (Sling Blade). Bobby got up and took down Storm with a Crossbody. Back Stabber by Storm. Eye of the Storm! 1-2-kick out! Lottie is on the edge of her seat for this one. Smile.

Storm with a Float Over. He went for the Waist Lock and then the Roll Up. As Lshley came out of the corner, he ripped the protective padding off he turnbuckles. Storm was sent into the exposed turnbuckle. Dominator! Spear! Could be…might be…Denied!

Bobby llifted Storm but Bobby took two Last Calls. 2 count, even though the fans were screaming it was a 3. Storm went for another Last Call but had to settle for a Lung Blower. Bobby same right back with the Spear to seal the deal.

Your Winner (and NOW King of the Mountain Champion): Bobby Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 4.5

Aron Rex came out onto the stage and stared down Bobby Lashley.


–Jay Shannon and Lottie Smith

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