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NXT Recap
NXT Arena
Orlando, FL.
Original air-date …
August 17th ,2016

This week on NXT, it’s all about building up excitement for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II. The show begins with a short video hyping a special live interview tonight between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura; the grapplers’ last words before their match at Takeover. The opening credits roll and here we go.

The familiar shot of the crowd chanting, “NXT!!” is shown while host Tom Phillips hypes Takeover and welcomes us to the show. Hideo Itami’s music plays and he makes his entrance. His opponent, Mustafa Ali, makes his entrance. Ali is another competitor we have seen in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament.

Match 1: Hideo Itami vs. Mustafa Ali.

The two men lock up and Ali is whipped to the ropes and nails Itami with an impressive standing dropkick. He begins right away talking trash to Itami. Hideo comes with a hard knee to the gut and a kick. Ali falls to the corner where Itami charges after him but Ali drops to the floor. Itami nails Ali with a baseball slide kick, slides to the outside, and throws Ali back inside the ring.

Itami is a slow coming through the ropes and gets caught with a neck-breaker. Ali goes for the cover and gets a two count. Ali grabs a rear chin lock. Itami fights out and throws Ali to the corner. Itami charges the corner but Ali counters with a kick and a neck breaker. Ali gets a near-fall.

Ali starts trash-talking Itami and playfully slapping him which serves to fire up Hideo. Itami comes off the deck with clotheslines followed up with a dragon-screw leg whip. Itami nails Ali with the jumping kick in the corner. Then, he begins to soften up his body with several hard kicks and hand strikes. That sets Ali up for Itamis’s finishing sequence as he nails the corner dropkick followed up by the flying knee finisher for the pin.

Winner: Hideo Itami

Tom Phillips and Corey Graves are shown on camera. They are continuing to run down the matches for Takeover on Saturday. They shift gears briefly to promote a six-woman tag team match featuring Carmella and Alexa Bliss later in the show. Next, there is a special look at the NXT Women’s Championship match between Bayley and Asuka. The show heads to commercial.

Upon return, we are greeted with a Bobby Roode video package setting up his debut this Saturday. A video touting “Serpents” by Neckdeep as one of the official theme songs of Takeover is shown. Phillips and Graves set up the match between Asuka and Bayley. They throw it to the special video package.

Backstage, we see Carmella warming up with her teammates. That match will take place later in the show. Next, we take a special look at the other matches on the card for Takeover. The show goes to break.

We come back to go right into the video package featuring the other matches on the card for Saturday. Wrestlers begin by talking about how special it is to wrestle in New York. When the video begins to focus on individual matches, Aries and No Way Jose speak. Aries says he’s been doing this too long to let a guy like No Way Jose make a name for himself at his expense. Jose says he knows when its time to turn off the fiesta and get serious. Roode is shown saying there is no better place to debut than Brooklyn. Turning the focus to the tag team match, Scott Dawson says The Revival is the reason the tag team division is on the map and they won’t let them take that away from them. Johnny Gargano says they earned their spot and the Revival has not seen a team like them. Ciampa adds that, when given their shot, they will deliver. Dash Wilder says they have already proven themselves against everyone and they will stay champions after Takeover.

Phillips and Graves hype the face-to-face interview between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura for later in the show. Alexa Bliss is shown warming up with her partners backstage. The six-woman tag team is next as we go to commercial.

When we return from commercial break, we are reminded that Banks and Steelz are contributing a song, Giant to Takeover. We go to General Manager William Regal’s office for a special announcement concerning Takeover. He says that Takeover will be the best ever. Billie Kaye comes in and says that it can’t be the best Takeover ever if she is not on the card. Regal agrees and books her in a match against the debuting Ember Moon.

We go to the ring for the 6-woman tag match. Liv Morgan makes her entrance followed by her teammates, Nikki Glenncross and Carmella. They hit the ring and team two begins its entrances. First, is newcomer Daria Berenato, followed by Mandy Rose and finally, Alexa Bliss.

Match 2: Carmella, Nikki Glenncross and Liv Morgan vs. Alexa Bliss, Daria Bernenato, and Mandy Rose.

Bliss starts the match against Glenncross. Bliss yanks hair and takes Glenncross to the mat. Glencross responds with a hair pull of her own sending Bliss to the canvas. Glenncross hits a crossbody for a quick two count. A dropkick from Glenncross sends Bliss to the floor. Alexa tags in Berenato as the show heads to break.

When we come back from break, Liv Morgan has a chin lock on Berenato. Bliss causes a distraction on the apron allowing Berenato to take control. Daria nails Morgan with a clothesline and gets a two count. Bliss tags in and stomps Morgan’s face to the mat. A quick pin only nets a one count.

The heel team isolates Morgan in their corner and work her over with quick tags. Rose tags in and clamps on a nerve hold. A rollup pin attempt only gets a one count. Rose connects with a knee and tries a pin again but Morgan is out at one again. Berenato makes the tag nails Morgan with hard boots to the chest. Another pin attempt, gets a two count. Berenato clamps on a body scissors.

Morgan gets free and tries to make a tag but is stopped by Berenato. Bliss tags in and misses an elbow drop. Morgan tries to make it to her corner and Bliss tries to stop her. Morgan nails Bliss with a roundhouse kick and makes the tag to Carmella. Carmella comes in and opens up on the other team. Carmella hits a big boot to Rose. She attempts a pin but Bliss broke it up. Glenncross comes in and takes Bliss to the floor. Rose attempts a rollup on Carmella but Carmella reverses it into the Code of Silence for the win.

Winners: Carmella, Nikki Glenncross and Liv Morgan

We go to the back where the set is being constructed for the face-to-face interview between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura. Regal has extra security in the room and he is telling them not to let Joe and Nakamura get near each other. The interview happens next. The show goes to commercial.

An Ember Mood video airs right before we are taken to Byron Saxton sitting between Joe and Nakamura. Byron will moderate the interview. Saxton stats with Joe and he asks if he is excited for the match. Joe says he is excited. To think that one year ago he debuted and now he champion. He is very excited. The same question is posed to to Nakamura. He is also excited. Shinsuke says he is excited because its his first championship main event.

Next, Byron asks Joe what his major issue was with Regal booking the match. Joe says that respect is his major issue. Joe says when he asked Regal for a championship match, he had to jump through every hoop and beat everyone in the company. Nakamura basically walks right in and gets a title shot. Joe wonders if Regal wants him to be champion.

Saxton turns to Shinsuke and wonders why he is always so calm and if he is taking the match seriously. Nakamura says he is serious. He says being calm is his style. Next, Joe is asked if he and Shinsuke ever crossed paths before NXT. Joe says yes they have. He acknowledged he knows Nakamura well, in fact, Joe said Nakamura came to Joe’s dojo in LA to train. Nakamura smiles and says he doesn’t remember it that way.

Finally, Joe is asked if he respects Nakamura. Joe says he respects his accomplishments but he’s not sure he respects him anymore. Nakamura says he respects Joe and gives Joe a stare that fires Joe up. Joe jumps up and asks if he wants to go right now. Security jumps in and escorts Joe out of the room.

To close the show this week, we see the final highlight video for Takeover is shown. See everyone Saturday!!!!

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