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Welcome to a Double Edition of Ring of Honor. Thanks to our local broadcasting, they missed a week but doubled up this week. Lottie and I will review them starting with last week’s epdisode and then move into this week’s. We have a lot of action to get through so let’s get right down to it.

Week One:

This episode opened with a look at the attack on Jay Lethal and the Briscoes by the Bullet Club. The Bullet Club shaved Lethal’s head! Jay was ready to explode. The fallout would happen, this week!

Roll the opening montage!

Welcome to the 2300 Arena in South Philly! Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly were our announce team. The main event would be Jay Lethal vs Colt Cabana for the World title.

Will Ferrara vs Jay White

The Finish:

The two trded wild Forearms. Will was hurt. Inverted DDT Faceplant by White. 2 count. Vicious Dropkick by White into a Uranage Slam. 2 cont. Kiwi Krusher!

Your Winner: Jay White
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75 out of a possible 5

Nice handshake after the match.

It was announced that Shibata is coming to Ring of Honor for Death Before Dishonor. Shibata will fight Silas Young at the huge card.

Kevin Kelly showed how Mark Briscoe earned the title shot at hte TV title.

The Fish Tank:

Briscoe came out first. Mark hijacked the show and changed it to the Chicken Shack. Mark insulted Bobby Fish and said Fish was trying to control everyone’s mind. This just got seriously silly. Mark brought out his guest, Bobby Fish.

Fish was all dressed up for this segment. The fans showed their love for Fish. Mark welcomed Fish to his Chicken Shack. Fish said he looked like a million bucks. He accused Mark of looking like an unmade bed. Mark mentioned Bobby’s run in New Japan along with Kyle O’Reilly. The questions got seriously silly as Mark asked Bobby about Fish marrying an African midget the last time he was in Vegas. Fish would neither confirm nor deny. Mark told Fish that the next time Bobby goes into Vegas, he will leave without the TV Title. Fish insulted Mark, calling him Jay Briscoe’s Little Brother who has a secondary title. Fish felt Mark would degrade the championship back to the undertitle status. Fish stepped out of the ring befoe Mark whipped his butt. Security rushed out to keep Mark at bay. Fish stepped back through the ropes and said Mark’s clock was ticking. Fish then headed towards the back.

In our Week Two Recap, we will see The Addiction defend the tag belts agaisnt both War Machine and Motor City Machine Guns.

Colt Cabana vs Jay Lethal
Ring of Honor World Title Match

The Finish:

Colt hit a wicked Cllothesline but hurt his arm with the move. The ref started to count both men down. They threw wild Forearms at each other. Jay was rocked witht he Flip Flop and Fly. Jay rolled up Colt with the O’Connor Roll. Jay blocked Colt’s try at a submission. Bounce Splash by Colt for a two count. Lethal Combination by Jay. Jay eaded to the corner. Hail ot the King but Colt with a Roll UP for two. Lethal Injection! COlt kicked out? Really? This was Lottie’s first time seeing RoH and she said “These guys make WWE and TNA look like amateurs”. (She said it, not me).

Jay took Colt up top but Colt hit the Chicago Skyline to pull a deuce. Jay pounded on Colt’s head nad neck. Colt seemed stunned. Superkick by Lethal. Hip Attack by Colt to get another 2. Big Boot and Paradise Kick by Lethal. Ace Crusher into the Lethal Injection!

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75

After the match, Jay showed massive respect to Colt. Colt was upset but still a professional. Jay asked for a microphone. Jay urged Nigel to get in the ring with him. Jay said there was one more person left that he wanted…Adam Cole. Nigel initially denied to make the World title match. Jay got down on his knees and begged to fight Cole for revenge. “Make the Match” rang out from the crowd. Nigel was concerned that he would become a hypocrit if he gave Cole the shot that he refused. Adam Cole came out on the ramp. Cole felt Jay was pretending to challenge him. Cole knew it was a conspiracy against him. Cole said Lethal’s title reign would mean nothing if he didn’t fight him. Cole called Jay “a little b*tch”. Jay needed to beat Cole to put hte “cocky little pr*ck” in his place. Jay demanded that Nigel listen to the fans, who were screaming for the match. Nigel relented and made it official:


Week Two:

Nigel and Kevin were back at the announce table. Nigel confirmed that his World title decision would stand firm. War Machine and the Motor City Machine Guns are both out of the tag team match.

Donovan Dijak (w/Prince Nana) vs Lio Rush

The Finish:

Dijak went for his finisher but Lio hit a Reverse Rana and Paradise Kick. Rush nailed a Frog Splash to earn a two cont. Lip popped Dijak with hard Forearms. Rush flipped into an Octopus but Dijak went for Feast your Eyes. Rush slid free and used a Crucifix to Backslide Diijak.

Your Winner: Lio Rush
Honor Roll Rnaking: 4.5

Dijak and Nana attacked Rush. Jay White got involed and that brought out Kamaitachi. All Hell broke loose until security showed up.

Dalton Castle and The Boys were cutting a promo when they were interrupted by the Cabinet. The Cabinet wanted to kick The Boys’ *sses. The Cabinet was ready to remove Dalton from wrestling.

RoH showed how Lee and Taylor attacked War Machine, earlier in the day.

Kevin Kelly inerviewed “Hangman” Page. Page said he did the bidding of the Bullet Club. Page said the Bullet Club wanted all the gold, both in Ring of Honor and in New Japan. Page will fight Jay Briscoe at Death Before Dishonor. Jay ran out nad the fight was on! Security ran down to break up this mele. Lottie is absolutely loving all this craziness, and so am I.

The Addiction was in the ring. They thought they would ge the night off. Roppongi Vice came out to challenge Daniels and Kazarian. Kaz and Daniels didn’t like the idea. The Young Bucks also came out to get in the mix. Their outfits looked like a mix of Randy Savage meets Ultimate Warrior. Nick invited everyone to a Superkick Party. Nigel thought it over and said he would have to stick with the original title match. Nigel set up Roppongi Vice vs Young Bucks. The winner will get a tag title shot in two weeks.

Roppongi Vice (Baretta and Romero) vs Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)
Number One Conterder Tag Match

The Finish:

Nick hit a Springboard Moonsault, to the floor, to take out the Addiction. In the ring, Trent nailed a Dudebuster on Matt. 2 count. Trent nad Matt fought on the ropes. Trent hit a wicked Back Suplex off he ropes. Shotgun Knees by Trent. Crucifix Backslide by Matt Jackson!

Your Winners: The Young Bucks
Honor Roll Ranking; 3.75

Kaz and Daniels attacked Matt Jackson nad hit Celebrity Rehab. Daniels screamed in Matt’s face as RoH went to break.

RoH ran down the updated Death Before Dishonor card.

The Contract Signing:

Cole now comes out to the Bullet Club theme music and graphic. RoH showed how Bullet Club shaved Jay’s head. Jay refused to sit for this. Nigel was in command of this signing. Nigel ran down the match stipulations. Nigel gave both men the chance to speak. Adam wanted Storytime. Cole asked Jay if he was sure he waned this. Cole wanted to clear the air. Cole mocked Jay for having a shaved hair. Cole was proving that he could take anythign he wanted from Lethal. Cole felt he ran the show. Jay slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Cole said two of the best would fight it out. Cole didn’t want to steal the show…only to steal the title.

Jay asked Nigel to show him where to sign. Jay made it crystal clear that this was not about hte World title. Jay paid respect to the various men that he has fought, over the past two years. Jay said this was personal and he needed revenge. That may well be Jay’s downfall. Jay made it clear he was coming to Las Vegas…to fight. Cole got his shots in as Jay signed. Adam said Jay just signed away the Word tile. Cole then signe dthe contract. Jay dropped a pair of scissors on the table. Cole looked confused. Jay bounced Cole’s face on the table and it broke out into a Hockey Fight. Superkick by Cole. Low BLow by Lethal. Damn! Jay grabbed the scissors and went after Cole’s hair. Young Bucks rushed out to pull Cole out of the ring.


–Jay Shannon and Lottie Smith

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